January 31, 2023
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #31 - President Robert Olmstead III
(Johnson & Johnson)
President Robert Olmstead III started the meeting at 12:00.  He welcomed everyone and asked Gary Johnson to start the meeting with the pledge of allegiance.  Bill Hambrick was then asked to provide words of thought.  The Prez then greeted everyone once again to the best damn Rotary Club in Arden Arcade.  He noted that this was his 26th meeting.

Secret Word

The Prez quickly chose Linda Bigler to provide the word and she correctly answered “jazz.”  The Prez presented her  a sleeve of golf balls for knowing the word.

Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests

The Prez asked our visiting Rotarians to introduce themselves.  Joe Scheimer introduced himself as a member of the Fair Oaks Rotary Club, classification Fighter Pilot, retired and the current District Foundation Chair.  David Veden introduced himself as a member of the Rotary Club of Natomas and District Grants Chair and audio-visual specialist and will once again help the club with the poker tournament.

Tom Goode introduced his long-time buddy Eddie Morlet here as a prospective member.  Eddie is with Kaiser Permanente and now has a work schedule that will allow him to make the meetings. 

Joe Scheimer
David Veden
Eddie Morlet
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
Status Report on Jenny’s Granddaughter
Christine Jensen reported that the surgery date was changed from Monday to today and the granddaughter should be in surgery as we speak.   An update on the outcome of the surgery will be sent out.
Bill Hambrick reported that they had a good night last night with the sticker party at Al Cady’s house.  They put a big dent in the liquor locker, that was fun.  Prospective member, Tom King, showed up to help lick stickers.  Lisa Keller, Al Frumkin, Linda Bigler, John Gabriel, and Tom Goode. The Prez showed up when there were only five cases of books left and before the Prez could roll up his sleeves and help, his phone rang and that was the last they saw of him until all of the books were stickered.  All-in-all everyone had a great time.  Bill will be letting the club know when the dictionaries will be delivered.
Effie Yeaw Tortoise Enclosure
The Prez reported that we have one more work day on the tortoise enclosure.  Once a date is set it will be announced and help will be sought.  Once the project is complete there will be a ribbon cutting party with the Carmichael Rotary Club. 
Poker Tournament
The Prez reported that we still need sponsorships as well as players. This is our biggest event of the year.  He thanked Gary Johnson for coming back again as a sponsor.  The Prez inquired about the table that Gary Johnson won last year.  Gary reported that it will grace the new house being built in Idaho once it is finished.  Gary announced that he will be
back to defend his title.  The secret word is “Idaho.”  The Prez noted that “Players, players, players and Sponsorships, sponsorships, sponsorships are what we need right now.  The Prez reminded everyone that this is an All-hands-on deck premier fundraiser event.  Please go to the website to register your players and claim your sponsorships:
Charter Night
The Prez reported that Charter Night will be held on Friday, February 24th at the Del Paso Country Club. District Attorney, Thien Ho will be our guest speaker for the evening.  The event starts at 6:00 pm with a no host bar and the lively sounds of jazz performed by the Rio Jazz Band, followed by dinner at 7:00 pm.  A sign in sheet was passed around.  We need a good showing so please plan on attending.  Rotarian’s meals are free, guests’ meals are $50 and should be paid for in advance, if possible.  Awards will be given in early in the evening this year to allow time for the guest speaker to arrive.
Off-site Lunch, CA State Library
The Prez has locked in our next off-site lunch at the State Library for April 11.  The meeting will most likely start early and go late.  The exact time TBD.
Al Vassar, Communications Manager for the California State Library, has been a guest speaker a couple of times and has offered to take us on a tour of the library in the past and the Prez took him up on the offer.  Al will be taking us where few people ever go. You will not want to miss this opportunity to see the rare documents that few people ever
get to see.  Lunch will be provided in library cafeteria.  Guests are welcome to attend.  A sign-up sheet will be passed around a couple of weeks prior to the event.  Carpooling will be encouraged.
District Award
Joe Scheimer congratulated the club on its efforts to End Polio Now and presented last year’s certificate for exemplary participation.  There have only been 30 cases this last year and it has been 19 weeks since the last reported case.  Our club is ahead of last year’s contributions, so let's keep up the good work.
Bell Ringers
Happy Bucks
Bell Ringers
Gary Johnson decided to ring the bell because he was here and it had been a while since he could ring the bell.  He also couldn’t leave his young starving sales manager son without his name on the Bell Ringer Board so he rang the bell for him too.  He did however say the second bell ringer was on Tyler.
Happy Bucks
Bruce Stimson was very happy to give happy bucks so he could brag about his 11-year-old granddaughter again.  She competed in a Tae Kwon Do tournament this weekend.  Se is a almost a black belt, will be in March or April, and she competed against blackbelts and came away with two silver medals.  No one is going to take her lunch money. 
