Business:  Pres. Tee welcomed PP Jeff noting that it was PP Jeff Sousa who had sponsored him to the club. 

  He then invited Patrice Horner and Megan Nesbitt along with PP Kirk as “Deputy” Sponsor in lieu of PP Jim. to join him and duly inducted Rtn Patrice and Rtn Megan into the HRC These were followed by Denise James and Terica Esposito who were sponsored by Pres Tee Finally but by no means last Major Shawn Critch who has been a waiting an embarrassingly long time to officially join us, with sponsor AG Keith.

  Each of our new members told us a little of their background and were then officially congratulated by Pres Tee, IPP Barrett and AG Keith.  Rtn Shawn forgoing the kisses from the “dynamic” trio and accepting a congratulatory hug!



 Dir George reminded members of the upcoming Tag days 27th May for the Salvation Army and June for Sumer Haven.

AG Keith never one to miss an opportunity decided as he had kept his introduction of Rtn Shawn so sysynct he should speak again!  Welcoming all our new members AG Keith said that HRC was very pleased to have such a “young” dynamic group join and looked forward to the injection of their enthusiasm into the club.  Rotary is now your organization and an organization you should be proud to be one of 1.2 million Rotarians worlds wide.  

Rotary is more than just walking in the door to the club meeting having a meal and some fellowship and thinking Rotary only to walk out the door an hour later and forget Rotary. We need your help to continue to grow and continue to provide the incredible Humanitarian relief that we do around the world.  Relating to today’s recruitment of new members Ag Keith said RECRUITMENT MATTERS BUT RETENTION IS VITAL and we need to improve retention in order to increase our base.  We have not done a very good job of this, as is the same with many clubs.  And so we need to change and if we change our retention will increase.  So need to look at our organization, it needs to be strengthened and to address the needs of our members.

RI implemented the RI Strategic plan a major effort to address this combined with this at the grass roots level is the effort of the RLI training

As the chairperson for RLI Bermuda and a Faculty member I have worked over the last three years to consistently bring this valuable training to us in Bermuda.  Obvious benefits are costs of travel and more importantly for many of us the time saved.  This local RLI session gives us the opportunity to gel as a group with representation from all four clubs in attendance, with some of the best RLI Faculty Trainers.

  While it is good that we have the four different clubs which are different in so many ways which is good for anyone wishing to join us as in that they have options. It is very important in this day and age of smaller clubs that we do join together so that we can address larger and more involved projects and from this be more prominent and improve our image in the community.

 I have been meeting with the Bermuda Rotary Leadership from all 4 clubs on a regular basis so that we can address concerns and challenges and agree on direction between us. It is proving very valuable and we all want this to continue.  By you all joining together to share your knowledge, and motivate each other, we will build stronger and more active clubs.

The Rotary Leadership Institute was founded to assist in improving the Rotary knowledge and leadership skills of Rotarians.  It is hoped that these courses will also MOTIVATE participants to be ENTHUSIASTIC and DEDICATED Rotarians.

  RLI is about Creating Healthy Clubs, with Membership Development,

  RLI helps us to effect change; it helps show us the options and direction.

  RLI Strengthens Clubs – strong clubs will have strong membership, weak clubs weak membership.

 We need to be serving the needs of our members.

  RLI - helps turn members of Rotary into Rotarians providing well trained committed Rotarians.

The Institute offers a leadership course in three full day parts

(Parts I, II, III) and Graduate. Those completing each part are eligible for the next part.

The courses are designed to provide Rotary knowledge and to develop leadership skills for voluntary organizations.  Some examples of course sessions include.  The Rotary Foundation (2 parts),  Membership Development and Retention (2 parts),  Leadership (four parts),  Creating Hands On Service Projects,  Vocational Service,  International Service,  Analyzing a Rotary Club,  Creative Service,  Public Relations and other subjects.

 If we care about the future of our clubs, we will want the best leadership possible. This is an outstanding opportunity for each club to improve the Rotary knowledge of its key people, who will also be exposed to new ideas of leadership. The exchange of ideas with other experienced Rotarians alone makes the courses worthwhile

RLI Bermuda Sessions will be held at the Bermuda College at the end of the On-to-Bermuda week on Saturday 29th October.  AG Keith has the current RLI Brochure with a sign up form which can also be done on line at  the cost is $95.  Please do not leave it to the last minute we need to organise the location and also the trainers who come to us at their own expense.


AG Keith then presented RLI Certificates to Rtn Water Cook Part 1, Pres Tee and IPP Barrett Part 2 who successfully completed RLI training last year.


President Tee closed the meeting, once again welcoming the new members and thanked everyone for attending with their support.


Welcome New Members: Denise James, Terica Esposito, Megan Nesbitt, Patrice Horner, Shawn Critch


Photograph courtesy of Rtn Sally Madden