Posted by Jamie Tripp on Dec 05, 2018
Sylvia Vanderveut spoke to us last year about a project taking Georgian College nursing students to the Dominican Republic /  to do health relief work. Sylvia returned with Sue Boderic who is taking over directorship of this 23 year old program. Sue has been on the service trips for 15 years and is very well versed in how to plan and what is required. The teams have partnered with Rayjon Share Care, an ecumenical charitable organization. The trips are 7 days and since 2003 have just been with the Georgian Students for simplicity and logistical reasons. Along with the relief workers and students the group also brings 2 tonnes of supplies. 100 students do their own fundraising to pay the $1625 needed to fund their way. All students also attend prep meetings to be prepared and help plan the trip agenda. Most of the patients requiring treatment are sugar cane workers who live along with their families in 12' x 12' hovels in villages called Batey. Batey Cambalache, one of the poorest has no running water. These Health Care Missions bring meds and care. The professionals along with the students run daily clinics and treat about 200 people per day. Congratulations to both Sylvia and Sue on the programs success and the personal development it means to those students.