July 5, 2022
Piatti's DARK Lunch Meeting
Week #1 - President Elect Robert Olmstead
(His first Official Action was to Go Dark!
Could be an interesting year!)
President Elect Robert Olmstead did not ring the bell or welcome club members to the Best Damn Rotary Club in all of Arden Arcade during the first week of his term.  A constitutional question has come up and it could jeaopardize the entire club.  Rob has not been sworn in... 
It has been brought to my attention that Past President, or is it still Current President, Patrick O'Neil may have connvinced Rob to forego the first meeting on the pretense that everyone was going to be suffering 4th of July hangovers, and, he then conveniently came own with "Covid" and can not attend his demotion on July 9th.  Coincidenntally, July 9th was to be the date that there was to be a peacful transfer of presidential power.  Now that the demotion has been cancelled, this will not happen... We are entering uncharted teritory. 
Soon to be Past President O'Neil made it sound like he was looking forward to ending his term as President... could this have been a smoke screen for his intention to hold on to the gavel and the power that comes with it?  Only time will tell. 
You will not want to miss the meeting on July 12th to see if there is rioting at Piatti's.  Please plan on attending in support of the peaceful transition of power and tell your friends they need to be there too to support Soon to be President Robert Olmstead.  It is rumored that a constitutional commission may be formed to investigate Covid-gate.  The Secret Word is "Covid-gate."
In an effort to ensure that Rob is the rightful Club President, Robert Olmstead sent out the following comunique, written to establish his position as the rightful Club President:
I am excited to begin this year as your new Arden/Arcade Rotary Club President.  More importantly, I am really looking forward to a year full of fun club activities as well as new opportunities for our Club to give back to the community we all care for so dearly.  As I have told many you in person, my approach this year will be to "keep things simple stupid," but at the same time ensure we all have FUN and make Rotary relevant to the community!
My first presidential lunch meeting at Piatti will be next Tuesday, July 12th.  Our Guest Speaker will be Meghan Callahan, Principal at Callahan Public Affairs.  Meghan has over 20 years of California political public affairs experience and is a veteran of high-profile statewide public affairs, ballot measure and issue campaigns.  She will be joining us to discuss an upcoming local ballot measure in the City of Sacramento designed to address the homelessness issues plaguing our communities.
Additionally, I would like to highlight some upcoming events/lunch meetings so that you can add them to your individual calendars.  Look for weekly updates as both Jonathan Barker and I update the speakers list for our lunch meetings:
July 12th:
Meghan Callahan, Callahan Public Affairs
August 16th:
5180 District Governor Karen Cendro
August 23rd:
Seasons Coffee Roasters
Greg Cotta's new coffee shop
September 19th:
Arden Arcade/Granite Bay Annual Rotary Golf Tournament
Sierra View Country Club-Roseville/CA
Finally, thanks to all of you for helping make the Arden/Arcade Rotary Club the best DAM Rotary Club in all of Arden/Arcade!
The ball is now in the Soon-To-Be-Past President O'Neil's court.   I pray that he can see the writing on the wall and gives up his attempt to thwart the peaceful transfer of power.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
On a personal note:  The Editor will not be present at the July 12th meeting.  He has selected himself to be the disignated survivor in case the club experiences a catestrophic event.  Someone needs to survive to rebuild the Best Damn Rotary Club in the Arden Arcade... plus my son wants me to go with him to Alaska to fly fish.  The things one does to make his children happy.  I wish Rob and the Club all the best.  Patrick, no one needs to get hurt, do the right thing and hand over the gavel! 
Rob Olmstead
Before He Agreed to be President Elect
Rob Olmstead
Had a Great Time at PETS, Looking Forward to Being President
Rob Olmstead
Wondering Why He Agreed to be President
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