May 7, 2024
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #43 - President Richard Goore
Wana take a long walk! 
Prez Goore opened the meeting in the usual way, ringing the club bell. He then asked Linda Bigler to lead the pledge and Past President Rob Olmstead III to provide the blessing.  Linda happily obliged. Rob was a little less enthusiastic but "winged-it the best he could." 
Linda Bigler
Rob Olmstead
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians
John Price, Rotarian and Guest Speaker 
Steve Turner was very, very happy to introduce Assistant Governor, John Price, a member of the Point West Rotary Club, one of the best Rotary clubs in the Arden Arcade Community.  Steve got to know John through our relationship through Rotary and it has been a wonderful relationship.
The Prez noted that our club donated wine, a Piatti's gift card and Pit Boss Jerky for inclusion to the gift basket.  Donations were requested by John for inclusion in the gift basket that will be raffled off at the District Conference.
Introduction of Guests
Roxanne Morgan
Roxan is a professor at American River College, and today's Guest Speaker.  She will be talking about hiking the Camino de Santiago.
Bell Ringers 
                  Happy Bucks 
                                       Sad Bucks
Matt Ross, Bell Ringer
Matt combined the Bell ringing with Sad/Happy Bucks because his dog was in pain (sad) due to a pinched nerve in his neck.  However, today, his dog is happy and on drugs.  The bell ringing is because he flies out tomorrow to Colorado to retrieve his daughter from Colorado State for the summer.
Steve Turner, Bell Ringer
Steve thanked all the members that have called regarding his mother.  She is transitioning to living at a senior care home, The Carlton, on Fulton Avenue.  He is glad she is in a place that she likes and wants to be in. She had been in her house for 60 years, 59 of which with her husband before he passed last year. 
Al Frumkin, Happy Bucks
Al shared that he and Lisa went to dinner with Bob and Patty Mutchler prior to attending Tim Cahill's Damaged Goods play at the HAT Theater in Howe Park.  Al is happy to belong to this Rotary Club where we have so many talented people, including Tim Cahill.  To be able to write and produce a play like that is a very unusual and great talent.  They had a wonderful time.
The Late Ben Faubion
Ben and Joe were informed that the club decided any late arrivals would be double bell ringers today!
They weren't buying it.
The Late Joe Green
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
*News You Can Use*
High School Scholarship Lunch
John Gabriel reminded the club that next week we will not be at Piatti's, but will instead be at the Del Paso Country Club for the Scholarship Lunch at noon. We still need more club members to attend to help make a good impression on the students and parents.  This is a great opportunity to reflect on how you mis-spent your high school years and realize that these students are Rock Stars.  Please arrive early make sure you sit with the students and the parents.  You can sit with your fellow club members the following week.
Fireside Chats
The last fireside chat was scheduled for Wednesday, May 8th. These chats were designed to let the President Elect, Christine, know what the club liked and disliked about this past year and what things they would like to see in the next year. 
  Accomplished - May 8,    Host,  Robert Olmstead III
  Accomplished -  April 24, Host, Linda Bigler, A great success!
  Accomplished -  May 1,    Host, Matt Ross, 2 working restrooms!
Rotary House Clean-up
Tim Cahill announced that it is our turn to work on the Rotary house Saturday, May 11th.  As this event has already happened there is no need to give further details other than Tim has been faithfully leading out on the clean-ups for several years and has this process down to a science, taking about an hour.  It is a great opportunity to provide community service and enjoy the company of your fellow Rotarians.  You missed this one but can look forward to the next time as we do this twice a year or eighteen months depending on the weather and leap-years.
Tim shared with the new members that seven Rotary Clubs came together to build the Rotary House, a two-bedroom, one bath house. This house is within walking distance to UC Davis Medical Center.  It provides convenient shelter close to the hospital for the families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at the hospital.
Tim went on to thank Al for his kind words about the play and reminded everyone that it is still going on.  See the flyer below for details.
!!! This Just In !!!
President Richard Goore's Demotion Party
has been changed to 
Monday Evening, June 24th, 2024
@ A Location So Secret It Can't Be Published
More information to follow.
Rob Olmstead
Looking forward to being a Past, Past President
Richard Goore
Looking forward to
being Demoted
Christine Jensen
Looking forward to
being President
Steve Turner informed the club that plans for Richard Goore's demotion have evolved and no longer include a lunch-time demotion on Tuesday, June 25th.  The new and improved date and time is Monday, June 24th in the evening.  Given Prez Goore's propensity for being absent, Steve has arranged for a guaranteed appearance of the Prez as his bail is revoked and the Sheriff's Department and the Bail companies have all agreed to ensure his appearance as said demotion.  There was some not-so-veiled reference to Sheriff's vehicles and a paddy wagon guaranteeing President Goore's appearance at the event.
