Football the Game of Life - "How does football, a game played by 22 male or female participants, mirror or equal the realities of life?

Family - Football is seen as a mere sport by many; however it has the ability to reinforce the positive and important messages which are conveyed via our schools, churches, social organizations and parents. More importantly football connects each parish and unites our people. This common theme is universal,

Education - The split second decision making, pre-game tactics and emphasis on tactical training is a mirror of a pop quiz, homework and end of semester assessments. Football makes our children think strategically at all times, aids in their ability to make calculated decisions in stress related situations. Repetition in training to assess the individual and team development consists of the same methods applied by school teachers; to gauge if his or her pupils have grasped the content of their subject matter.   

Commitment - Respect plays an integral role in the development of young people in our lives, as it is integrated in every aspect of our society. Race, economics or educational standing is not a prerequisite, prior to entering Bermuda's Family of Football.  All non relevant athletic categories are cast aside when it comes to football.  The one and only criteria is for everyone to be a team player, as well as disciplined, bring unlimited passion and have respect for your self and your opponents. These are four basic but essential qualities, which are often the foundation of any successful organization.

Success - We have 12 year old children each day dreaming of emulating Shaun Goater, Kyle Lightbourne, David Bascome and or Khano Smith.  However the dream becomes a reality, via hard work, determination and without the usage of illicit substances.  Successful football players are able to offer inspirational messages, messages which resonate deeper then any message a politician, teacher or even a parent may be able to embed, in a young teenager's long-term memory.  Why, because they establish a sense of trust and connection with their fans.  The same fans we are trying to educate and are asking to accept their peers as friends instead of adversaries.

Friendship - In Bermuda football ensures that our kids are socializing with all Bermudians from the east to the west end of the island. Socializing and gathering to entertain the masses while improving or sustaining their healthy lifestyles

Health - Our communities are surrounded by sporting fields which offer fun and more importantly life.  Football which is based on cardiovascular exercise fights against the ever increasing rate of obesity and percentage of youth diagnosed diabetes.  We have to take note of the health messages which state that our diets are filled with trans-fats, sugar, excess calories and the availability of fast foods snacks. The decline of the amount of school based sports is alarming.  However, there is a game called football.

Community - The emphasis is on understanding the role they play as future leaders and to develop their self-esteem via practical teaching methods. Our young teens enjoy the opportunity to use their experiences in real life situations similar to our own ambitions as adults.

            On Saturday, September 13, the (BFA) and its affiliates will be delivering a unified and positive message to (250) youth football players. A message of  education, life, respect, commitment, love, passion and how the "Game of Life" can guide you  on the path of victory, while learning how to avoid the obstacles and distractions along the way.