15 year old Miss Teen Bermuda , Alyssa Rose, focused her presentation on two areas that she is passionate about, road fatalities and litter.  Alyssa offered suggestions to address the alarming increase in road fatalities and litter build-up.


 Although very different both affect our community, whether it is emotionally or aesthetically. Instead of complaining we need to work together to find solutions to these problems.


Since the launch of 2008 we have had 15 road fatalities and we record more vehicle accidents per square mile than anywhere else in the world.  Some of the main causes of these road accidents are from speeding, overtaking and driving under the influence of drink and/or drugs.

            The road safety council and government have been working on improving the driving habits on our roads and have considered the introduction of the Graduated Driving Licensing System.  This is a law that is estimated to reduce fatal crashes by 38 percent.  The program consists of three stages in which drivers must demonstrate responsible driving behavior before advancing to the next.  This will ensure that those obtaining a license are prepared.

Even though the Road safety council and government are doing their job to address the issue, we must realize we have a personal responsibility and that laws can only do so much.  Therefore we need to: buckle our seat belts and fasten our helmets. Avoid overtaking unless completely appropriate and with caution, and slow down Bermuda is only 22 miles long.

With a population of approx 69000 Bermuda churns out more garbage per capita than the population of Manhattan.  This unfortunate label reveals the reality that our community is not environmentally friendly.  The KBB organization works hard and seems to be one of the groups who are helping decrease the litter in this community...but more is needed.

The government could introduce a bottle deposit law. When you purchase a bottle from a store you pay 10cents extra which can be collected when returning the bottle.  A more comprehensive recycling program could be created, not just glass, and aluminum, what about paper and plastics?  The Government could assign the prisoners to do a monthly clean up in certain areas of the Island

However, as I mentioned we have a personal responsibility not only about driving habits but our garbage habits as well.  So we can: dispose of trash properly, keep a litterbag in our car.  At home separate your recyclables from your garbage or purchase reusable bags when grocery shopping.  You don't need to be part of an organization to clean up our Island.  Dispose of your trash properly, and then other people won't have to pick it up.

Despite the solutions I have suggested to decrease the road fatalities and litter tell me Bermuda, Why do we need more legislation?  What we need is to enforce existing laws.  Law makers cannot legislate common sense.  We need to realize and accept the fact that we are in control of our actions.

  We need to get it together Bermuda. The smallest action can make the biggest difference.