Minutes from February 19th, 2018
The Casper Rotary Club
This week's meeting will be held:
Monday, February 26th, 2018
at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center
800 N. Poplar St.
Casper, WY  82601
Casey Allison
Charlie Shopp
Mike Ward
Program: tba
Rotary Club of Casper WY
Meeting Summary
President Richard Schwahn called the meeting to order at 12:25, welcoming everyone to today’s meeting.  He thanked everyone who “braved” the snow to attend.
President Schwahn led us in a moment of silence to observe the passing of Rotarian Tom Lockhart.
Inspiration, Pledge, 4-Way Test:
President Schwahn
Dave McNulty and Tim Monroe were the greeters today, and Dave introduced the members who brought guests:
  • Jim Ruble introduced Rob and Monika Ratliff
Classification Talk:
Kendra Ziler, gave her classification talk to help us all get to know her a little better.
Rotarians of the Week:
  • Sarah Szewczyk nominated Phillip Rael for taking on the Duck Commander role for the upcoming 2018 Duck Derby. 
  • Sarah Szewczyk was nominated for agreeing to be the Vice Chair for the 2018 Duck Derby.
  • President Schwahn nominated John Griffith and Brian Deurloo for organizing a meeting of the 2018 Duck Derby committee.
  • Brian Deurloo spoke about Tom and Lynn Lockhart speaking to him about purchasing a Gutter Bin for the community, he said that is a prime example of how community minded Tom was.   Brian nominated Tom Lockhart as Rotarian of the Week.
Family of Rotary:
  • Errol Miller spoke briefly about the passing of Tom Lockhart.
  • Ronna Boril spoke about our 2nd club social that will be held on Wednesday, February 21st at 5:30 pm at Natrona County High School.
  • Jim Porter spoke about the Centennial Advertising Committee still needing input from the club about the What is Rotary questionnaire.  He stated that Lori would be sending out the email one final time.
  • President Schwahn announced that the club is in need of a club photographer.  If you are interested, please speak to him.
  • President Schwahn informed the meeting that three members have left the club: Chandra Ortiz, Crystal MacGuire and Ryan Schwartz.
Program (Bill Schilling – Wyoming Legislature):
Bill began by saying that this Legislative session was a short term session and it lasts for only 20 days and is very fast paced.   To get a bill into process, it has to have a 2/3 majority vote.  From there, it goes to the Senate, then to the floor of the Senate for three readings.  It then goes to the House, to House committees and on to the House floor for approval.  There is a Management Council which is leadership that tries to set the pace and priorities for the Legislature.  He said that the House and the Senate have two different thoughts about how to fund government.  The House believes that there should be no cuts and no taxes, where the Senate believes that we should cut more, but, they agree with the no taxes.  According to Bill, “Wyoming has been living in Never Never Land for a long time.”  He said that the average Wyoming family receives $30,000 in services from the state, but, they only pay $3,000 – $4,000 per year in taxes.  How to handle the shortfall of education K-12 is a key issue for this session.  He went on to say that, due to how fast paced this session is, it is a difficult job being a Legislator.   On top of all the hard work they must do every day, there are receptions every night that they are expected to attend.  These receptions are given by all sorts of organizations to showcase their people and to meet the Legislators.   Bill spoke about the Norwegian Birkebeiner 2018 that he will be competing in very soon.   He said it was a 35 mile hike with an 8lb pack on your back.  He concluded his presentation by telling everyone to chase their dream; that is what he is doing.
President Richard Schwahn adjourned the meeting at 1:30p.m stating that next week’s meeting will be at the Ramkota.
Rotary Reveal Q&A
Name: Steve Loftin
1. What book or books are you reading right now? "No books, just construction documentaries on YouTube."
2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? "Bacon cheeseburgers with chipotle mayonnaise and pickles."
3. The Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel? "Beatles, of course. Rocky Raccoon, Come Together, and Twist and Shout. I didn't know I liked them until the next generation and I realized that not all music was as good as the Beatles!"
4. What do you do for a living and if you could attempt any profession other than your own, what would it be? "I am a construction guy and problem solver now, but I am sure I would be a world class race car driver. I would need speakers attached to the outside of the car to be able to cuss out the other drivers."
5. If you could have dinner with up to three people from history, who would they be? "The construction superintendent for the Great Pyramids. So I could hear how they were built. John D. Rockefeller to understand the oil business, but he might not even know! Hugh Hefner, to see his art collection."
Russell Hampton
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