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Damien on Fisher Restaurant
123 Fisher Street
Fullarton , SA 5063

 Note this is an update to the last meeting notice sent out.

We are back at Damiens and will have the use of the large room while social distancing measures are in place.  We are limited to 37 but this should not be a problem as that would be an upper end number of attendees.  If there are people who want to join us online, separate Zoom instruction will be sent out on Monday of next week (June 29th).  Your registering attendance at Damiens is important, so please do so by close of play on Frifay 26th June.  Thanks.

This is a member only event, to attend in person, but if any of our interested  group outside of the membership want to join in, they can via Zoom, please, if you are not a member, advise me and I will include you on the Zoom invitation.

We now have a speaker. A friend of Rajat's, Sanjiv Mehta will be "Zooming" in from India and speaking to us on Rotary's achievements there to raise A$2.2 million in 15 days to support underprivileged families by providing cooked meals during the Covid19 lockdown in India.

President Sorèl will also deliver her vision for the club across this year.  She will expand on her Changeover speech and set some specific goals.