December 21, 2021
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
Week #23 - President Patrick O’Neil
(Belly up to the bar)
President O’Neil hated to interrupt all the visiting and frivolities fueled by the free drinks, graciously provided by Prez O’Neil and Past President Steve Turner, but it was necessary and so he rang the bell to start the meeting at 12:13 p.m. He welcomed everyone to the “Best damn Rotary Club in all of Arden Arcade… that is the Arden Arcade Rotary Club of Sacramento.”   Les Gudger was asked to lead the club in the pledge to the flag of the United States… which he did.  Then the Prez provide the invocation.
Sergeant-At-Arms Cady introduced his buddy, world-famous chauffeur, Scott, AKA Charlie, and his world-famous traveler, from Canada, his fiancé Alicia.  Steve Turner announced that he is a commissioner for Sacramento County and could, today, at this very meeting, change the status from fiancé to married, right now. We have attorneys in the room that can take care of the necessary paperwork.  While Al has already secured the needed ring, he was not ready to upend their wedding plans in service to expediency.  
The Prez acknowledged the attendance of Kathy Skeen and warmly welcomed her to the meeting.  It is great seeing Kathy again. Secret word is “Kathy.” As it was so nice to see her again.
Bell Ringers
President Patrick O’Neil in honor of surviving six months of his term as president.   
PP Steve Turner, payee for the bell-ringer to-be-named at the completion of the Ugly Sweater Contest. The winner will be selected later in the meeting.
Happy Bucks, Sad Bucks, Just Because Bucks
Rob Olmstead in celebration of his eleven-year-old son, Lars’s, five goals made during last weekends soccer tournament.  Lars participates in the Sacramento Republic Development Program premier league. The games started early and it was very cold.
News of Note: Steve Turner, this just in… Michael Caplan is sick in bed and will not be attending the meeting.  Linda Biggler suggested we all go to his house.
Matt Ross also attended a tournament this weekend but it was volleyball and they play indoors so he was happy for that. 
Richard Goore for having both of his kids back home at the same time
Linda Biggler for being able to talk Christine Jensen into participating in her desire to be twin Santa’s helpers.  They were adorable.  They looked like the fulfillment of every male elf’s dreams.
Kathy Skeen for Rob Olmstead’s efforts to help her daughter in law secure her green card. The process had been dragging out much longer than usual because of Covid.  The Power of Rob sped up the process and the card was issued within three weeks.  What a Guy… what a country… where who you know still counts for something…  Also, Kathy’s daughter in law is having difficulties with her pregnancy (Rob was offered up to help with that too) and the baby may arrive before Christmas.
Bill Hambrick, just because bucks, for being able to see everyone before the holidays, he is very appreciative.  The Pres clarified for Bill that the contest was an Ugly Christmas Sweater not Ugly Sweater.  Everyone looked to see that, yes, Bill was in fact wearing a sweater that was not your typical Christmas Sweater, it was a generic sweater that was evidently judged to be less that beautiful by the President… it was characterized as looking like gift-wrapping paper that everyone refused to use for their presents.
News, Announcements and Stuff-Like-That
Poker Tournament                                         
 The Prez announced that we are indeed having a poker tournament this year.  It will be held March 19th at Niello BMW this year.  The event starts at 4:00 and goes until there is a winner.  We will need a lot of help and sponsorships.  The Firefighters Burn Institute will be partnering with us and the main beneficiary. The website is
Secret Word
“Compassion” was blurted out by Bill Hambrick before the Prez could even ask the question.  (Editor’s note: I can’t be certain but I think this was a retaliatory subversion of the process to get even with the Prez’s disparaging remake regarding the aesthetic value of his sweater.)  None the less, the secret word was in-fact, compassion.  Many of the rule-abiding-club-members were once again miffed at having their opportunity to share their knowledge of the word, showing that they had in-fact read the newsletter, subverted by Maverick Hambrick. The Prez showed “compassion” and allowed Bill to spin the wheel for a chance at additional opportunity drawing tickets.
The Prez introduced the Restaurant Manager, Paul and our server, Liza.  He presented her with $308 as a holiday gratitude tip. 
The club socialized while waiting for lunch to be served.
Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest                                                                                 
All the Rotarians wearing seasonal attire were called to the front of the room.  Each of the contestants were individually judged by the non-festive members of the club through applause.  The voting decibels were gauged by the independent opinion of the Prez.  It was a very close contest.  In the end, Richard Goore, sporting a very festive Hanukkah shirt, was selected as the winner.  He rang the bell and his name will be added to the Bell Ringer Board, thanks to Steve Turner’s donation.  The twin elves were judged to adorable to be winners of the ugly holiday sweater contest.  Next year there may be an adorable category added just for them.
A very nice cigar and flask set was donated to the club by Mike Grace and was auctioned off with the proceed going to the club.  It was noted that Tom Goode would most likely be the one to bid up the price on the item.  Les Gudger was given the task of bidding for Tom in his absence.  An attempt was made to reach Tom via the phone.
Opportunity Drawing                                                                                                    While we were waiting to contact Tom, the Prez held the opportunity Drawing.  Matt Ross was the lucky ticket holder but failed to pick the ace of spades.  He did however choose envelop #3 and was rewarded with a Piatti’s gift card.
Les was not able to reach Tom. That didn’t stop him from Bidding $250. Sgt-At-Arms Cady overruled that bid, wanting to have some fun in the process, and asked for a realistic starting bid.  The Prez set the bidding at $25:  Steve Turner - $25, Prez O’Neil - $50, Tom Goode (via Less) - $60, Steve Turner - $70, Prez O’Neil - $80, Tom Goode (via Less) - $100, Sgt-At-Arm Cady - $120.  Cady wanted to make sure that Tom got a very
nice present and not a cheap one.
President Patrick O’Neil rang the bell at 1:25 P.M. closing the meeting.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
The pictures below could not be adjusted to appear vertical.  it was either show everyone sideways or not at all.
Linda Biggler
Naughty Elf
Prez O'Neil Co-Sponsor of the open Bar
along with Elves
Linda Biggler
and Christine Jensen
Kathy Skeen
and Steve Turner
Beauties and the Beast
Richard Gore, Winner
Ugly Holiday Sweater
Steve Turner
Co-Sponsor of the open Bar
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