Bill Hambrick had happy bucks for inadvertently calling a nephew of his he hadn’t talked to in ten years.    They had a great conversation.  For that he threw in a couple of can-you-hear-me-now bucks.
Prez Rob Olmstead III had happy bucks for having Ron Linthicum as today’s guest speaker.  You all do not know just how hard Ron works dealing with all the issues surrounding homelessness and crime.  And if that is not enough, Ron makes his wife happy, and that is all that matters. (Editor’s note: I didn’t realize just how great a delegator the Prez was, until now!)
Tyler Johnson's Induction Ceremony
The Prez then turned the meeting over to George Prather to induct new member Tyler Johnson.  George did his stellar job of introducing Tyler to rotary International, our club and the expectations of the club members.  He then invited Gary Johnson to come up and place the Rotary pin on his son Tyler.  Tyler’s classification is Copier Sales and Service.  It was noted that there would be few, if any other, people in the same category.  He does share this classification with his father.  Gary asked if he said Tyler could have the same classification?  George asked him if he paid his dues. Tyler said "its OK, he doesn’t really sell anymore."  Gary Johnson was asked to come up and pin him.  Gary noted that he was honored to be the second father and son combination in the club after Ray and Larry McClure.  Gary explained that he declined to do the induction and deferred to George because it would have taken 30 minutes and he would have cried like a baby.
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Tyler Johnson was asked to share a little of his background.   He shared that he knows many of the members already.  His first memory of Rotary was playing around the softball fields twenty years ago at the Rotary softball games and knowing that his dad had been around Rotary for so long.  He moved south to go to college at Loyola Marymount University in L.A. He moved back up after graduation.  H said he kinda knew what he wanted to do.  He saw his dad go to work and said it wasn’t very glamorous.   He knew he had printer ink in his blood and went to work for his dad in the central valley for a year and a half.  He is now engaged to a Kattie.  She grew up in Walnut Creek and they met while in college.  His dad let him know that there were management positions open at the main office in Granite Bay so he and Kattie moved back to the area in February last year.  He joined First Tee of Greater Sacramento.  He looks forward to helping with many of the causes the club supports.  He realized, after listening to George, that he doesn’t know a lot about Rotary but he looks forward to learning a lot from everyone here.  "Thank you so much for inducting him."   
John Gabriel offered up $10 to say that he would like to see, down the road, that Gary and Tyler become the second father son President combination in the club.  John and his Father were also father and son members, both being presidents. 
 * * * * * Breaking News * * * * *
This just in:   President Robert Olmstead III just announced that the president to follow Richard Goore will be….
Christine Jensen! 
Upon hearing the news the club erupted into thunderous applause!
Guest Speakers
Ron Linthicum and Captain Matt Warren
Ron Linthicum
Captain Matt Warren
Lt. Laurel Girdlestone
President Rob introduced Ron Linthicum.  Ron has been here many times before as the community prosecutor for the with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.  Ron is in charge of triaging all of the community crimes and homelessness issues.  With Ron is Captain Matt Warren, Commander, North Division and Lieutenant Laurel Girdlestone, Operations Lieutenant for the North Division.
Ron thanked the club for having him back.  He considers our club to be great partners and friends here in the community.  Ron wanted to let Tyler Johnson know that Ron’s dad was a salesman for over sixty years and he gave Ron some great advice when he was young.  He said that whatever you do in life, the essence of it is salesmanship.  This is surely true.  Ron “sells” the truth to every jury he comes before. 
Ron shared a story of how he came to know that Rotary was a great organization.  About thirty years ago he met a woman, fellow prosecutor, she was very alluring, she became his fiancé, later his wife and later his ex-wife.  They are friends again.  She is now the elected District Attorney in Solano County.  They both started out as prosecutors and they would go and speak to the Rotary Club in Visalia where they started.  They liked he so much that they sent her to Australia for a month for this program for professional development and a speaking tour.   They were very impressed with the generosity of the Rotarians.  Ron thanked Rotary for getting her out of his life for a month. 
Business Watch:  This program targets the high crime locations and establish a business watch.  They meet monthly with the businesses to get each business to utilize the 602 Trespass program.  The Sheriff is on board with doing it.  It has had a great impact, improving certain high crime areas.   The newest PBID that is forming on Arden and Howe started off as a business watch.  This is going to have a big impact on the community.  They will be able to employ armed security that can issue trespass notices as a supplement to the Sheriff’s Office.  There is also a business watch that started as a result of the problem located at Howe and Fair Oaks. It is looking like that business watch may end up forming another PBID.   
