October 17, 2023
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #16 - President Richard Goore
(Geting Social & Venturing into Partnership)
Past President Robert Olmstead III welcomed everyone, informing the club that he is back by popular demand from Prez Goore who is away on vacation.  He asked Al Cady to do the honors with the pledge and presentation of the flag on his smart phone.  Once the pledge was recited Al provided an appropriate invocation.
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians 
Matt Ross was pleased to introduce:
Vickie Boatwright
Carmichael Rotary Club
Dick Bower
Carmichael Rotary Club
Introduction of Guests
Luana Fernandez
RYE Student
Audrie Turner
Steve Truner's Daughter
Debbie Hudson
Works for AGA in Rosemont,
Club Shopping
Patti Mutchler
Past President of North Sacramento Rotary Club Bob Mutchler's Daughter?
Bell Ringers 
                  Happy Bucks 
                                       Sad Bucks
Bob Mutchler, Bell Ringer
Bob apologized for being absent the past few weeks.  He went on to announce that Rotary added a new star in the sky this past week with the passing of Past President Richard King.  Rick exemplified Rotary.  He taught that mankind is our business.  
Steve Turner, Bell Ringer
Steve agreed with Bob Mutchler and wanted to ring the bell in Rick King's honor.  Bob introduced him to Rick King, and Rick has been a great help to him and so many other Rotarians.  
Matt Ross, Bell Ringer
Matt has been busy with family responsibilities.  He is happy that he got to spend time with his daughter at Colorado State last weekend.  They did a bunch of tailgating with all her friends.  They watched Colorado go down by 20 points with 4 minutes left.  Colorado ended up winning the game with one hail Mary and two recovered onside kicks.  Matt and his daughter watched the end of the game from their hotel room because the game was so bad earlier that everyone went home.
Jenny Davini, Bell Ringer
Jenny too apologized for being away for a couple of meetings.  She thanked Christien Jensen and Chris Lewis for filling in as treasurer.  As she announced before, they listed their house for sale, they bought a new house.  She is ringing the bell because they sold their house in five days.  They get the keys to their new house on Friday.  She will not be at the next meeting so someone will need to fill in again.  
Bruce Stimson, Happy Bucks
Bruce asked if there were any USC alumni present.  Unfortunately, for Bruce, there wasn't so his gloating that the University of Notre Dame kicked USC's collective butts fell on deaf ears.
Matt Ross, Sad Bucks
Matt is sad because he has had a great neighbor for a very long time and now they are leaving us... (the Davini's are their neighbor.)
Audrie Turner, Happy Bucks
Audrie was very happy to report that she was promoted up one step to the Power level Volleyball team from the Premier level.  She explained that there are three levels, Premier, Power and Nationals.
Past Prez, Olmstead III actually drug Audrie into the middle of the sport, not-a-sport, debate between himself and her father.  He went so far as to tell this young rising volleyball star that her sport was not a sport, and that soccer was... Red Card! Out the game!
Ben Fox
Ben Fox wanted to show his appreciation for the club cheering for him when he came in late to the meeting.  We now know there is a method to his madness.
Duane Oliveira, No Bucks
Duane noted that he texted Michael Caplan to see if his family was OK and never heard back from him and was concerned.  Any updates?
Dapper Al noted that Michael and his family are OK.  Al added, he likes me, Duane.  "At least one person does" replied Duane.
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
Happy Hours at Richard Goore's Place
President Goore is opening up his home to the club for an evening of fun, food and libations on October 24th.  The frivolity starts at 7:00 PM and ends when the booze runs out or people get too tired to drink... (is that really a thing with Rotarians?) A sign-up sheet was passed around and will be again next week.  The secret word is frivolity.
