Jen James: Crisis Text Line 

Jen James of Crisis Text Line will join us Tuesday, February 23 from 11:45 to 1:00 pm to share how Crisis Text Line is meeting the needs of teens and young adults. Zoom with us at Networking 11:45-noon. Program begins at noon. 

Jen has held prominent roles at Crisis Text Line, including creating the volunteer curriculum & training, hiring & training the original supervision team, and serving as the voice of the community. Bottomline: Jen is the heart of Crisis Text Line and the spine of its philosophy. Prior to her role as Founding Supervisor of Crisis Text Line, Jen created the first Chat and Text Crisis service available in Michigan. 

Her areas of expertise include community engagement, as well as Public Speaking regarding crisis intervention and suicide prevention. She's able to connect with teens and young adults with her authentic approach in starting those tough conversations.