June 21, 2022
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
Week #51 - President Patrick O’Neil
(Zoom Is Great When It Works)
President Patrick O’Neil, rang the club bell at 12:02 and welcoming everyone to the Arden Arcade Rotary Club, the Best Damn Rotary Club in all of Arden Arcade.”  He asked Christine Jensen to lead the pledge and the Prez provided the invocation.
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests - None
Bell Ringers
Gregg Cotta rang the bell in honor of the success of securing a new account for Tuesday deliveries that worked well for delivering goods on his way to the Rotary meeting.  It turned out to be a better account than he had first expected and is now delivering to them three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Jenny Davini rang the bell to celebrate her entire family being home for Father’s Day.
Tom Goode shared with the club, via Zoom, the newest member of the Goode family, Mackenzie.  She arrived at 4:38 am on Friday, June 17th, in time to allow Tom to celebrate his first Father’s Day.  Mackenzie weighs 6.0 lbs. and is 19” long.  Tom Zoomed this Bell Ringer to us and she is adorable.  Congratulations to the Goode family.
Happy Bucks, Sad Bucks, What the H#!! Bucks
Les Gudger didn’t have enough money left to be a bell ringer because he spent it all on his Alaska cruise vacation.  It was very fun, especially so since he hadn’t had a vacation in years.  He only had $3 to offer for his happiness but as they say, the size doesn’t matter, as long as you had fun.  He spun the wheel and received 3 tickets.
Rob Olmstead offered up $5 for his great backpacking trip in Yosemite.  He spun and got 1 ticket.
Announcements and other Fun Stuff
Demoting Prez O’Neil
Tim Cahill reported that the demotion party for the Prez will be held on July 9th at the Cahill compound. He passed around a signup sheet and encouraged everyone that even thinks they may be able to attend to sign it as he needs to make sure there is enough food for the event.  Guests are welcome as long as you sign them up.  Imaginary guests count too.  Better more food than not enough.  Also, please think of all the things you have said behind Patrick’s back that you can now say to him in person to show him just how much we love and appreciate him. 
Paul Harris Fellow Pin
President O’Neil called up Johnathan Barker and Gregg Cotta to the front of the room to receive their Rotarian Blue Badges.  They are now off probation and are full fledged members.   
New Rotary Year, New Rotary President
Rob Olmstead reported that his first meeting will be on July 12th as we are going to be dark on July 5th in honor of 4th of July hangovers.  Feel free to come to Piatti’s on July 5th, just don’t be surprised when you find yourself here all by yourself or keeping company with the other members that are afflicted with CRS, were not at these meetings to hear the announcement, or don’t read the newsletter.  The Secret Word is “Dark.”
Golf Tournament
Rob Olmstead noted that the first golf tournament meeting was held last Thursday.  Rob Ford, Christine Jensen, John Gabriel, Linda Bigler.  We are off to a good start. Granite Bay Rotary will be participating again this year.   You are encouraged to buy your foursome tickets very soon as this tournament will sell out.  The same thing goes for securing your sponsorship. WIZIC’s is back as the primary sponsor… thank you Gary Johnson.  The Rotary Charities Open website is up we are looking for volunteers.  You can use this web address, to sign up to golf and/or be a sponsor.  Last year late commers were disappointed. Weekly reminder notices will be sent out. John is looking for additional help on the golf committee.
Rotarian of the Month
Bill Hambrick was called to the front of the room to receive his Rotarian of the Month pin for his outstanding work done with the Encina High School Track team.  He almost single-handedly runs the effort to provide high quality running shoes for the members of the EHS Track team.  He also is responsible for overseeing the parkway cleanup effort.  Bill reported that Matt Ross and Roy Vogel helped him distribute the shoes to the runners last week.
Les Gudger was also called to the front of the room to receive his Rotarian of the Month.  Les does a lot behind the scenes and since he is getting married soon the Prez figured that he will need all the praise he can get now to carry him into his wedded life.  Les was momentarily confused with the talk of someone getting married and then he realized that that is soon to be his reality.
