August 16, 2022
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
 Week #6 - President Robert Olmstead III
(G’day Governor!)
President Robert Olmstead III rang the club bell at 12:02 and welcomed everyone to the Best Damn Rotary Club in Arden ArcadeHe asked Tim Cahill to lead the pledge and straight off the boat from Hawaii, the very tan Michael Caplan provided the invocation.  
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Michael Caplan introduced Joe Scheimer.  He has been a past president, a fighter pilot, and District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair.  Joe expressed his congratulations to Al Cady for becoming a Major Donor.  Michael also introduced Mike Cendro, the First Man and Sous Chef for District Governor Karen Cendro.
Jonathan Barker introduced his neighbor, Linda Draffin.  Jonathan met Linda while out for a walk.  Linda was busy collecting canned goods for the homeless and after talking with Jonathan about Rotary he invited her to today’s meeting as he felt it would be a great introduction to the organization. 
Steve Turner introduced his lovely young 12-year-old, seventh-grade daughter, Audrey. She agreed to attend the meeting providing that dad did not make her stand on a chair to be introduced.
Secret Word
Lisa Asperger was the first to raise her hand and knew the word was Haggis.  For that she won 2 tickets.
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
Club Runner Emails
President Robert Olmstead asked if everyone is getting his Club Runner emails and to let him know if they are not so he can make sure we have the correct email address to ensure everyone had the information on upcoming events and meetings.
August 20th Demotion Party
PP Cahill reminded the club that Past President Patrick O’Neil will finally be demoted on, August 20th at 6:00 pm at 3510 Winding Creek Road.  Parking will be on-street so the earlier you come the closer you park.  This also happens to be held on his birthday.  What better gift to give him that his official retirement from being the President. The dinner will be catered.  A signup sheet was passed around and will be provided again next week.  Please come prepared to express your thanks and appreciation as is normally appropriate for Demotions.
Off-site Lunch Meeting
The first off-site lunch will be held on August 30th at Greg Cotta’s new business establishment located within the Clara E Raley Studios for the Performing Arts at 2420 N Street, Suite 105, in the Old Freemont School Building.  A signup sheet was passed around and will be again at the next meeting.  Megan Van Voorhis will be the guest speaker.  The Studios for the Performing Arts received a $1,500 grant from our club to help purchase a drinking fountain for the studios. Club members that show up at Piatti’s on the 30th for the meeting will receive a special award.
Great American River Clean-up
Bill Hambrick, in conjunction with the American River Parkway Foundation, is coordinating our club’s efforts to help with the Great American River Clean-up service-day event scheduled for September 17th from 9:00 am to noon.  We will be meeting at 8:45 at the Northgate entrance off of the Garden Highway.  This is a tough section of the river and is an adult only event as the environment is not kid friendly.  Participants are encouraged to wear good boots, gloves and appropriate pants and shirts.  This is a great opportunity for our club members to get involved.  The more volunteers we have the better.   Plans have changed and it now looks like participants will be crashing the Point West Rotary Club’s beer tasting event that will be in progress right after the clean-up.  Interested members are encouraged to change their clothes prior to attending the beer tasting.  Members who choose to ignore this bit of advice are warned they may be sitting alone as they taste their beer.
5180 Rotary Foundation Dinner
Our club has purchased a table at the event and would like to know who would like to attend.  There are two seats still available.  Please let President Rob know if you would like to attend.  This is a good opportunity to have some fun and learn something at the same time.
Rotary Charities Open Golf Tournament                                                                                      John Gabriel, being the dedicated Rotarian trooper he is, announced in what little voice he had, that despite the erroneous report int eh weekly newsletter that all the sponsorships had been sold, all of the sponsorships were sold. That should have been all of the Major Sponsorships have been sold. Also, Granite Bay Rotary Club is doing better than what was previously reported.  They have sold six sponsorships this year.  (It is hard to get good editorial help these days.)  Please go to the Rotary Charities Open website is to sign up to be a minor sponsor or to golf.  We need both.  We also need raffle and silent auction prizes.  We also need volunteers.  A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around and will be again next week.
