Devankar Mukhi, Green New Detroit Environmental Project - September 29 @ 11:45 AM
September 29     Zoom Presentation - Link below
Devankar Mukhi is currently a 4th year student at Wayne State University majoring in Public Health with a co-major in Conflict and Peace Studies.  Devankar was President of the WSU Roteract Club from 2017-2019 and now serves as District 6400 Rotaract Representative.  Devankar has started a project called Green Now Detroit (GND).  This project aims to educate Detroit youth on do it yourself (DYI) sustainable strategies to fight climate change.  The project was awarded Resolution Project’s Fellowship on Student Social Ventures.  Not only will GND provide environmental education but it will also teach carbon footprint data skills and digital mapping abilities to aid in understanding environmental injustice.  Devankar is putting together an operations team of young people and an advisory team comprised of professionals, professors, and anyone who is able to provide guidance.  If you know of anyone interested in the realm of the environment, let Devankar know.
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