Dr. Jennifer Attride-Stirling CEO of the Bermuda Health Council spoke to us on t he Bermuda Health Council:


Who , What & Why. They are a Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation (QUANGO). Established by Bermuda Health Council Act 2004 and have been operational since 2006. There main mission is to regulate, coordinate and enhance the delivery of health services in Bermuda.

They have an annual MOH grant of $1.3M and structured with a 15 member board and a staff of 8. The vision is working together for a sustainable healthcare system for the Island. The BHC's Strategic Plan comprises 4 goals,

(i) Quality - To enhance the regulation of health services, insurers, professionals and prescription drugs, in order to assure quality and patient safety.

 (ii) Equity - To enhance coordination of health services to assure equitable access to healthcare.

(iii) Efficiency To promote healthcare developments in service provision and insurance so as to sustain a financially sound healthcare system.

 (iv) Accountability - To ensure all of our functions are conducted in an impartial manner.

Some of the core operational activities are to license health insurers, review standard hospital benefit and standard premium (SHB price) annually, review regulated provider fees, enhance regulatory framework and coordinate all healthcare stakeholders.

Why they do what they do. Sustainability - Some key assumptions (i) Health as a human right (ii) Healthcare is unlike consumer goods (iii) OECD Financing & Equity where systems are based on individual premium - usually more responsive, but larger burden on high-risk, high-use groups, usually the sick and the poor, leading to financial barriers to access. Systems based on ability to pay which are more equitable financial impact and access to care, but less responsive to patient needs.

WHO Health System Model: With primary functions as, Stewardship => Responsiveness, Generating Resources & Delivering Services => Health Outcomes, Financing => Fair financial contribution.

Bermuda professionals per 10k population is as follows, Physicians 24, Nurses 72, Dentists 7 Pharmacists 13. Technology comparisons for Bermuda on a per 1Mil basis is as follows, MRI Units 31, CAT Scans 31 which is very good in comparison to the rest of the world.

Some health indicators for Bermuda Life expectancy at birth 78.3, Child Mortality 1.3, Maternal Mortality 0.

Financing Sources: Public Sector - $129,735K, Private Sector $317,215K giving a total of $446,910K. Financing Expenditure: Public Sector -  $216,667K, Private Sector - $230,283K giving a total of $446,910K.


  Take-home messages;


·          Healthcare is a right, not a commodity


·          The way in which a health system is structured impacts on its cost


·          Bermuda can get more bang for every healthcare buck


·          Vision and collaboration are needed to get us there