Bell Ringers
Jonathan Barker rang the bell for three reasons:
  1. In honor of his grandfather’s 100th birthday if he were still living. He joined Rotary in 1959 and brought Jonathan’s dad into his club in 1980.
  2. Not sure, couldn’t hear him.
  3. For his new job.  It sounded like he said it was with a Tequila Company that has the Don Julio label.  Based upon the response from the club it must have been liquor related.  Congratulations Jonathan!
He rang the bell, spun the wheel and received 5 tickets.
Carroll Cook rang the bell for three reasons also:
  1. In honor of President Robert Olmstead as this is Carroll’s first meeting of Rob’s term as president 
  2. In honor of his birthday on July 12th
  3. His wedding anniversary on August 25th
He rang the bell, spun the wheel and received 4 tickets.
Michael Caplan rang the bell in honor of his American granddaughter’s departure from Davis to the University of Arizona on an academic scholarship. Also for his oldest American granddaughter’s graduation from EMT school in Israel and is now running around in a kevlar vest saving lives.
Michael was asked about his sailing trip.  He reported that 2.5 days out, in very rough seas and high winds, one of the crew members fell and hit his head requiring the boat to return to Hawaii.  Michael was able to stabilize him and stop the bleeding. The ER doctor complemented the work done on the patient by Michael.   The boat will be sailed back to the mainland by a professional crew.
Happy Bucks
Bruce Stimson was $20 happy due to the fact that his ten-year-old granddaughter took gold in another tae kwon do tournament. He spun the wheel but came up with 0 tickets.
Richard Goore was $20 happy to announce that he has committed to raising $1,000 for the Sacramento Century bike ride and is looking for sponsors.  He spun the wheel and received 4 tickets.
Duane Oliveira was $20 happy relating to the Governor’s canned food drive.  He had hoped to purchase a case of Haggis but his local gourmet market was out of haggis. Duane was very disheartened but was able to purchase two cans of Hominy and garbanzo beans for hummus.
Steve Turner was $20 happy that his daughter was back in school. He spun and won one ticket.
Rob Ford had bitter-sweet bucks because his daughters Dana and Molly were both leaving for college today.  He spun and won four tickets.
Guest Speaker
5180 District Governor Karen Cendro
President Robert Olmstead III related the best compliment he has ever received when District Governor Karen Cendro introduced him at PETS.  She was introducing all the incoming presidents with glowing words of praise until she came to him.  She then said “I still don’t get you! Here is Rob Olmstead from the Arden Arcade Rotary Club!”  Rob was very happy with that introduction and has felt it was the best compliment he has ever received.  He noted that he does not dress up in costumes, hats, outfits… much like dreary Tim Cahill… a low mournful sound emanated from the members who knew that the comment was a reprise of an allegation made the week prior that President Cahill’s term of office was “dreary.”
It was at this point, 12:30 pm, that Greg Cotta arrived, not knowing that Michael Caplan was back in town and at the meeting, so there was no need to come late in his honor.
President Robert went on to say that he appreciates Karen’s enthusiasm and guidance and having Steve Turner’s help as his Assistant Governor, has been very helpful. Karen has a great vision and is passionate about this year.
Steve Turner, in his official capacity as Assistant District Governor, introduced District Governor Karen Cendro.  Karen hales from the Laguna Sunrise Club.  She started as a Rotary wife.  Mike Cendro was the president of the Point West Club.  Karen got exposed to Rotary in a big way in Bangkok.  She has been very involved in Rotary with youth leadership and RYLA. 
The following are the highlights of Karen’s presentation:
She is six weeks into her term as District governor and she is having a blast.  Karen commented on our upcoming tortoise enclosure project at Effie Yeaw.  She wanted to make sure we knew something about tortoises.   She evidently is on a first name basis with the tortoise at Effie Yeaw.  His name is Clem.  