Laurel Ruff Holiday Party
Matt Ross was asked to share information about the upcoming annual Holiday Party at Laurel Ruff School.  He noted that on Tuesday, December 5th, we will once again be cooking burgers and spreading good cheer for the deserving students at the Laurel Ruff continuation school for students with special needs.  Additionally, four or five other special needs schools will bring their students for the event.  Santa will be there along with other holiday favorite characters.  We need everyone to help with barbecuing the burgers, serving the food, and passing out the candy. Also, if someone wants to be Santa, Matt is willing to share the honor and privilege.  We need to arrive between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM and we will be done by 12:15 PM.  We anticipate 150 to 200 students.  We will be very busy and need all hands-on deck.
Rotary Holiday Party
The Holiday Party is set for Friday, December 8th, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Zinfandel Grille.  There will be a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  More information to follow.
Rotary Youth Exchange
Bruce noted that if anyone has a child in high school and would like to know more about RYE, just contact him.  It is a great opportunity for students.  They used to have 15 applicants and they only have 3 right now.  Also, Luana is available and would love to participate in local events and outings.  Service projects are also on her to-do list.  Adults need to pass a background check if they are going to be one on one with Luana.  Talk with Buce to find out how to get vetted and for any other RYE needs or information.
Golf Tournament Update
The Golf Tournament was very successful.  Granite Bay Rotary stepped up and had greater participation this year.  We had fewer individual golfers sign up and fewer players from the sponsors.  Even so, our net profit was almost the same as last year.  
          Year            Net              Arden Arcade          Granite Bay
          2023          $32,203        $23,508                  $ 8,695 
          2022          $33,385        $23,934                  $ 9,450 
          2021          $29,173        $24,797                  $ 4,376 
Our share of the proceeds goes to our Foundation to help with our community grants and other community projects.
Michael Caplan, Israel Update
The club is concerned for Michaels's family in Israel as well as for all the victims of the war started by Hamas.  Michael was asked about the safety of his family Jerusalem.  Michael thanked the club for the concern and noted that his son and his children 5 and 8 are safe.  No one goes out on the street unnecessarily.  The sirens are going off and Michael has an app that shows areas as large as Carmichael, Arden Arcade and across the river light up when an incoming rocket is spotted.  Many of the rockets are intercepted but the debris falls over a large area.  Many people, Israeli and Palestinian alike, are victims of these rockets.
Michael has attended Rotary meetings in Israel with Arab members.  There was an all-girl school that didn't have functioning toilets.  He and an Arab worked on it to fix the problem, using a part from the home of the Arab members.  Together they were able to get the school working toilets again.  An Arab and a Jew, out of a Rotary meeting, fixed the problem.   
Michael is attempting to find a way to get to Israel to help but there are no flights being allowed into the country.  We need to pray for everyone over there.
Guest Speaker
Brad Squires, Executive Director
for Social Venture Partners
Linda Bigler introduced one of her clients, Brad Squires, Executive Director for Social Venture Partners, Sacramento.  He is a Tech entrepreneur, flower farmer, community builder and philanthropist.  He is an active Rotarian with the Orangevale club where he is the speaker chair.  
Brad is a tech guy.  He has built a couple of software companies.  He changed gears and now he is a farmer.  He and his wife run a flower farm in Orangevale.  It is called Heirloom Makers U-Pick Flower Farm.  He considers himself a tech and social entrepreneur.  He started a foodbank in Orangevale a couple of years ago.  He lives in Orangevale
and has been the president of the Orangevale Chamber of Commerce.  He also started a HART program in his community.  
All Rotarians are philanthropist.  Philanthropy is not just for the ultra-rich.  It is anyone that can use their time, talent and treasure to make the world better.  We all have something to offer.  Today, Brad is talking about Venture Philanthropy.  The difference between venture philanthropy and just volunteering and donating is a more involved, long-term focused effort.  It usually involves coming along side in an effort to consider long-term capacity building and scale of operations.  Those of us that have some milage and years under our belts all have something to offer, experience, connections, networks and access.  
