I recently learned Honorary member of our club, Anna Hatherill passed away on November 19, 2019.  Many of you will recall she move to Lima, OH with her husband John, long time member of our club, to be with their children when he developed Alzheimer's a number of years ago.  When John passed away in January, 2018 Anna was sharp of mind and indicated she still read the Rotarian magazine every month.  She loved keeping up on what Rotary was doing.  Upon learning this we made her an Honorary Member of our club for life and arranged to make sure she would continue receiving the Rotarian.  We have stayed in touch with the occasion newsy card since then.  Sadly we were not aware her health declined sharply late last year.  Her family elected not to have public funeral and instead had a family only internment at Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, MI where Anna now rests with John, her husband of 67 years. Anna, a graduate of Michigan State University taught in the Waterford Township School District for 30 years.  She and John were a memorable part of this club for 47 years prior to their move.  A condolence card has been sent to her family.  We may draw comfort in knowing they rest in a beautiful place.  Our club arrange to have three beautiful trees planted at the Great Lakes National Cemetery following John's death.