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 "Aligning Local Strategic Initiatives Through the Arts"
    Dr. Anthony Kolenic
Our speaker today is Tony Kolenic Assistant Dean for Research, Technology and Administrative Affairs for the UF College of the Arts. 
Anthony came to UF in January 2015. He oversees research development and grants, assessment oversight and reporting, strategic planning, policy and procedure development, and provides supervision for the college's interdisciplinary centers. 
Prior to coming to UF Kolenic served as Associate Director of the University of Michigan's ArtsEngine, which drives transdisciplinary collaborations among the Arts, Architecture, Engineering and other fields.
He was also the Associate Director of the Alliance for the Arts in Research Directors (a2ru) - a partnership of more than 30 leading institutions committed to transforming research universities in order to ensure the greatest possible institutional support and environment for interdisciplinary research, curricula, programming and creative practice between the Arts and other disciplines - of which UF is a founding member.​
Today he will talk about a community partnership joining the efforts of many arts initiatives.
Rotary District 6970 Calendar Events
Jun 02     -     Doug Gillen
Jun 03     -     Cathy Aull
Jun 08     -     Russ Blackburn
Jun 10     -     Helen Kornblum
Jun 10     -     Annie Orlando
Jun 11     -     Roger Brill  
Jun 11     -     Bob Page
Jun 12     -     Tygh Bailes
Jun 14     -     Ken Berns
Jun 18     -     J. T. Thomas
Jun 20     -     Troy Adams
Jun 21     -     Jan Legler
Jun 22     -     Joe Cauthen
Jun 25     -     Bill Olinger
Jun 27     -     Evelyn Hemp
Jun 27     -     Bruce Sandelin
Jun 28     -     Theresa Beachy
Jun 28     -     Eric Parker
Jun 29     -     Don Davis
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Dr. Anthony Kolenic
May 30, 2017
Aligning Local Strategic Initiatives Through the Arts
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Jun 06, 2017
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Jun 13, 2017
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