Nonprofits are businesses with a different source of revenue and revenue streams. Brad is the current volunteer, CEO, Executive Director for Social Venture Partners, a full-time job.  Some of you are familiar with Fast Pitch or Social Venture Partners.  They are amplifying the effectiveness of non-profits through community of generosity.  They come along side nonprofit organizations, both financially and professionally, giving them access to resources and networks.  Their mission is connecting engaged philanthropists, strengthening the nonprofit and inspiring greater levels of generosity.  
They raise money from their partners and leverage individual giving into broader giving to make a bigger impact.  Their focus is on kids.  They want to make sure that every student in the Sacramento region has a clear pathway to economic security and workforce readiness.  They look for organizations that are somehow helping kids.  They have two sets of partners.  Fund partners, investors and social investors.  Each partners invest a minimum of $2,000 a year.  They have 50 partners that invest into their nonprofit portfolio.  They call it their network of generosity and impact.  This year they grew from 10 partners to 50.    They are looking to grow that to 100 over the next year.    It would be a good opportunity for our club to consider being a fund partner.  The other partner is the nonprofit partner.  They have over 55 nonprofit partners.  
They have quarterly programs such as "coffee connect" that gives nonprofits the opportunity to connect with the fund partners.  Connections are made and information is shared. Another program offered quarterly is partner dinner for the fund partners to get an update on the portfolio.  This helps to inspire the partners to greater levels of generosity.  
They are looking to establish an accelerator fund, a program that comes along side on organization for 18 months to invest financially and with technical assistance.  They are also looking to establish executive director peer groups to provide the opportunity for executive directors to share and discuss ideas and challenges.  They are also working to develop a Capitol Region Board Link to connect members of different nonprofit boards.  This is a great way to connect with different community members and develop potential board members.  This is helpful for the person looking to be on a board but doesn’t know where to start.  Brad also shares his time with the Impact Foundry, another nonprofit collaborative.  
Nonprofits have a story and Fast Pitch helps them tell it.  Thursday, December 7th, 5:00 to 8:00 PM at Sophia Theater, is their Fast Pitch event.  Linda Bigler has been a coach for the last seven years at this event.  It is a social innovation program where they choose 18 NPO from a broad range and number of NPOs.  They pair each NPO with two coaches to help them tell their story.  This is where they come up with a 3-minute pitch.  It is important that the NPO can tell their story in 3 minutes to convey mission, and purpose, their why.  This amplifies their impact on securing donors and volunteers.  They work for three months with their coaches and then on December 7th they go live with their pitch.  They have room for 360 to 400 people.  The evening starts off with cocktail hour, finger-food and then two hours of presentations.    One of our friends, the Fireman's Burn Institute, is competing also.  Their website gives a list of all eighteen organizations competing this year:
Past President Olmstead III thanked Brad for a very interesting message.
Future Events
  • October 24, 2023:  Guest Speaker, Beth Hassett, CEO of WEAVE
  • October 27th, 2023: Happy Hour, Richard Goore's place... more info to come
  • October 31, 2023: Guest Speaker, TBA
  • November 7, 2023: Guest Speaker, TBA 
  • November 14, 2023: Guest Speaker, TBA  
  • November 21, 2023 We are Dark for Thanksgiving
  • November 28, 2023: Guest Speaker Luana Fernandez 
  • December 5, 2023: Laurell Ruff Holiday Party: 10:00 AM to 12:15 PM
  • December 8, 2023: Holiday Party: 6:00 to 9:00 PM, Zinfandel Grill
  • December 12, 2023: TBA
  • December 19, 2023: TBA
  • December 26, 2023: We are dark
  • January 2, 2024: TBA
  • , 2024: Charter Night... more info to come
  • , 2024: Poker Tournament, ... more info to come
  • , 2024: Annual Rotary Scholarship Lunch, ... more info to come
Past President Robert Olmstead III thanked everyone for coming and then rang the club bell closing the meeting at 1:00 p.m.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
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