January 4, 2022
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
Week #25 - President Patrick O’Neil
(Taking PRIDE in Rotary!)
President O’Neil rang the bell to start the meeting at 12:00 p.m. He welcomed everyone to the Rotary Club of Arden Arcade, the first meeting of the new year.  It is good to see everyone here.  Emily Ballus was asked to lead the club in the pledge to the flag of the United States… which she did.  Then the Prez provide the invocation again this week because he failed to ask someone else to do it in advance. He did a fine job.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Prez O’Neil introduced the only guest present, Jed Van Wagner’s brother Ted: AKA Scott, Charlie and Eugene.  Eventually we will get his name right and he will become a member.
Bell Ringers
Les Gudger noted that the holidays were great, even without alcohol.  He was having such a good time that he, filled with Christmas spirit hangover, felt compelled to get engaged on December 26th.  For this Les was happy to be a bell ringer.  Prez O’Neil was dubious about handing the gavel to Les to ring the bell but Les did return said gavel to him after whacking the bell a good one, getting his money’s worth.  Les then spun the wheel.  Karma for past encounters with the gavel delt him -0- tickets.
Happy Bucks, Sad Bucks, Just Because Bucks
Prez Patrick O’Neil contributed $5 because his niece’s birthday was the first of the year and he was forced to go roller skating for the first time in a very, very, very long time.  He survived and was only knocked down five times by youthful roller-derby-wanabees. One dollar for each time he was able to get back up.
Christine Jensen contributed $20 because her youngest daughter, Meghan, got engaged to Joe on Christmas day.  She noted these are happy bucks because she really likes Joe.
Guest speaker, Leah Burdick, Chief Growth Officer for PRIDE Industries, donated $20 because she is grateful that she was invited to the meeting to talk about Pride Industries and to be in a room with a bunch of fellow humans.
Michael Caplan joined the meeting at this time.  The crowd called out for the levying of a late fee.  Sgt.-At-Arms Cady noted that fining was at the pleasure of the president.  It was at this point that Michael noted that Cady has never had the pleasure of being president and challenged his right to make that suggestion.  He suggested that Cady be nominated for president.  President O’Neil observed that Sgt.-At-Arms Cady was not the one on the hot-seat and shot down Michael’s suggestion.  Cady offered to be president providing Michael agrees to be the Sgt.-At-Arms for the net twenty years.  “You are doing a great job!” quickly replied Michael Caplan.
Rob Ford donated $20 for running into Richard Goore and getting paid back the $20 he owed him.  Richard suggested that the money be donated to the club.  He is happy to make the donation because he had a great time at Christmas and neither he or his girls got engaged.  Rob was rewarded -0- tickets for his donation.
News, Announcements and Stuff-Like-That
Poker Tournament                                                                                                        The Prez announced that we are indeed having a poker tournament this year. Flyers for the event were on each table.  It will be held March 19th at Niello BMW this year.  The event starts at 4:00 and goes until there is a winner.  We will need a lot of help and sponsorships.  The Firefighters Burn Institute will be partnering with us and the main beneficiary. The website is
Sgt.-At-Arms Cady noted that he has placed something in each of the opportunity drawing envelopes to make winning more enjoyable.  Also, Liza, our server, raises bees and has provided a jar of honey for the lucky opportunity drawing winner today. This is local honey and everyone else can purchase honey from her for $15.  Fun Fact – Liza, our lunch server, her first name is spelled Jelizaveta.  She is from Moldavia.  You can see why she goes by the much easier to pronounce name, Liza. She explained that the “J” is silent and it is a derivation of Elizabeth. The secret word is “Honey.”
Board Meeting
A board meeting will be held next week on Wednesday at Jenny Davini’s house.  All members are welcome, especially the Red Badgers.
Secret Word
After making sure that hands were raised to answer the question, Prez O’Neil asked for the Secret Word.  Richard Goore was the first person that the Prez noted and he knew the secret word was “Kathy” in honor of her being in attendance at the last club meeting.  Richard spun the wheel and walked away with four additional tickets.
Coats For Kids
Carroll Cook reported that 125 coats were donated to Dyer Kelly Elementary School this year.  He almost made a profit… not!  The Prez thanked Carroll for once again doing a great job keeping the Coats-For-Kids program rolling along.  Editor's note: Thank you Carroll for doing a great job and providing the pictures below.
The club socialized while waiting for lunch to be served.
