Grab lunch and join Lakes Area Rotary for a Zoom meeting April 13 at noon.
Our speaker will be life coach, Robin Shear.  Her focus on Finding Joy in the Unexpected is something we are all looking for as we stay at home for safety these days.  
Ms. Shear suggests you bring the attached .jpg for use during her presentation.
An introduction to her presentation and a bio are included below the  sign-in procedures which follow: 

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Finding Joy in the Unexpected:  Presented by Robin Shear

Have you ever looked at a photo on social media and caught yourself thinking, “Of course she’s smiling, she has a perfect life?”  It’s natural to associate joy with the absence of problems.  It’s expected that we will feel happy when all is right with the world… when our loved ones are doing well, we have found success, or our skinny jeans fit just right:  YAY!  But what about when life isn’t perfect… when winter seems to last forever and the freedom of outdoor exercise seems so far away, road construction brings 275 to a screeching halt for another day, or the checkout lines go to the back of the store 2 weeks before the holidays and you still don’t know what to buy Uncle Ed?  Where is happiness then?  Is it possible to find joy in the unexpected, when the circumstances pretty much stink?  In this upbeat and laughter-filled presentation, assess the differences and similarities between happiness and joy and allow your new-found knowledge to change the way you do life.

About Robin Shear

Robin owns Joy To The World Coaching, through which she provides into all aspects of their lives, and encourages them to share their joy with the world.  She can help clients infuse joy into their love life, family, health & fitness, career, social life, spirituality, sense of fun and enjoyment, growth & learning, finances, and environment, among other areas. Robin has served in various roles, including registered dietitian, youth pastor, and life enrichment team member at senior living communities. Robin’s greatest sources of joy include sharing experiences with her family, developing her faith and learning about other faith traditions, and helping others live fully. She is a member of the American Business Women’s Association, Zonta International, and the Small Business Association.  She lives in Michigan with her husband, two young adult children, and their massive 16-year old cat.  Robin can be found at