Secret Word
Lisa Asperger came up with “shoes” as the correct word and was awarded 5 tickets by the wheel.
Guest Speaker
Johnathan Barker was feverishly attempting to make the Zoom meeting application work in order to provide time for the guest speakers to share their information.   Geoffrey Okello, Director of GTI, Grassroots Transformation Initiative, Uganda, as well as Gene and Jackie, a couple of members of ChangeALife Uganda, were to provide information on their important work in bringing health improvements to the citizens of Uganda.  Despite Johnathan’s best efforts he was only able to secure speaker Geoffrey Okello after much effort and frustration for Johnathan.  Geoffrey was informed that due to the length of time it took to get the Zoom connection working that he will only be able to provide an overview of his program.  We will be inviting both agencies back to give their full presentations in July. Zoom works great, when Zoom works great.
Geoffrey reported that GTI, Grassroots Transformation Initiative, Uganda (GTIU), works in partnership with ChangeALife Uganda (CALU).  CALU is a 501 C 3 non profit organization. Unfortunately, the Director for CALU was lost in the Zoom shuffle and was not on the call.  GTIU focuses on improving hygiene in Uganda. They target the Primary School students in Northern Uganda with their health message by sharing the importance of water sanitation and proper sanitary defecation procedures through programs like Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).  A Zoom screen picture of the outdoor classroom setting under a tree in Northern Uganda is provided below. 
Proper Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) is a human right which is fundamental for every child and adult.  It is essential for a better healthy ad dignified life in order to achieve community empowerment and prosperity in the African Villages.    7.48 million people still rely on unimproved sources of drinking water, almost a quarter of which rely on untreated surface water.  2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation including one billion who practice open defecation, eliminating open defecation is a very important step towards promoting proper sanitation in the African communities.   
Johnathan was a member of ChangeALife Uganda when he lived in Connecticut.  He met Gene and Jackie on a plane.  Five hours later he was having lunch with them in London.  He started helping raise money for their water project called Quarters for Water with the local Connecticut Rotary club as a twenty-year-old kid.  He raised about $10,000 for their water project.  He lost touch with them until this last March.   
Gene and Jackie started a school with three teachers and about 100 students.  They now have 10 teachers and 500 students.  They operate an HIV Clinique, a computer lab and a dormitory for students to live in.  This helped keep the girls safe from being raped going to and from school.  They help empower women to do things to increase their income. The creation of necklaces and beads from paper was one craft that helped women earn money.  Gene and Jackie partnered with GTI Uganda.  Jonathan was hoping to learn just how our club might be able to help their efforts move forward.
Notice from the Short-Timer
The Prez let it be known that next week’s meeting will have an alcohol tasting provided by JVS Distributing.  Said alcohol will and not just consumed by the Prez in celebration of his last meeting as President.  We are all being invited to celebrate his last day too by participating in the “tasting.”  It will be interesting to see who “tastes” more, the outgoing or the incoming president.
Opportunity Drawing
Johnathan Barker was the lucky opportunity drawing winner.  He picked the 6 of diamonds and selected an envelope that had a Piatti’s card in it.  At least he got something besides frustration from this meeting.
News - Not Presented at the Meeting
Danny Curtola reported to the Newsletter Editor that our Friend, Stan Alfonso, is not doing very well.  He has been battling liver cancer, Covid and pneumonia over the past year.  He is need of our thoughts and prayers.
President O’Neil rang the club bell, closing the meeting at 1:08.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
Johnathan Barker
Guest Speaker
Johnathan Barker
Praying for Zoom to work
Can you hear me now?
Northern Ugandan Primary School 
Our kids complain about not air conditioning.
Gary Johnson
is still wondering
why he came back. 
It always cost him $$$
Johnathan Barker
Zoom problems,
No Ace of Spades but He's
a Piatti's winner in our books
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