Happy Bucks, Sad Bucks, Just Because Bucks - Revisited
Sgt.-At-Arms Cady interrupted the introduction of the Guest Speaker to donate $20 sad bucks in honor of the passing of Betty White.
Guest Speaker
Rob Olmstead introduced Jane Einhorn, public relations representative for Pride Industries.  Rob has known Jane for many years and is happy to let her do the formal introductions.  Pride Industries is one of her most favorite clients.  PRIDE Industries employs people with disabilities throughout the nation.  This year PRIDE Industries is embarking on a speaking tour to let the public know about the wonderful work they do.  Today is the first, inaugural event. Leah Burdick, Chief Growth Officer, will be the presenter today.
Leah utilized a PowerPoint presentation in the delivery of her message.  Pride Industries has been around since 1966.  They do so many things that most people are not aware of what it is they do in the community, for and with businesses, in service to people with disabilities.  Pride Industries is a nonprofit Social Enterprise fueling their mission, “To create employment for people with disabilities,” through business services.  Pride Industries is one of the oldest social enterprises in the United States. 
In 1966, a group of parents came together to discuss how to create opportunities for their adult children with disabilities. These parents—true pioneers of the modern inclusivity movement—came up with a solution that enabled their children to experience the dignity, independence, and sense of purpose that comes with employment. That solution was PRIDE Industries.
From our small beginnings over 55 years ago, PRIDE Industries has grown to become the nation’s leading employer of people with disabilities and those with other barriers to employment, including veterans and former foster youth. We employ individuals in diverse fields, employ individual including manufacturing and logistics and facilities management – all made possible by a wide spectrum of support services.  They are in fifteen states plus Washington D.C. serving 6,100 employees plus the people they serve with vocational disabilities.  They have an inclusive workplace. Winning awards for their work.   
As PRIDE Industries has grown, so has the reach of its mission. We now share our unique expertise with companies of all sizes to help them achieve their diversity and inclusion goals – expanding our founders’ dream from a local effort into a service that benefits thousands of people across the country every year.
Are you missing out on the talent you need to take your business to the next level? At PRIDE Industries, we’ve grown our company with dedicated, enthusiastic employees—60% of whom have a disclosed disability. Every day, we prove the success of an inclusive hiring model across an array of industries.
At PRIDE Industries, our goal is to normalize workplace inclusion. Since 1966, we’ve hired, trained, and retained a diverse group of employees, proving that an inclusive workforce is good for business. We know firsthand that diversity in the workplace boosts retention, morale, and performance. Our Inclusive Talent Solutions (ITS) team leverages our decades of hiring and training experience to guide other organizations to success through inclusion.
Whether you’re hiring one person or 200, ITS will source and place an inclusive workforce that is loyal and eager to work for you. And we’ll make sure that these employees are set up for long-term success through job preparation, on-the-job coaching, and skills development that’s customized for the high-volume roles you need to keep filled. Click on a link below to explore how an inclusive workforce can benefit your organization. customers, their employ
For 55 years, PRIDE Industries has delivered business excellence with a positive social impact. During that time, we’ve partnered with hundreds of small businesses, large corporations, and government entities. We’ve built their electronic devices and their medical equipment. We’ve kept their grounds green and their facilities pristine. And we’ve packaged and shipped thousands of products for them.
Our inclusive recruiting services enable these businesses to qualify for tax incentives, achieve their inclusion and diversity goals, and attract social impact (ESG) investors.
PRIDE Industries offers opportunity for lasting employment for people with diverse abilities who often experience high numbers of unemployment and underemployment. Through personalized employment coachingtrainingjob placement, and on-the-job-support, PRIDE Industries helps individuals realize their true potential and contribute to their communities. Paid internships are also available.
You can check out this YouTube testimonial at -
For more information you can check out their website at or contact Leah Burdick at or call (916) 788-2340.
Opportunity Drawing                                                                                                    Rob Ford was the lucky ticket holder but picked the Queen of Hearts.  He chose envelop #3 and was rewarded with a candy cane and the bottle of local honey compliments of Liza.
President Patrick O’Neil rang the bell at 1:05 P.M. closing the meeting.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
Jane Einhorn
Introducing our Guest Speaker
Leah Burdick,
Chief Growth Officer
Guest Speaker
Rob Olmstead
Guest Speaker Assigner
Appreciative Coat kids
Appreciative Coat kids
Appreciative Coat kids
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