June 14, 2022
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
Week #50 - President Patrick O’Neil
(Rotarians Weekly Therapy Session)
President Patrick O’Neil, rang the club bell at 12:00 and welcoming everyone to the Arden Arcade Rotary Club, the Best Damn Rotary Club in all of Arden Arcade.”  He asked Gary Johnson to lead the pledge and Mike Grace to provide the invocation.
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests  
Guest Kevin Olsen was attending for his second time.
Bell Ringers
Al Cady rang the bell in honor of the 247th birthday of the US ARMY.
Jenny Davini rang the bell to celebrate her vacation and Christine Jensen who covered the registration duties while she was away.  Additionally, she just had her daughter’s baby shower on Saturday. 
Gary Johnson for already being on the Bell Ringer Board as he could not remember donating but must have.  He wanted to celebrate being retired, again, and selling his house and moving to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  They are having a great time up there and life is good.  He is hoping his son will join Rotary soon.  In short, he is a bell ringer in honor of being back.  He noted that retirement does not suck.
Happy Bucks, Sad Bucks, What the H#!! Bucks
Bill Hambrick was happy because Al was back. He noted that we really like Gregg but he was a little weak on being Al.
Tim Cahill was happy because he just had his physical and he is in great shape for someone who is 100 years old. 
Richard Goore for a great couple of weeks with both of his kids at home as it the first time in a year since that has happened.  Also, he just signed up for a Century Ride with the Sacramento Rotary Club.  He is looking for sponsors.
Rob Olmstead offered up $20 sad bucks noting that Kirk Clark, vice president of the California Business Roundtable, passed away.  He passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack this last Sunday while doing his physical testing at the naval training center in San Diego.  He was a really great guy. 
Mike Grace offered up some happy bucks for surviving his vacation in Yosemite with his grandkids and their parents.  He noted that it is difficult to get reservations to camp and to enter the park but it has enhanced the visiting experience for the lucky ones that get in.  
Matt Ross was happy that we have a flag for Flag Day, all because Steve Turner and he noted that the flag was left behind after the last meeting and Steve took care of it and getting it to this meeting. 
Gregg Cotta was happy because Al is back and noted that he is limping across the finish line.  He forgot the key this week and luckily Al had another key.  He forgot the flag last week and the whole trailer three weeks ago… soooo… $20. The Prez was quick to point out that we all appreciate Gregg’s efforts and he is not fired as Al’s backup.  Al Cady noted that we are going to double his pay.
Michael Caplan extended his thanks and appreciation to Gregg Cotta, Johnathan Barker and Les Gudger for their help in trucking a bunch of valuable goods from one warehouse to another in Clarksburg.  They worked like dogs in the heat and deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts.  He was also happy to have celebrated his granddaughter’s graduation from Davis High School.  Michael spun the wheel and got two tickets.  He noted that he has been saving the tickets because they save this coupon.  He asked the Prez about just how long does he have to save them, when can I get rid of them?  The Prez noted that the IRS rule is seven years.   
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
Encina High Track Shoe Distribution
Bill Hambrick reported that he was going to be taking running shoes to Encina High School track coach right after the meeting and invited the members to go with him.  Some of the shoes are worth $150.  Fleet Feet Folsom donates the shoes, some are demos and others are lightly used returns.  The kids are loving these shoes.  They now have a stronger cross-country team than ever before.  They are delivering 35 to 40 shoes. The secret word is “shoes”
Golf Tournament
Rob Olmstead noted that he talked with John Gabriel and he will be back on Wednesday.  The first golf tournament meeting will be held on Thursday at Lynn Lizarraga’s office, First Citizens Bank. The website is up we are looking for volunteers and sponsors for the Rotary Charities Open.  You can use this web address, to sign up to golf and/or be a sponsor.  Last year late commers were disappointed. Weekly reminder notices will be sent out. John is looking for additional help on the golf committee.
Effie Yeaw Nature Center Tortoise Enclosure Community Service Project
Rob Olmstead noted that he had discuss the Effie Yeaw Tortoise Enclosure community service project with Al Cady and the timing will contingent on Al’s availability, probably in the fall.  More info to come.
Paul Harris Fellow Pin
President O’Neil called up incoming President, Rob Olmstead to the front of the room to receive his Paul Harris Fellowship pin with a blue stone.
Secret Word
Matt Ross came up with “golf” as the correct word and was awarded 1 ticket by the wheel.
Guest Speaker
Helene Goble, MFT was introduced as the guest speaker for the day.  She discussed Trauma Processing using Brain Spotting Techniques (BST) versus the traditional Cognitive Brain Therapy (CBT).   She provided background in the origins of trauma processing, how processing works in the brain, the effects of processing on the brain, emotions and the physical body.
Traumatic events that may need processing include but are not limited to, bad relationship break ups, major life changes not of your choosing, death of a loved one, infidelity in a relationship, loss of a job, an experience of violence, discrimination, racism, bullying, an auto accident, an unpleasant or difficult dental surgery, consistent criticism or negative reaction from a caregiver or coach, and being a Rotary Club President. 
According to Bessel van der Kolk, CBT is of minimal value in dealing with trauma as the cognitive part of the brain shuts down when people are traumatized triggering the primitive survival part of the brain.  Kolk noted that using CBT with trauma is like telling somebody with and amputated leg to take up running.  CBT can certainly give people a sense of perspective on their coping options when they’re in the right frame of mind, but it has limited value with severe trauma.
According to David Grand, Brain spotting works because where you look affects how you feel.  Our eyes and brains are intricately woven together and vision is the primary way that we, as humans, orient ourselves to tour environment.  As trauma occurs, the brain tries to process it and it leaves pieces of it in the midbrain to “store”, to remind us and keep us safe if something similar occurs.  BSP is an eye position that correlates with the trauma storage and allows a natural release from the midbrain.  BSP harnesses the scanning ability of the brain and its ability to process and heal itself.    BSP also heightens our awareness, so we don’t store additional trauma. 
BSP reduces parasympathetic nervous system reactions by processing it. BSP allows us to become more aware, more observant, more in control of which direction we are going.   BSP is like the proverbial river, you can never step in the same place twice.  It is always changing, always evolving. What can take years with talk therapy can take months with BSP. 
Therapy that only engages the outside portion pf the brain limits your ability to clear out trauma.   Understanding the brains storage system and how triggers work allows us to create and opportunity for dramatic healing.  BSP is an amazing and powerful tool to help victims of trauma understand their trauma, and release and integrate it. 
Opportunity Drawing
Michael Caplan was the lucky opportunity drawing winner.  He picked the 8 of diamonds and selected an envelope that did not have anything in it.
Demotion Time
Past President Cahill announced that President O’Neil’s demotion is scheduled to take place on July 9th at Tim Cahill’s house.  Club members are encouraged to come up with memorable things regarding Patrick’s year as president.  More information to come.
President O’Neil rang the club bell, closing the meeting at 1:12.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
Helene Goble, MFT
Guest Speaker
Al Cady is Back and
Gregg Cotta is Relieved
Gary Johnson is Back Too!
But he can't remember why.
Rob Olmstead
Received his Blue Stone 
Paul Harris Fellow Pin 
Michael Caplan
Thanking his moving crew, Gregg Cotta, Johnathan Barker and Less Gudger
Bill Hambrick
Encina High School Cross Country Shoe Purveyor
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