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Please join us this week as John Stevens presents the Student Speakers Awards      


Saturday, May 13th @ 9:00 a.m.
8587 Elim Church Road, Fort White, FL 32038 – (386) 497-2150
Cost - $13.00 for a single kayak and $25.00 for a double – expect a 3 hour cruise
RSVP with Bill Stasiewicz at 1-352-214-6423 or kenjisara@aol.com.   Limited to 20 participants
Bill will provide an optional instructional session at Pizza Hut parking lot in Alachua at 8:00 a.m.
You will be led by Deb Akin from Florida Paddling Trails Associations and your sweep (the guy in the back) will be Bill Stasiewicz.  Both are ACA certified Level II Kayak Instructors and certified water rescue support. 
Some of the rules:
  • You must wear a life jacket and have it secured
  • No horse play
  • Shoes must be secure (no flip flops or crocks) or not worn at all
  • Items taken into a watercraft should be considered waterproof or left in the car.  Some “dry bags” will be provided and Bill will have a waterproof camera
  • A change of clothes is recommended.
  • Stay with the group – Fast paddlers should slow down and slow pokes should try and keep up.  Bill is prepared to tow you if necessary.

Lunch – Tradition on this river with this guide is that we stop at the Great Outdoor Café in High Springs for a late afternoon lunch.  We will drive right by it leaving High Springs. 


Zoo Rendezvous 

A Fundraiser & Joint Family Social Occasion

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at the Santa Fe College Zoo

Sponsored by

Rotary Club of Gainesville & Sunrise Rotary Clubs

What better place to catch up with friends and connect with new ones than at the Zoo! On Saturday, May 20th, from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.  Rotarians are invited to the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo to enjoy a wild night out, encountering some of the zoo’s most unique animals from around the world. Get to know our keepers, meet our animal ambassadors and delight in a catered dinner. And it gets better, because your participation will provide funds to support the Santa Fe College Zoo’s literacy program with publishing animal themed books for kids.  We can’t wait to meet you at Zoo Rendezvous! 

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Social Hour including Activities

5:30 p.m. Guided Zoo Tours and Encounters for all ages

6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Dinner with Staff and Student Speakers


BBQ Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Macaroni & Cheese, and Green Beans

(Vegetarians Options Available)


Price per Adult is $35; Price per child is $20


Email matthewbraddy@windstream.net or see him at the next Rotary meeting to RSVP.

Rotarian/Guest Sign-up – Commitment to bill Rotarian’s Account for Charges.


The Rotary Club of Gainesville has a long standing relationship working with the Santa Fe College Zoo and the Reading Safari Program.
On May 20th, we will have a joint social with the Sunrise Rotary Club at the Santa Fe Zoo.  If you are able to attend, you will have the privilege to visit the phenomenal Tree Kangaroo.  But whether you can attend or not, you can see Matthew Braddy at our weekly Rotary meeting to purchase some special coffee to support the Tree Kangaroo Conversation Program. $10.00 per bag
Rotary District 6970 Calendar Events
April 01    -    John Stagl
April 02    -    Charlie Palmer
April 03    -    Tom Hennessey
April 04    -    Lynda Reinhart
April 05    -    Phil Emmer
April 05    -    Mary Kate Walker
April 07    -    Marilyn Tubb
April 07    -    Alice Wallis
April 08    -    Carole Zegel
April 12    -    Jeff Montgomery
April 13    -    Millard Joyner
April 13    -    George Sims
April 13    -    Jeff Sims
April 14    -    Marie Collins
April 15    -    Greg Young
April 16    -    Ed Newmans
April 17    -    Mike Lukowski
April 18    -    Holly Bender
April 20    -    Tom Cappello
April 23    -    Gene Ryon
April 29    -    Jody Davis
April 30    -    Judy Erickson
April 30    -    Betsy Whitaker    
          Happy Birthday Rotarians!!!

Gainesville Rotary Club on Facebook   

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Rotarians will find fun and fellowship memories on our Facebook page.  Rotarians can post to this page.
Contact Cathy Aull if you have Facebook page questions or comments at  cathy.aull@edwardjones.com 
Cathy just added a "Learn More" button to the top of the Facebook page in order for you to easily return from our Facebook page to the Rotary home page.
Rotary Global Rewards – a new member benefit program that offers discounts on products and services like travel, hotels, dining and entertainment.
Rotary Global Rewards is designed to make membership even more rewarding for Rotarians and is an exciting way Rotary can give back to those who give so much.
Rotary Global Rewards help Rotarians:
  • Do more good work - involve more members in or expand the impact of Rotary projects with savings on truck rentals, airfare or hotels
  • Build Rotary friendships - forge richer friendships with fellow Rotarians with your dining and entertainment offers
  • Share your story with someone new - tell people about Rotary's work with discounts at coffee shops and restaurants
With Rotary Global Rewards, the good you do comes back to you. Rotarians will find ways to take advantage of the benefits this program offers.
You can learn more and redeem Rotary Global Rewards at: rotary.org/globalrewards
The history committee of the Rotary Club of Gainesville, has their report posted online.
There are over 45 categories that can be selected.  We will be deciding where to store the physical objects once we have them.
There is a new Site Page open to the public as well as members, "It all began at Miller's store..."
We encourage all of you to read this short piece and then for members, visit the History of the Rotary Club of Gainesville Site Page with lots of interesting facts and photos.
The new Membership Directory:
Go to http://rotaryroster.org/ and follow the login instructions in the top left column. Use your ClubRunner website password for your Rotary Roster password or follow the Rotary Roster instructions on how to create a password.

If you're confused at this stage, e-mail me gs6466@cox.net and I'll be able to send you your current login name, "reset" your current ClubRunner website password, or both.


Send an e-mail to Renee at:  ReneeMac6@aol.com

Include your name, makeup date, location, and a description of the makeup event in the body of the message.
Go to the ClubRunner website using www.rotaryclubofgainesville.org or (click on) http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Home.aspx?cid=2119.
Click on "Login" on the upper right corner of the page, then click on “New and existing users, retrieve login and/or reset password", then follow the instructions.
If you get stuck, e-mail George Sims for help at gs6466@cox.net .
To go directly to the Rotary ClubRunner home page click on www.rotaryclubofgainesville.org or paste it into your browser address bar window.
Want to makeup online?
Click on the following link to Club One: eClubOneLink
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