Posted by Jamie Tripp on Oct 17, 2018
It is always a great meeting when a new Rotarian does their Classification Speech. For those who don't know what that is, it's a peak behind the curtain to the past and present of our new Rotarian. Sometimes personal in nature and sometimes professional it is always engaging and often reveals a little more than we might otherwise get to know over lunch.
Today was Shannon Flood's opportunity to regale us with her youth growing up in Owen Sound, to her misspent days doing 3 rotations as a Katimavic Volunteer (who does that?). She began her professional career as a behavior therapist locally in Owen Sound Shannon then met and married Norm the Nerd, a software engineer that dragged her to our area so that he could work at Waypoint. Shannon and Norm have two daughters 3 and 6. Shannon has taken on being the CLH fundraiser and by all indications has settled well into our little community.