The highlight of my reign as Miss Teen was The Miss Talented Teen Caribbean Pageant in St. Kitt's when I placed Third Runner Up. In this pageant I made history for Bermuda and for the pageant as a first time Bermudian who entered the pageant and placed as a finalist

I was proud to represent Bermuda internationally and to bring home the award.  The experience was exciting and highly worthwhile because it introduced me to people in other parts of the world. I met 12 other talented girls from the Caribbean. The other countries that participated were: Anguilla, Antigua, Cuba, Curacao, Grenada, Guyana, St. Kitt's., St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, British Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The competition was tough as the girls were very talented.

            The pageant was an eye opener for me. I now realize just how blessed we are in Bermuda. One of the girls traveled to the pageant unaccompanied because there was no one who could afford to travel with her. I reached out to her and befriended her because I knew that she needed support.  Another contestant traveled from Cuba and had to seek permission from her country to travel and to participate in the pageant.  I was fortunate to have sponsorship and a chaperone. I was also grateful to be able to travel freely and to have my mother and grandmother support me in St. Kitt's.

            During my reign, I have had a number of opportunities including the following:

Guest speaker for Pride Bermuda, Guest at the Premier's concert, Crowned little girls at the Little Miss Princess Tea Party, Made a presentation to Dame Jennifer Smith, Opened the Jean and Gene Christmas Show, Speaker at the Young Citizens Awards Ceremony for Teen Services, Helped with the trash-a-thon for KBB, Participated in the Youth Explosion Concert hosted by Marcelle Clemens, Participated in three parades: Hamilton & Somerset Christmas parades, as well as the 24 of May Bermuda Day parade. Most recently I was a presenter at the Underground Awards. And last but by no means least speaker for the Hamilton rotary Club of Bermuda.

            One important lesson that I have learned is that the pageant is not just a beauty pageant. I have learned to be more articulate, to have more confidence and to learn to appreciate different cultures and personalities. I have also learned that you must prove that you are worthy of the awards that you earn.  For me the goal was to win the title of Miss Teen, but I have gained so much more.  My reign however was not without its challenges. There will always be "haters," but I have learned that if you prove yourself, then their claims will be unfounded. My advice to others is to set goals and to pursue them and do not to let anyone discourage you. If you win, then the experience will be an experience of a lifetime.

            The main challenge was to make sure that my behaviour was always of a good standard because all eyes were on me everywhere that I went, and they still are. I had to be sure that I did not disrespect the title of Miss Teen and bring dishonor to me or to my family. I was extra conscious that I had to live up to the reputation of a respectable Miss Teen at all times.

            I am very excited to share with you that I am in the process of organizing a concert before the close of my reign. I am currently in negotiations to bring to Bermuda an international artist by the name of MiriĀ­Ben An who is from Israel. She is an outstanding hip hop violinist. She and I both play the violin and I admire her spirit and her talent. I wanted to do something extraordinary to close my reign. No other Miss Teen has ventured such an undertaking.

            The goal is to have a concert and have part proceeds given to a registered charity. I wanted to give something back to Bermuda for the support that they have given to me throughout my reign.  I wish to leave behind a legacy as Miss Teen Bermuda Islands 2007. I believe that I have raised the bar of the Miss Teen Bermuda Islands Pageant by the successes that I have had and I have a set a standard for others to follow.  The benefit concert will be on August 15 at City Hall Theatre

            In closing Alexa reminded us of her words of her platform on respect.  Remember that in what ever you do to have respect for self, respect for others and respect for the community.