September 13, 2022
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #10 - President Robert Olmstead III
(Service Above Self)
President Robert Olmstead III rang the club bell at 12:00 and welcomed everyone to the Best Damn Rotary Club in Arden Arcade.  He asked Les Gudger to lead the pledge and Joe Green provided the invocation.    
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Emily Ballus introduced Visiting Rotarian, Greg Melton, from Sunrise Rotary Club, Chico California. Greg is working with Emily on the FEC Bohemian Park grant project. And President Olmstead III introduced, by default, the guest speaker, Rukhsana Khan, as being a Passport 1 club member.  He noted that we are working to change her affiliation.
Secret Word
“Bonsai” was shouted out by an unknown Rotarian.  It was incorrect. The Prez confessed that there was no secret word for last week but noted that there was one for the meeting two weeks ago.  Still no takers.  Ye started giving hints by spelling out the word.  Still no takers.  He finally noted that the word was “Yacht.  No winners, no tickets.
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
New Rotary Club in the Valley
Governor Elect Steve Turner reported that he had the pleasure of delivering a check to the newest Rotary Club in the area, the Yuba City Night Club.  He enjoyed their opening program and the celebration of their opening charter.  There were many other clubs there with checks to help them with the celebration.  It was very cool!  He thanked the club for all the support given. 
It is Official, O’Neil is a Past President
Past, Past President Cahill bestowed a past President Name Tag and Pin, with a real simulated diamond on it, to the outgoing Past President Patrick O’Neil.  The club responded with a hearty applause.    
Great American River Clean-up
The Great American River Clean-up service-day event scheduled for September 17th from 8:45 am to noon.  The location is 1400 Northgate, where Northgate and Highway 160 come together.  This is a tough section of the river and is an adult only event as the environment is not kid friendly.  Participants are encouraged to wear good boots, gloves and appropriate pants and shirts.  This is a great opportunity for our club members to get involved.  The more volunteers we have the better.   Beer will be provided.  This is part of a larger event on the American River.  Their goal is to collect 90,000 lbs. of trash. The secret word is Trash.
Rotary Charities Open Golf Tournament                                         
Christine Jensen reminded the club that the Golf Tournament is this coming Monday at the Sierra Vista Country Club.  This tournament is sold out.  It will be a fun day with food, raffles, and beer, lots of beer.  We also need volunteers.  Volunteer opportunities include a morning shift, an afternoon shift and an all-day option. This is an all hands on deck event.  If you are not playing you should be volunteering.
Rotary Offsite Lunch, October 18, 2022
President Robert thanked Tom Goode for putting together an awesome offsite lunch opportunity at Brasswood Winery in Napa Valley on October 18, 2022.  A flyer was handed out that detailed the event.  Transportation will be provided as part of the event. However, those wishing to drive on their own may do so.  They have a limo that holds 26 people and we may also have the Rotary Van if needed.  Priority participation will be given to club members first, then prospective club members and then guests.  This event will be capped at 50 people.  This event is normally $170 per person.  Because of Tom’s connections club members are $65 and guests are $85.  The limo ride is included in this price.  A signup sheet was passed around.
Holiday Party
This year’s Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday, December 9th at 6:00 on the Delta King.  It will be a buffet dinner with two entrees.  Other details are still being worked out.  The dining area is in the Capital Room on the stern of the ship and has a balcony that overlooks the river.  This is the same night as the Capital City Yacht Club’s Sacramento Lighted Boat Parade.  More information to follow.  Place this on your calendar before you forget and miss out. 
El Camino High School Booster Club Poker Tournament
Joe Green reminded the club that the El Camino Boosters are holding their Poker Tournament on Saturday night.  See Joe about tickets.
We are NOT dark on Tuesday after the Golf Tournament. (That means we will be meeting on Tuesday, September 20th at Piatti’s.)
Supervisor Rich Desmond will be the guest speaker!
Bell Ringers
Happy Bucks
Les Gudger was $5 happy for recently picking up his wedding license.  He acknowledged that time is getting short.  His fiancé is counting down the days and making sure Les knows just how many days of freedom there are left.
Bell Ringers
Officially designated Past President Patrick O’Neil rang the bell twice: once for all the fun he had at the demotion/ birthday party held in his honor and the second time for Tim hosting the party at his house.  He had a very good time and was very appreciative. The wheel smiled on Patrick with 3 tickets.
Jenny Davini rang the bell to celebrate the purchase of a new car, a Volvo XP90 Hybrid. She noted that she is only a single, not a double bell ringer as she spent all her money on the car.
The wheel really smiled on Jenny with 5 tickets.
Rob Ford rang the bell to celebrate 31st wedding anniversary on Wednesday.  They had a great time in Pebble Beach this last week. 
The wheel acknowledged Rob with 2 tickets.
Duane Oliveira rang the bell to celebrate 33rd wedding anniversary on September 10th.  This is also that time of year when he starts paying $25 for each time Cal wins.  They are 2 and 0 so that adds $50 to the $33 bringing the total to $83 and he added $17 to round it up to a bell Ringer. The wheel is a Cal fan and gave him 4 tickets.
Linda Bigler rang the bell in honor of her Medicare Card Birthday.  She was gifted a birthday balloon by Christine Jensen.  She is looking forward to all of the senior discounts that come with the Medicare Card… We didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was confusing the Medicare card with the AARP card… she will figure it out. The wheel smiled on Linda with 3 tickets anyway.
Happy Bucks
Guest Speaker, Rukhsana Khan 
Rukhsana Khan is the Development Director for Loaves and Fishes.  Loaves and Fishes is 100% funded by charitable giving, they take no governmental funds and has been around since 1983.  It was founded by Chris and Dan Delaney.  Dan was a Catholic Priest and Chris was a nun in Los Angeles.  They fell in love, married.  They came to Sacramento and started serving sandwiches out of the back of their car.  That morphed into them serving 200 to 300 meals a day from the dinning room.    Currently Loaves and Fishes has 12 different programs.
  • They have a dining room that serves meals on a dine in or take out basis. 
  • Friendship Park is one of their services where men can come in and get backpacks, sleeping bags, tent, shoes.  They can do laundry, coffee and breakfast every morning.  They are free to hang out every day until 2:45 when they close their offices.  It provides an opportunity to socialize with others in the park.  Services can be delivered to the people at the park.
  • Mary House provides services to women and families.  Showers, hygiene products breakfast and coffee are served every morning.   Changes of clothing, mail service and phones are available as needed. 
  • Mustard Seed is a school program that helps bridge the gap between the student being out of school and transitioning back into school at the proper grade level by providing educational classes set to the level of the student’s abilities.   They have a new playground for their school.  They have field trips that provide educational and recreational opportunities. 
  • Rukhsana shared the Loaves and Fishes website with the club.
President Olmstead III thanked Rukhsana for the presentation and asked her to get a list of the items needed for their program so we can help where we can. 
Today’s Trivial Pursuit
President Robert Olmstead III asked:
What does bushido mean?
  1. Honor and Loyalty
  2. The way of the Samurai
  3. Divine wind
Duane Oliveira guessed B. and got a ticket for his knowledge/guess.
Opportunity Drawing 
The Guest Speaker, Rukhsana, won the right to pick the lucky card.  She did not win but did end up with a Cold Stone gift card.
President Robert Olmstead III rang the club bell closing the meeting at 12:56 p.m.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
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