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   Eloy Nuñez
  District 6950 Governor 2018-19 

Dr. Eloy Nuñez is an associate professor in the Department of Public Safety Administration at Saint Leo University.  He teaches graduate-level leadership in criminal justice, and critical incident management, as well as Command Schools for various police and sheriffs’ agencies.  

Eloy has over 26 years of law enforcement leadership experience.  Most notably, as the lieutenant of the Emergency Operations Unit of the MiamiDade Police Department.  Eloy was one of the principal planners for security of two Super Bowls (1999 and 2007), the Free Area Trade of the Americas (FTAA) Conference in 2003, and the Presidential Debates of 2004.  In addition, Eloy has extensive experience in tactical leadership situations including bombings, hostage incidents, active shooting incidents, and counter-terrorism.  His long career also included stints in organized crime investigations, robbery and burglary suppression, and ten years of uniformed road patrol and field training.  

Eloy obtained his doctorate degree in Global Leadership from Lynn University in 2007.  His research interests focus on the unintended consequences of corporate social responsibility and how it pertains to anti-globalization protest groups that target specific corporations.  

Eloy is a member of the Rotary Club of Inverness since 2008 and has served as Club President and later as Assistant Governor.  He has been honored as Club Rotarian of the Year (2010); President of a Large Club of the Year (2012-13); Assistant Governor of the Year twice  (2013-14 and 2014-15); and has been recognized, along with the six clubs of Area 8, the prestigious Keith Kurber Area and Club Excellence (ACE) award (2015).  Eloy is a Paul Harris Society member.  

Eloy and his wife Maria currently live in Inverness, Florida, and are both members of the Rotary Club of Inverness.  They have two sons and three grandchildren, who live in the Tampa Bay area.   


 The next scheduled work date will be on February 25th. 
The gate will be open by 8 AM and we will have donuts available.  The day will end with a lunch. 
Please spread the word....this is a great opportunity for fun and fellowship.
Our Spring Rotary Reading Safari will begin Jan. 25 with 2nd and 3rd grade students from Idylwild and Terwilliger Elementary Schools.  The students will visit the Santa Fe Zoo on Wednesday afternoons for 6 consecutive Wednesday afternoons to enjoy activities and books related to the animals at the zoo. The sessions are organized and led by Santa Fe Zoo program students and the Alachua County Public Schools Partnership Program, but volunteers are needed to interact and read with the students in small groups.
If you and/or your spouse is interested in volunteering for one or more sessions, just click this link for details and dates:  www.SignUpGenius.com/go/4090A45AFA728AB9-rotary5
Yours in Rotary and Reading,  
Mary Chance 
Back at Gainesville Golf and Country Club for our
Gala Saturday, April 8th at 6 p.m.
Golf Sunday, April 9th 9 a.m. registration 10 a.m. Start
Price of a golfer is $250 that includes two tickets to the Gala or single tickets to the Gala @ $75.
Golfer registration online at GainesvilleFisherHouse.org
or email  our Golf Chair George Rafferty graffertyj@cox.net
For Gala tickets only scroll to the bottom of golfer registration to purchase or email gfisherhouse@gmail.com

The UF Rotaractors are looking for mentors in the following fields:
                Math Education
                Occupational Therapy
                Pediatric Oncology
                Library Sciences
                Social Event Organizer
                Food Security
                Physical Therapy
                Genetic Counseling
If you are interested in assisting the UF Rotaract, please contact John Brunner:  jbrunner@jbrun.com

Feb 01  -  Ed Ellett 
Feb 01  -  Rick Smith
Feb 03  -  Saira Hasnain
Feb 05  -  Perry Clawson
Feb 06  -  Joe Anderson
Feb 06  -  Danielle Wear
Feb 07  -  Dayna Miller

Feb 07  -  Karen Sandelin
Feb 10  -  Stacy Scott
Feb 12  -  Ben Campen
Feb 13  -  Lowell Chesborough
Feb 14  -  Buddy Goodman
Feb 14  -  Jonathan Turner
Feb 15  -  Richard Allen
Feb 15  -  April Green
Feb 16  -  Lee Pinkoson
Feb 17  -  Tony Domenech
Feb 18  -  John Baker
Feb 23  -  Pat Thomas

Feb 27  -  Deborah Bowie
Feb 28  -  Gordon Hubbell

         Happy Birthday Rotarians!!!

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Rotary Global Rewards is designed to make membership even more rewarding for Rotarians and is an exciting way Rotary can give back to those who give so much.
Rotary Global Rewards help Rotarians:
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With Rotary Global Rewards, the good you do comes back to you. Rotarians will find ways to take advantage of the benefits this program offers.
You can learn more and redeem Rotary Global Rewards at: rotary.org/globalrewards
The history committee of the Rotary Club of Gainesville, has their report posted online.
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There is a new Site Page open to the public as well as members, "It all began at Miller's store..."
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Eloy Nunez
Feb 21, 2017
District 6950’s Peace and Conflict Resolution Summit
Jill Lingard
Feb 28, 2017
President of Florida Paddling Trails Association