A message from Juba, a third grader from Zambia, Africa who we sponsored for the school year of 2019-2019 along with some of his art. 
 As the note is a hard to read here is what is says, 
Dear Rotary Club,
I hope you are fine?  I am in grade 3 at OMNI School and my favorite subject are English and
mathematics as here we are learning good. Thank you for given me free education every day.
Yours faithfully, Juba Mwetwa
The annual fundraiser for the OMNI Project is coming up soon.  You can sign up to attend or make a donation at http://www.rotaryclubofwestbloomfield.com/2019-omni-fundraiser
I you would rather make a donation to Lakes Area Rotary Charitable Fund designated for OMNI, please send a check to Lakes Area Rotary Charitable Fund (LARCF) at P.O. Box 876/Walled Lake, MI 48390 and we will ensure it gets to OMNI.