Fleece Blanket Day
On Thursday, November 19th, the TAG girls and Rotarians made seven beautiful fleece blankets.  (See photos).  Organized by Cheryl Savage, Jordan Hancock and Patti Swarthout, helpers Lorrie McVey, Pam Jackson and our new "friend of Rotary" Josette Silver joined in the fun.
Jordan came up with a process where the girls got to choose their blanket pattern through a lottery.  Coincidentally, the seven girls who participated had already sat next to the blanket they wanted to work on.  So everyone was happy.  The girls had the option of keeping their finished blankets or giving them away as gifts.
We all spent two hours on a beautiful autumn afternoon teaching, working and socializing.  It was very gratifying to see the finished products and, even more importantly, to see the smiles on the girls' faces. 
Three TAG girls who were to join us had a workshop commitment, so the seven girls we worked with  picked their blanket patterns for them and were willing and anxious to teach them when they returned to Children's Village.
As we left, the girls thanked us several times with hugs and smiles. 
Our next scheduled TAG activity will be Santa's visit on December 17th.
Submitted by Patti Swarthout