Minutes from May 7th, 2018
The Casper Rotary Club
This week's meeting will be held:
Monday, May 14th, 2018
at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center
800 N. Poplar St.
Casper, WY  82601
Vickery Fales Hall
Errol Miller
Nicole Tholson
Kelly Cooper - Habitat for Humanity, The Heart of Wyoming
Rotary Club of Casper WY
Meeting Summary
President Richard Schwahn called the meeting to order promptly at 12:32, with the ring of the bell and welcomed everyone to today’s meeting.   
Inspiration, Pledge, 4-Way Test:
Rob Ratliff
Mike Ward and Rob Ratliff were our greeters today and Rob introduced the members who brought guests:
  • Visiting Rotarians today we had Helen Bishop (Jackson Supper Club);
  • Bert Toews introduced his father Norm Toews;
  • Jim Beck introduced Liz Roth (KCWY);
  • Joe Bennick introduced Alaina Stedillie (Attorney);
  • Steve Higginson introduced Michele Wistisen (Casper Planetarium);
  • Martha Rakestraw introduced Pat Thomas (USPS);
  • Jim Fletcher introduced his son Tom Fletcher;
  • Frida our exchange student was here as well;
Gary Pehrson had us all stand and sing “God Bless America”
President Schwahn did a Rotary TidBit about part three of Rotary recognizing giving through naming opportunities.
Family of Rotary:
  • Dennis Lower was welcomed back to the club after being gone for the winter.
  • Jim Porter let us know that it was good to have Maribeth Ploceck with us as she was afflicted with altitude sickness while at the District Conference over the weekend.
  • Randy Hein announced that Greg Brondos and his wife just celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary.
  • Lisa Scroggins announced that her daughter was accepted into the National Junior Honors Society and her son who is in flight school earned two of his pilot licenses and is working on his instructor’s license.
Rotarians of the Week:
  • Doug McLaughlin nominated Vickery Fales Hall for the great presentation from the WCF Tony K Awards to Marcia Patton last week.
  • Cori Costner-Burton nominated Dr. Bert Toews who had a building named after him for all of his great work in the community.
  • President Schwahn nominated all of those members of the club who attended District Conference this past weekend, Jim Allison, Liz Becher, Dave Bishop, Becky Byron, Les Crawford, Bill DeGraeve, Jason DeWitt, Guy DeWitt, Frank Ellis, John Griffith, Lauren Griffith, Dick Jay, Barry Johnson, Lori Klatt, Larry Madsen, Chad Nelson, Maribeth Plocek, Jim Porter, Bill Schilling, Charles Schoenwolf, President Schwahn, Lisa Scroggins, Nicole Tholson, and Frida. He also thanked all of those whose spouses were also in attendance. He also nominated his own wife Michelle for her help with the hospitality suite and other meetings, and John Griffith for helping with the wine and Guy DeWitt for supplying the water. He also mentioned his daughter for her work with Rotex.
  • President Schwahn also told us that our club won the prize for best attendance from an individual Club.
  • Martha Rakestraw nominated Jim Anderson and Bill Schilling for volunteering to take her to Denver, she had her appointment moved so she ended up going the following Monday instead and Robin Broumley ended up taking her to her appointment.
  • President Schwahn nominated Errol Miller for his work on the display about our club for the District Conference.
  • Chad Nelson nominated Lisa Scroggins for her work of cataloging District Conference and our meetings on our Facebook page.
  • Jim Porter nominated Dale Bohren for his musical talents that he used to help with the Casper College Theatre Department Gala fundraiser over the weekend.
Special Presentation:
Joe MacGuire nominated Bill Schilling for his years of work on Leadership Wyoming, he then presented Bill with a picture that one of the attendees took while on Safari in Africa. This was the last class that Bill was involved in before retiring, Joe thanked him for all of his hard work and told us about the way this program has affected the lives of all of those who went through the program. He then invited all of the Leadership Wyoming Alumni to the front for a picture with Bill.
