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Calperum Station
Wentworth Road
Renmark, SA  5341

We are planning a visit to Calperum Station for a social weekend and to help with housepainting for House 4 and maybe other maintenance.  We have booked Rotary House and House 4, the latter being the target for the maintenance/painting.

Vacancies are likely to be limited so first in best dressed.  

There will be no cost for accommodation and we will be self catering.  Briony and I are happy to manage that.

For those who have not had this experience, the place is magic, about 14 km from Renmark to a property whetre we can practice our eating, wine drinking, pyromaniac tendencies with a large bonfire and do a little work.  Mobile reception is crap, which is a good thing and in the evenings, on a clear night, there are a myriad of stars.

Guests and kids are welcome but you may all be sharing one room.