On February 19, 2015, celebrated author, Joy Gaines-Friedler returned to Children's Village to hold a Creative Writing Workshop with the girls from TAG.  There were eight girls in attendance plus Cheryl and Patti.  The workshop was a huge success.  Joy started out with an exercise where we were asked to name our favorite animal and our favorite color then use three adjectives to describe each.  How we described the animal is how we think of ourselves; and, how we described the color is how we believe others think of us.  It was fun.  The discussion that followed got the group warmed up for some creative writing.  Joy named a number of different topics and asked that we list three things about each, which then resulted in our using that list to create a poem.  Cheryl and Patti were amazed at how well the girls expressed themselves on paper.  Many of the girls shared their struggles and successes, especially with the TAG Program.  It was moving to hear their poems being read out loud.  There just may be some future writers in this group.  Cheryl encouraged the girls to type their poems and leave them in a book for the next group to read.  At the conclusion of the session, it was apparent that Joy gave each of us a number of tools to create more meaningful writing.  Needless to say, this was time well spent with the ladies of TAG.  We are most grateful to Joy for sharing her time and talents with us."