Student of the Month:
No students today.
  • Jim Porter announced that if you want to see Frida leave to go back home, be at the airport at 6:00 on the morning of June 25th to say goodbye to her.
  • Jim Porter announced that the motorcycle ride will be happening this summer and he sent out emails to those he knows ride and if you did not get the email and are interested let him know. It is going to be the weekend of July 21-22.
  • Eric Easton announced that Saturday May 19th from 9-12 will be the annual Platte River Trail cleanup and she would like our club to adopt the area from Rotary Park down to just past the intersection of Garden Creek road and Casper Mountain Road. We feel this would be a great project for us to get behind so please let her know if you can be there to help. We have sign-up sheets on the tables.
  • Bill Schilling announced that Friday and Saturday 11th-12th we will have another Eagle Scout Project with the installation of picnic tables and benches, he needs some volunteers to help, sign-up sheets are available on the table for Friday night and Saturday.
  • Greg Brondos announced that the annual bike ride into Teton National Park for May 19th and 20th so come join the fun, it is an event for families so please plan on attending, nobody has signed up yet. Sign-up sheets are on the table.
  • Dale Bohren announced that as part of our 100 year celebration they are going to add the last 25 years history to the book about the first 75 years. If you are a Past President or if you have done a major project or have something you would like to see put into this history please get with him and give him your input.
  • President Schwahn told us about the wood carving of the four way test which was up for auction at the District Conference. Liz Becher, Jim Porter and Lisa Scroggins bid on and won the carving and have presented it to the club to hang by our cabinet here at the Ramkota.
Program (Barry Johnson):
President Elect Dick Jay introduced our speaker, Barry Johnson, who was asked to speak to us about the 100 year celebration and some of the things the committee is planning for that celebration. Barry let us know that the actual Gala Celebration will be held at the Ramkota Inn on May 4th 2019, our club was chartered on May 1, 1919. They are working on the menu for the Gala as well as the entertainment, Dennis Gazdiewich and Tony Valdez are on that committee and they are trying to bring back Tony Pace who entertained us at the District Conference last year. Dale Bohren along with working on the last 25 years of our history to put with the first 75 years in a book is working on archiving the past 100 years’ worth of newspaper clippings and so forth about the club to be placed up at Casper College. Jim Porter, Lisa Scroggins, and Jason DeWitt are working on the marketing and advertising for the celebration. They are doing an excellent job preparing the big campaign of getting the word out about Rotary, who we are and what we do. A couple of months before the Gala the big campaign will launch with TV, newspaper, billboards and Social Media. They will be meeting with the other clubs in town to invite them to join with us in that advertising campaign. Once that is all determined they will be asking for a District Grant to help offset some of the costs of the campaign. President Richard Schwahn wants us to have a book about the size of our directory for each of us to document random acts of service in the community for 100 days. Those booklets will be available in a couple of weeks for those who wish to participate. We will also offer for any of the members of the community to participate through Social Media so that we can get the word out about service above self and what Rotary is all about. Kodi Merschat is working on the invitations for all of the dignitaries and past Rotarians that we want to invite. We are planning on a short term service project to tie in which will be purchasing 2-4 gutter bins to be placed somewhere in the City.
President Richard Schwahn concluded the meeting at 1:20 letting us know that next week we will be back at the Ramkota and our speaker will be Habitat for Humanity.
Rotary Reveal Q&A
Name: President Richard Schwahn
1. What book or books are you reading right now? "The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu: And Their Race to Save the World's Most Precious Manuscripts by Joshua Hammer."
2. Do you believe that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe? "Yes. As big as the universe is..."
3. What period in history or year in the future would you most like to visit via time travel? "Time of Christ. To hang out and listen to Jesus speak and do miracles."
4. What movie have you seen more times than any other? "The Last of the Mohicans. Epic movie of adventure and romance."
5. If you could have dinner with up to three people from history, who would they be? "Jesus, Paul Harris, and the Apostle Paul."
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.