Rotary Club of Orillia
Local Needs Funding 
If you are a group or individual requiring funding or support for those in need or may enrich the lives or quality of our community, please take a few minutes to review the following and complete our funding request form. Form may be emailed to Jack Nolan
Our primary goal as Rotarians is to support vocational and community service in
our local area, with a view to improving the quality of life for all, and to build
goodwill through recognizing value of community.
We serve our community through assisting those in need; our support for
programs to enable community participation and caring, and our sponsorship of
community projects that will improve the quality of life and well being of our local residents.
Our programs recognize students who contribute to the development of
community spirit in their schools; demonstrate academic and leadership qualities
and act as role models for their peers. We also provide opportunities for youth to
learn about occupations, citizenship and diverse cultures through sponsorship of
both learning and exchange programs.
Our local needs program has provided support for local sports teams;
assisted those in the community with special needs or crisis, and sponsored local
groups who assist others or enrich the lives of many in our community.
Our sponsorship of local projects has encompassed a variety of initiatives,
ranging from essential services, such as the Soldiers Memorial Hospital expansion, to financial support for such community events as the Winter Carnival.
We raise funds to support our programs and sponsorships through events such
as Lobsterfest and Girls' Night Out. The success of these events depends on
participation of the community, and availability of volunteer club resources. As a
result, we do not have a guaranteed revenue stream, and as such, can not
provide funding for requirements viewed as ongoing operations.
Our Local Needs Program reviews all requests for local sponsorship or
assistance, and attempts to accommodate or partially accommodate all initiatives
or requests that are in line with our goals and financial capability.
We take pride in supporting our local community; helping those who may need
assistance and efforts to improve the quality of life for all.
Rotary Club of Orillia
Local Needs Funding Request 
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