Here are ten facts about tortoises:
  1. A tortoise’s shell is made up of 16 different bones all fused together.
  2. A group of tortoises banned together is called a creep.
  3. They have strong mouths but no teeth.
  4. They have good vision and sense of smell.
  5. They are cold blooded.
  6. They can live to be 150 years old.
  7. Their eggs incubate between 90 and 120 days.
  8. Female tortoises are larger than the males.
  9. Male’s have a longer tail than the female.
  10. They hibernate in the winter.
Arden Arcade is by far one of the district’s best fundraising clubs. Because of that you are able to do a lot for the community.
They have over nine million dollars set aside in the Rotary Foundation to help the Ukraine.   She called Al Cady up to award him his Major Donor pin and crystal paper weight.  For Each $1,000 you get a Paul Harris Fellow Award.  Al has donated an amount sufficient to qualify him as a Major Donor, somewhere between $10,000 and $25,000. There are 38 new Major Donors in the district this year.
In preparation for her year as District governor, she attended many classes and had much homework to prepare her for her year.   Part of the pre work was having to come up with a theme for her year.  Her desire and passion is food.  She decided on the theme “Serve It Up.” She wanted to see Rotary get involved with food banks and green houses and other organizations dedicated to feeding children and seniors in our community.  She does not want to just give out food but attempt to address the underlying causes for the need to give out food. The secret word is “Serve.”
20% of Californians are food insecure.  They do not have a steady source of healthy food.  Food waste is another major problem, throwing away good food.  There are Interact clubs that are working with kids to reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfills.  There are problems in the quantities of food being packaged inappropriately for distribution to small families and seniors.  Food banks don’t talk to one another creating inefficiency.  
We need to not only measure the success of the meal distribution programs in terms of numbers and pounds but in terms of impact on the community.  Emergency food supplies are needed to address future disasters.  Shelter Box will not only provide food but also provide the logistics for the food distribution. 
What can the Arden Arcade Club do?  Work at the food bank.  Use the skills we have in business to provide leadership and operation assistance to the food banks.
There was a momentary glitch in the PowerPoint presentation so Karen provided an update on the poli outbreak situation in New York.  There are two types of polio, wild polio and vaccine derived polio.  It is thought that the polio case came from an immigrant and found its way to a community of people that do not believe in vaccinations. This community had an outbreak of measles a couple of years ago.  Wild polio virus was found in the sewer system.  So now we do not know how many people have been exposed and or may have it.  This also was the case in London a few months earlier.
Back to the presentation.  Farmers Markets are a great source of food.  A considerable number of people that need help are not taking advantage of programs such as CalFresh because they are undocumented workers.
The River City Food Bank helps with the food deserts in our community.  We are putting together a group to do a community assessment of who the food partners are.  Once identified they will be invited to a forum that will discuss the situation and potential solutions.
She wanted to award our Top Chef, the person that is always serving the club and community.  Linda Bigler was presented with the Top Chef Apron.
Karen played her Serve It Up Video that was well done and informative.  The District Conference will be held locally and feature local food establishments and businesses. 
The international Convention is in Melbourne, Australia this year.  There are already 23 registrations. 
She passed out strips of paper and asked us to write how we imagine Rotary.  These strips will be made into paper chains and these chains will be decorating the district conference.
On October 8, 2022 there will be the 3 in 1 summit -  Membership, Foundation and Public Image.  It will be held at the Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church on Madison Avenue.
Karen brought a banner and asked everyone to sign their names and the club’s name under it. 
President Robert Olmstead III declared Carroll Cook the winner of bringing in the most canned goods and Karen Cendro was asked to choose between Duane’s’ Hominy entry and Linda Bigler’s entry of Corn Mold.  Karen selected the corn mold as the oddest entry.
President Robert Olmstead III presented Karen with a bag of rice as his contribution to the food drive.
Opportunity Drawing
Jonathan Barker was the lucky ticket holder again.  He drew the two of hearts. 
Robert Olmstead III rang the club bell closing the meeting at 1:26 p.m.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
Karen Cendro
5180 District Governor
Audrey Turner
7th Grade Student
Michael Caplan
Rescued Castaway
John Gabriel
Promoting the Golf Tournament
Linda Draffin
Local Food Activest
Al Cady
Major Donor
Linda Bigler
Top Chef
Serving It Up
Karen's Serve It Up Presentation
Serving It Up...
Karen Cendro
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