Kate Stacey of OSS and Logan Ross of TLSS
Kate Stacey - OSS. Basketball coach, camp counsellor and a peer leader, Kate is being recognized as a leader making an impact. Kate is clearly involved and well suited to leadership. A grade 12 student ending up in a 12U Peer Leadership  class (a grade 12 University class, she immediately recognized it as a leadership opportunity and a chance to have a big impact and ended up taking on the teaching role of the class when thee was a supply and getting the highest mark ever given. A calm and confident math student, she was asked to tutor grade 11 students in a course she had never done. Reviewing the entire course, she did this with confidence and volunteered to tutor the second semester as well. Also joining the Me to We group, the teacher was quickly impressed with her willingness to volunteer for whatever needs to be done. She also makes lunches for three elementary schools and has been doing the morning announcements. Kate is highly dedicated to her own success, has a high willingness to learn and do what she can to support the success of others. She has already been accepted to the University of Guelph next fall.
Logan Ross - TLSS. Full of grit and resilience and stands her ground. Logan academically excelled earning the top mark in Phys Ed while also creating one of the most incredible and hauntingly graphic health projects. A multi sport athlete and Athlete of Year, competing in football, volleyball and track. Her main sport, Lacrosse where she is currently fielding scholarship offers from the United States. Last year, Logan ran the 24 hour Vball-a-thon which involved 100 students and the massive multi school Relay for Life fundraising project and she is currently the president of the Athletic Council. With strong social and emotional skills, her empathy and likeable personality allows her to subtly help make everyone feel they belong.