Past President Olmstead noted that he was shown the error of his ways in scheduling the demotion during a regular lunch meeting.  He noted that Richard Goore should be shown more dignity than that.  The secret word is dignity. At which, Steve Turner was quick to note that dignity had nothing to do with the change and that we have not shown any president dignity during a demotion since President Paul King.
Note: There will be a lunch meeting on Tuesday June 25th.  President Goore may, or may not, be in attendance given his desire to carry on the tradition recently set by Past President Rob Olmstead, to delegate his presidency to the incoming president, two weeks early.
Guest Speaker, Roxann Morgan
El Camino De Santiago, The Way of St. James
Roxanne Morgan
Professor at
American River College
Prez Goore introduced Roxann Morgan, professor at American River College.  This comes from our association with the college through our Ray McClure College Scholarship Fund. 
Roxanne shared that she has walked every single Camino 15 times and she is preparing to walk again this fall. She provided a little background on the Camino.  The Camino starts on the French Boarder (#1 below) and is 500 miles to Santiago De Compostela.  One does not need to walk the full trail.  It can be walked in segments.  It is a pathway similar to the pathway along the American River without the homeless. You choose just how fast or slow you would like to walk.  There are many paths available to choose from as pictured on the map below.
The history of the Camino dates back to the 9th century.  They were taking the Body of St. James out to sea and the boat sank during a storm.  A year later the body washed ashore, covered with scallop shells. The shells have come to represent St. James.  They built the Cathedral of St. James in his memory.  
The Cathedral of St. James in Santiago.  It is grand and beautiful. 
The walk is performed as a way of receiving forgiveness of sins.  You walk the Camino and fill out a passport (below) along the way.  At the completion of the walk, you present it to the church and you receive a certificate absolving you of your sins.
Camino Passport
For many of the villages along the way serving the needs of the pilgrims is their source of income.  Without the pilgrimage these villages could not survive.  Your passport is stamped at these places of business to show you were progressing along the path.
The Camino Compostela (Certificate of Forgiveness of Sins)
for having walked at least 100 kilometers of the El Camino De Santiago
In the Catholic faith it is very popular to walk a pilgrimage to receive forgiveness for your sins.  Most people that walk it do it for religious reasons.  There are some that walk for athletic reasons and others like herself just love walking pilgrimages.  Commonly, people decide to walk amidst life-changing moments, divorce, health issues and other losses.  Walking the Camino helps clear one's mind.  People include these walks on their resumes as proof of tenacity and ability to complete tasks.  
Some choose to carry all of their belongings with them.  Others hire services that will go ahead of the walker and drop them off at their next stop.  Some stay in backpacker hostels, 8 people to a room in bunk beds, for about $6 a night. You can stay in hostels with private rooms or in luxury hotels.   Most people bring way more stuff with them than they need and often end up leaving the stuff along the way.  All you need is two of all your essential items.  Some of the best food in the world is available to eat in the many restaurants.
While you are walking in the countryside, cities with all the services are within a short distance from the Camino.  The Camino is a very safe environment.  Walking is easy.  The hardest part of walking the Camino is the back pack.  Go to REI and get professionally fit for a back pack.
The beauty of the pilgrimage is the fact that you run out of diversions that keep you from being in touch with yourself.  You have never been that alone with yourself.  it gives you a chance to wrestle with your issues.  The best times to walk the Camino is May and June and September and October.  The typical hiker covers about 18 miles a day. and it takes about 30 days to walk the Camino De Santiago.  There are guides that lay this out for you.

The Camino de Santiago is not merely a path but a transformative adventure, a journey through history, and a worldwide gathering, all in one. How can anyone resist the lure of being part of this incredible experience?

The Prez thanked Roxan Morgan for an informative presentation. 
Future Meetings & Events
  • May 14, 2024: Annual Rotary Scholarship Lunch, Del Paso Country Club
  • May 21, 2024: Coach Roz, Playmakers Character & Leadership Academy
  • May 28, 2024: Joann Hilton - Mandatory Rotary Youth Protection Presentation
  • June 4, 2024:  Austin Ramos, Founding Partner, Brand Velocity Group, Private Equity Firm
  • June 11, 2024:  Bob Deering, Human Trafficking Presentation
  • June 18, 2024: Jessica Alonso, Exec. Director, Keaton’s Child Cancer Allianc
  • June 24, 2024:  Demotion Party, Evening
  • June 25, 2024:  Surprise guest speaker
  • July 2nd, Out with the Old, In with the New, Christine Jensen
Please send your speaker recommendations to Rob Olmstead.
President Richard Goore closed the meeting at about 1:06 pm.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace

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