The Casper Rotary Club
This week's meeting will be held:
Monday, January 15th, 2018
at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center
800 N. Poplar
Casper, WY  82601
Sarah Szewczyk
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Bretnee Trombel - Wyoming Economic Update
Minutes from January 8th, 2018
President Richard Schwahn called the meeting to order at 12:26, welcoming everyone to today’s meeting.    
Inspiration, Pledge, 4-Way Test:
Fred DeVore
Nicole Tholson and Dean Cline were the greeters today, and Nicole introduced the members who brought guests:
  • Exchange Student Frida was in attendance at today’s meeting;
  • John Griffith introduced Joe Bennick;
  • Susan Griffith introduced Brookelyn Gunn;
  • Tim Havasi introduced Kendra Ziler;
  • Kimberly Mazza introduced Mark Watson;
  • Greg Dixson introduced Bob Cerkornik;
  • Carley Applegate introduced Jen Contrael and Manie Sleep;
  • Steven Schnell introduced Jordan Braun;
  • Jim Ruble introduced Monika Ratliff and Bob Ratliff;
  • Kristen Galles introduced Julia Witt;
  • Visiting Rotarian Helen Bishop was introduced;
  • Martha Rakestraw introduced the parents of the Student of the Month – Erik and Carne DePaemelere and Larry Meebor of NCHS.
Song of the Week:
Gary Pehrson led us in singing “Cowboy Joe.”
New member induction:
Tara Short read the Induction Ceremony to welcome new members Kendra Ziler and Joe Bennick to our club.  Welcome Kendra and Joe!
Paul Harris:
Lori Klatt welcomed Dennis Sun as the club’s newest Paul Harris +1.
Rotarians of the Week:
  • Lynn Lockhart nominated Martha Rakestraw as “Rotarian of the Holidays” for taking on the responsibility for scheduling bell ringers for the Salvation Army challenge on December 23, 2017.  She also nominated Errol Miller for working a shift at the last minute.
  • John Starnes thanked a list of Rotarians that helped with the bed delivery that the Child Development Center and Slumberland Furniture arranged in December.
Family of Rotary:
Bob Tarantola announced that Five Trails Rotary Club member Leslie Blythe has passed away last week.
  • David Simonson gave a brief update on the club’s international project in Panama.  The Minister of Education has provided a teacher and the furnishings for the classroom that our club helped build recently.  On December 18, 2017, they graduated their first class.  They are just about ready to begin construction of the second classroom.
  • Martha Rakestraw spoke about how the members of our club really came through for the Salvation Army challenge on December 23.  She stated that our club filled two locations, Albertsons East and Smiths.
  • Ronna Boril announced that our club will be having our first networking/fellowship event of 2018 which will be this Wed, Jan 10, at 5-6:30 pm at Kelly Walsh high school.  We will have a private tour of our beautiful new facility and enjoy light hors d'oeuvres and beverages prepared by the KW culinary class.
  • Next, Ronna announced that she was sending around the final proof for the directory.  If you would like to, please send her an updated photo for the directory to
  • Barry Johnson asked the club what the significance of May 1, 1919 was.  It is the club’s 100 year anniversary.  He spoke about all of the various activities that the Centennial committee has planned.  Jim Porter spoke about a questionnaire that the committee is asking everyone in the club to fill out and return.  Lori will be sending this out to the club via email.
Student of the Month:
Martha Rakestraw helped to welcome Collin DePaemelere as NCHS’s Student of the Month.
Bylaws Change:
Eric Easton began by asking for a motion to go into business session.  Bill Schilling made the motion to continue into the business session, Anne Ladd seconded the motion.  Vote: all in favor. Eric Easton spoke about a proposal to change the Bylaws to reflect the rules coming from RI stating that the local treasurer needs to be a voting member of the club.  A notice of the proposed bylaws change was sent out in December of 2017.  He then asked for a motion to adopt the amendment to the bylaws.  Bill Schilling made the motion, Jim Porter seconded the motion, Vote; all in favor.   He then asked for a motion to accept the proposal to elect Becky Byron as the club treasurer.  Lisa Scroggins made the motion, Anne Ladd seconded.  Vote: all in favor.  Eric Easton then asked for a motion to move out of the business session.  Tom Lockhart made the motion, Lisa Scroggins seconded.  Vote: all in favor.
Program (Brian Deurloo –Frog Creek Partners):
President Elect Dick Jay introduced Brian Deurloo of Frog Creek Partners. Frog Creek Partners is an environmental technology company that specializes in stormwater filtration and pollution measurement services.  They are focused on addressing commonly littered items & nonpoint source pollution that is washed into waterways via urban stormwater runoff.  Because clean water is a good thing.  He began to by telling the club a little about himself.  His very first job was selling frogs to his neighbor for 25 cents each.  He said that his “client” only expected two frogs, but, Brian showed up with a whole bucket full.  He spoke about being an entrepreneur inventor.  
He continued by asking questions of the club. First question: Who knows what storm water pollution is? Answer: Anything that isn’t water.  Second question: Where are the waters being polluted? Answer: Everywhere.   He displayed maps and spoke about how the North Platte River contributes to one of the most polluted waters in the world, which is the Mississippi River.
Sediment is even a pollutant due to the fact that chemicals and other items bind to it.  The vast majority of stormwater is not being treated before being discharged into the watershed.  The filth on the street foes directly into our rivers, lakes and oceans with the next rainstorm or snow melt.   Cigarette butts are a major problem.  1 cigarette butt will kill 5 of 10 fish in a liter of water.  Over 4,000,000,000,000 cigarette butts are littered annually.   Casper has the highest rated number of smokers in America.  2.6% of people smoke in Casper.  The mass of ocean plastic estimated to outweigh the fish by the year 2050.  28% of US stream miles are unfit for human recreation.  What can we do to solve this problem?  Frog Creek Partners has the solution: the Gutter Bin.  Brian invented the Gutter Bin about two years ago. It is a water filtration system that goes into the gutter in the storm drain; they take the old storm drain out of the ground and replace it with the Gutter Bin. The patent pending Gutter Bin is a removable catch basin filter insert with a hinged storm grate.  He has several in Sheridan and one in Casper as of now.  He can measure the amount of pollutants that the Gutter Bins collect.  One of his storm drains in Casper captured 500 lbs. of pollution the first 7 months.   He spoke about all of the testing that they have been doing.  Why does he do this? Because clean water is a good thing.                  
President Richard Schwahn adjourned the meeting at 1:30p.m.
Rotary Reveal Q&A
Name: Phillip Rael
1) What book or books are you reading right now? "Becoming Your Own Banker: The Infinite Banking Concept by R. Nelson Nash."
2) What is your LEAST favorite food? "Tuna casserole, but honestly I'm not picky. I'll eat anything."
3) What do you do for a living and what profession, other than your own, would you most like to participate in? "I'm an insurance agent for State Farm, focusing on life insurance and financial services. But I'd love to go back to farming and ranching."
4) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? "Tijuana street tacos. Specifically, carne asada and el pastor tacos with homemade salsa."
5) If you could have dinner with up to three people from history, who would they be? "Jesus Christ, George Washington and Moses."
Russell Hampton
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