Posted by Debra West on Sep 26, 2017
Attorney, Michael J. Woods was our featured speaker at a recent club meeting. Mike is a partner with CobbCole and the topic was future regulations in regards to ADA compliance not only in your place of business but also on your company's website .
Mike shared that bricks and mortar buildings that have had no changes in 50 years are exempt from compliance, however if any changes have been made or need to be made to the building you should expand and build to be come ADA compliant. It costs about 10-15 grand to go before a judge, so during the recent sweep of litigation in the area, most businesses found it more cost effective to settle than fight. New legislation has been enacted to minimize a lawyer's ability to have financial dealings with testers who go into businesses looking for non-compliance issues. 
A recent case was brought against Winn Dixie in regards to on-line coupons that were not accessible for a variety of folks with disabilities. The outcome was in the plaintiff's favor and Winn Dixie has to upgrade their website to become ADA compliant with a price tag of a quarter to half million dollars. Mike said that the best thing you can do is to keep a line item on your books for ADA compliance and look at basic ways that you can provide ADA access on both your website and in your building.
For more information or questions contact:

Michael J. Woods

voice: 386-736-7700

fax: 386-944-7968


Last week our speaker was the new Principal at DeLand High School. Doctor Melissa Lynn Carr. Dr. Carr was a dynamic speaker and shared a very positive outlook and overview of her new role at DeLand High. Dr. Carr has 27 years in teh school system as a coach, teacher, and at the district level. 

Among the first changes implemented at the school were eliminating the learning center where all students were sent if  their teacher was absent and implementing substitute teachers so students can stay in their classroom. Also the tardy room was eliminated and procedures put into place to allow a student up to 3 tardy's before detention. This has helped to increase attendance to the highest level in the county at a 98%!

Initiatives for this school year include improving attendance for all teachers and students, having a clean campus through teaching pride and the leave it better than you found it motto, she is developing a technology leadership team where students and teachers develop goals and ways to implement them. Their firs project is getting all 2,550 students supplied with laptops.

Dr. Carr has initiated  #WeAreDeLand on Twitter and can be reached via email at