Captain Warren noted that he usually gets to speak at the pancake palace or Denny’s so this is high society for him.  He gave a little information about the North Division where he has been captain for about a year.  It has 230 sworn and profession employees.  They are understaffed at about 72% of what is needed to operated properly.  Changes are coming to the patrol structure based upon the direction given by the new County Sheriff.  The changes will result in more officers on patrol in the community.  The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) and Problem Oriented Policing (POP) programs will still be understaffed but will be staffed at better levels than they are now.  This will help address the homeless problems facing our community. 
Bruce Stimson thanked Ron and Matt for all their hard work, especially for cleaning up Alta Arden Expressway.   Ron noted that it was Captain Warren that made it happen and his philosophy is to not give up ground that has been taken.   Thanks to Supervisor Desmond, the different county departments that can play a role in solving these problems are now talking with each other and coordinating their efforts more than they have in the past.  It isn’t perfect yet but it is getting better. 
Q:  Can you tell us something about the Governor’s efforts to force the mentally ill into treatment centers?
A:  Everyone has noticed there are lot of homeless individuals with mental problems. If the person was on drugs, it used to be they could arrest them on a felony offense and give them the option of jail or treatment programs  Now, drug arrests are misdemeanors and the treatment option is no longer a tool available to law enforcement until after the tenth offense  Presently the only tool they have to deal with the mentally ill is conservatorship.  In Ron’s career, only one time has that worked to get help for an individual.  This person burned down one building and was about to do it again and that is what it took to get the courts to uphold the conservatorship.  Care Court is too new to know if it will work. 
Q:  I heard about the case where the individual gets his ten citations and then goes to court and the judge throws out the case.  What can you tell us about this case? What are you doing to educate the judges?
A:  Before the program was implemented it was put together with the help of the judges.  That was the first form of education for them.  Now when a judge fails to properly implement the program presiding judge takes the noncompliant judge aside and educates him/her as to the how the program is supposed to work according to the adopted bail schedule.  The Sheriff is committed to having 100 beds to house these individuals.
Q: What is your working relationship with the Sacramento Police Department?
A:  We have a great working relationship with them.  Their efforts are severely hampered due to the polices of the city.  This was one of the problems the County faced with the camp at Fair Oaks and Howe.  That is city property and the county did not have jurisdiction. 
Q:  Are the rules different in the county than in the city for moving individuals off of the sidewalks and from in front of businesses?
A:   The rules are the same as established by Martin v. Boise, it is the interpretation of the rules that differ from the city and the county.  The county is more willing to internet the rules more conservatively and is willing to be taken to court over their interpretation, the city is not.  The city and the county both agree on the protection of critical infrastructure.  The Alta Arden cleanup was justified because a homeless pedestrian was killed stepping out of his camp and into traffic. The county might get sued based on the   justification but they are willing to take that chance.  
Q:  Why is California disproportionately impacted by the Boise ruling?
A:  People go where there are services and their needs can be met.  Not many homeless want to camp in the middle of nowhere because they need access to food and water.  If it wasn’t for the support of Supervisor Desmond, it is doubtful that Alta Arden would have gotten cleaned up.  The tide is starting to turn.  Ron shared that Phill Serna, as liberal a supervisor as there can be, has had enough with the homeless and the way they are taking advantage of the Boise law and creating the mess the public has to deal with. 
The best way for businesses to combat the negative affects of homelessness is to make- sure that access to water, electricity and wifi is eliminated from your property.  If   there are homeless on your private property call the (916) 874-5115 non-violent sheriff dispatch number and report it.  It is also important to trim your bushes down low so people cant hide behind them and your trees up so people can see under them.
Q:  What are the plans for the warehouse the county purchased to address the homeless issues?
A:  There are no present plans for the warehouse.  Eventually they hope to develop it into homeless units to house individuals.  RV parking would be around the outside of the building. The building has a very sophisticated security fence all the way around it. 
The Prez thanked Ron and Matt for the informative presentation.
 * * * * * Breaking News * * * * *
This Just In: 
Christine reported that she received an update on Jenny’s granddaughter.  She is out of surgery; the surgery was successful and is doing well. Thank you for your prayers and keep the prayers coming. 
Next Week
  • Al Frumkin will be inducted into the club. 
  • The guest speaker will be Kelly Brothers to give us an update on our foundation funds and the market as a whole.
President Robert Olmstead III thanked everyone for coming and noted that it does take a village.  He then rang the club bell, closing the meeting at 1:08 p.m.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
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