Left to Right: Christian Strong of Patrick Fogarty CSS , Ethan Odlozinski of Orillia SS, Baxter Thomas of Twin Lakes SS
Christian Strong of Patrick Fogarty CSS and introduced by teacher Lisa Emons. He is a member of Student Council and the Mission Team. He runs the morning intercom music program, assists in the preparation of the school events, fundraisers and bringing in sponsors and can also be found working as a Peer Minister to his fellow students. Christians future plans could possibly include a career path in Psychology and Philosophy.
Ethan Odlozinski of Orillia Secondary School and introduced by teacher Jen Grace. He is an exceptional academic student, participates in a variety of sporting and community activities and also a member of Student Council and Link Crew. Ethan can also be found volunteering with the 'Me to We' club as Co-President, the 'Orillia Youth Centre' tutoring Elementary School students and has also lead a pilot project organizing the 'Coldest Day of the Year' walk to raise awareness and funds for Building Hope.
Baxter Thomas of Twin Lakes SS and introduced by Sam Launchbury. He has been volunteering with PEAC program 'Spread the Warmth' conducting a clothing drive for the Salvation Army, started a social media campaign to raise environmental awareness and 'Let's Get This Bread' campaign to raise awareness for the Sharing Place Food Bank. Baxter also leads Twin Lakes 'Me to We' club conducting the 'We Scare Humger' food bank drive and the 'Water Walk', an event to raise awareness of the scarcity of clean water around the world.