May 17, 2022
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
Week #44 - President Patrick O’Neil
(Let’s Get Social)
President Patrick O’Neil, started the meeting at 12:05 ringing the imaginary club bell and welcoming everyone to the Rotary Club of Arden Arcade.”  He pulled up an image of our nation’s flag on his phone and asked Rob Olmstead to lead the pledge.  The Prez provided a quick invocation.  
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests
The Prez introduced the favorite brother of Jed, Scott Van WagnerTom Goode introduced Robert Haney, Business Development Manager for Capitol Tech solutions.  Robert is a member of the Point West Rotary Club doing reconnaissance to see how we operate.  Unfortunately, he came today and will not learn much from this meeting.  Along with Robert is his associate, Kevin Olson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Capitol Tech Solutions.  Kevin is considering joining our club and wanted to see what they were like.  He was told that this meeting will not accurately reflect the excellence of our meetings but the meetings will not get any worst.
Bell Ringers
John Gabriel “rang the bell” for a couple of reasons.  He reported that he got the blood test back from the doctor that showed his PSA level almost back to normal.   He also announced that now that the poker tournament is over, plans are underway for the fall golf tournament.    Because we sold out everything last year, 16 golfers on the waiting list, you might give serious thought to signing up early this year for the golf and sponsorship opportunities. John will send out and email to past sponsors very soon.  The tournament will be held at Sierra View on the 3rd Monday in September, September 19th.  For more information, go to    
Richard Goore “rang the bell” because his daughter graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, with a dual degree in strategic communications and graphic design.  His son, a pole vaulter for U.C. Santa Barbara, finished fourth in the Big West Championship tournament. He matched his personal best.  This is great considering his season was plagued with injuries.  He is looking forward to next year.
Mike Grace reluctantly “rang the bell” because he joined the 70’s club this last week. Also, in advance of his 45th wedding anniversary on May 29th.
Jenny Davini “rang the bell” because her son secured employment for the summer.  He is going to have an internship with a startup company in Silicon Valley dealing with artificial intelligence.
Happy Bucks, Sad Bucks, What the H#!! Bucks
Rob Olmstead would normally ring the bell but because his son made the National Premier League and will be traveling around a lot and the program is costly, he donated $20 instead.
Bill Hambrick went back to Boston and saw his grandkids.  The youngest lost his first tooth, a major life milestone.   
Steve Turner had five happy bucks on behalf of Bruce Stimson.  You never know when relationships are going to do something.  Bruce gave Steve a gift while on one of the bay cruises on Steve’s boat.  One of Steve’s friends, Arden Parker, a firefighter, helped with the boat.  Arden didn’t drink and often was the designated driver for events.  Arden and Bruce share a great love for Notre Dame.  Bruce recently obtained a Notre Dame Fire Department T-shirt for Arden. 
New Member Application
Tom Goode announced that he has received a new member application from Ben Faubien.  The application was reviewed and approved by the board.  Our bylaws require the application be reviewed by the club for comment.  Please make your comments, if any, known to Tom or the Prez as soon as possible.  He is very involved in the community… however… he is a CPA!  Please don’t hold that against him.   
Fireside Chats
There is only one chat left this year.  You will not want to miss it.  It is being hosted by Tim Cahill on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 @ 6:00 pm at 3510 Winding Creek Rd.  The chats start at 6:00 pm the drinking starts at 5:50 pm.  All Rotarians, except the newsletter editor, are required to attend at least one of these chats.
Effie Yeaw Nature Center
We joined forces with the Carmichael Rotary Club and developed a community service project to help the Effie Yeaw Nature Center build a Tortoise Enclosure.   This project has the ability to grow in scope to include other community partners to make a major project out of it.  It is planned to be accomplished in the later part of the summer.  A BBQ will be a part of the project.  The project calls for redwood which is right up Al’s alley.
A Word from the Prez Elect
Rob Olmstead has set his sights on being the best Delegator-in-Chief.  He has already tasked Johnathan Barker with coming up with the speakers for the last month of Prez O’Neil’s term.  He encouraged everyone to help Johnathan come up with inspiring speakers.
Day After Memorial Meeting
We will be having a meeting on the Tuesday after the Memorial Day Holiday, May 31. An Airforce Special Operations Veteran will be the guest speaker.
Rotary Youth Exchange
Bruce Stimson reported that he had been contacted by a person that was interested in participating in the Rotary youth Exchange.  He will be a senior at El Camino HS. He is very excited about this opportunity.  There is a two-year financial impact for our club.  The board will review the request and make a determination.  There needs to be three host families.  Usually, the family of the student wishing to go abroad needs is one host and that family find two other families to host the incoming student. This is a great opportunity for the student and the host families.  Long-lasting ties are made with the student that continues long after the student leaves and sometimes provides vacation lodging opportunities.
Random Thoughts
Rob Olmstead thanked John Gabriel for the great job he did with the Scholarship lunch. Rob was thanked by many of the parents and students for the wonderful event.   The Prez thanked Rob for his last-minute MC job as the Prez was unavoidably detained.
Secret Word – Bruce Stimson couldn’t come up with an “alibi” for not knowing the Secret word… which was alibi.  The Prez didn’t have anything to reward him with except a Post Office Picture of President Nixon.  Bruce offered to pay $5 not to have to take the picture.  It was decided that, as there were no other takers for the picture, it should be mounted in a very special location.  One that one of our most esteemed members could appreciate weekly.  The next secret word is Watergate.
President O’Neil rang the imaginary bell, closing the meeting at 12:40.  The club members continued eating and left whenever they felt like it.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
Robert Haney
Guest Spy
Point West Rotary Club
Kevin Olson
Club Shopper and
Coworker of Guest Spy 
President Nixon
Reclining at rest
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