Sumyia Chowdhury and Fouz Ul-Mubeen of Orillia SS 

Alexa Thompson of Twin Lakes SS 

Muskaan Raina and Kallum Holdsworth of Patrick Forgarty CSS

'On November 5th, the Rotary Club of Orillia recognized five students for September and October Student of the Month. These students are responsible, dedicated and passionate individuals that deserve recognition not only for their academic achievements, but also for their outstanding level of involvement in their school and community.
Seen left to right:

Fouz Ul-Mubeen of Orillia Secondary School- introduced by Sue Bolger for September Student of the Month 

Alexa Thompson of Twin Lakes- introduced by Laurie Pfaff for October Student of the Month 

Muskaan Raina of Patrick Forgarty- introduced by James Hilts for October Student of the Month 

Sumyia Chowdhury of Orillia Secondary Scool- introduced by Mike Christie for October Student of the Month 

Kallum Holdsworth of Patrick Forgarty- introduced by Trisha Scott for September Student of the Month