February 27, 2024
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #35 - President Richard Goore
Here comes da Judge
Past President Thomas Goode rang the bell and welcomed everyone to the lunch meeting of the Rotary Club of Arden Arcade.  He noted that this is the fourth time he has been asked to host and the second time he was not able to delegate away the honor of hosting it.  He then asked Rob Olmstead to lead the pledge and Tim Cahill to provide the blessing.  Both did as requested in fine style.
Rob Olmstead III
Tim Cahill
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Stewart Nelson
Christine Jensen introduced a former club member, looking to be a retread member, Stewart Nelson.
Tony Paulson
Christine Jensen also introduced Tony Paulson, checking out our club for the first time, kicking the tires to see if this might be a good fit for him.
Luana Fernandez
Lisa Keller gladly introduced Luan Hernandez as our often-visiting Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Brazile.
Luana Fernandez
Lisa Keller gladly introduced Luan Hernandez as our often visiting Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Brazile.
Patty Mutchler
Bob Mutchler introduced his bed warmer and wife, Patty Mutchler. 
Bell Ringers 
                  Happy Bucks 
                                       Sad Bucks
John Gabriel, Bell Ringer
John Gabriel noted that since he had been away for ten weeks, he would ring the bell.  He explained that during his absence he enjoyed his grandkids at Christmas, took a two week cruise to Hawaii, he got sick with the flu for 3 weeks, went to Arizona to watch his granddaughter pitch for her softball team, went to Seatle to watch his other granddaughter while her parents took an anniversary trip he had given them to go to the Bahamas.  While all that
was happening, John squeezed in a celebration of his 40th anniversary of his 39th birthday and on the February 8th, he and his beautiful wife celebrated their 54th anniversary.  It is a real credit to her for being able to put up with him for 54 years.  He got a clean bill of health, cancer free, after battling prostate and thyroid cancer recently. For all of that he is donating $1 a year for his age, $1 a year for his anniversary and rounded up the total to $200 for all of the other activities.
Debbie Hudson, Bell Ringer
Debbie was happy to ring the bell in honor of her first Charter Night.  She had a great time and is looking forward to attending many more.  She debated on going as she was tired and had to get up early the next morning to attend PRLS - Practical Relevant Leadership Skills .  It was a two-day training.  She had a great time and met a lot of people. 
Governor Elect Steve Turner, Bell Ringer
Steve absolutely wanted to ring the bell in honor of his daughter just turning 14.  She had a great weekend birthday party.  Steve took eight 14-year-old girls to Old Sacramento to a place called Cerealism.  It is a place decorated like a cartoon remake of all the sugary breakfast serials with places to do karaoke.  They all did two rounds of cereal and were so jacked up on sugar that they didn't get to sleep until 2:30 am.  Happy Birthday Audry!
Big Al Was Late
Thomas Goode honored Big Al Frumkin with a chance to make up for his tardiness by paying $1 or answering a Rotary Question.  Big Al, feeling confident, saved a buck and took the question challenge. The question was: Can you name one of the four alternate names that was also considered for the club?   Big al answered "Hmmm that's interesting.  Well, Paul Harris not only started Rotary but also started the March of Dimes.  I wonder if it has something to do with Easter Seals.  I don't know! What's my fine?"  Tom issued him a $2 fine. The alternate names were: Men with Friends, Blue Boys, The Conspirators, and The Round Table.
Big Al asked if Tom knew why the club got called Rotary.  He said he didn't so Al explained it.  There were four individuals that started the club, Paul Haris and three others, a Jew, a Catholic and two Protestants.  They were all businessmen that had just moved to Chicago and they wanted to try to promote business among one another.  So, they rotated the meetings from one another's business each week ergo... Rotary.
Bell Ringers 
                  Happy Bucks 
                                       Sad Bucks... continued
Steve Turner
Happy Bucks
Steve offered up $20 Happy Bucks in honor of the meeting he had with  Tom Goode and the outgoing District Membership Chair, Jack Arne.  Tom Goode is now the new District Membership Chair.  
Thomas Goode
District Membership Chair
Tom Goode, Aloha Bucks
Tom offered up some Aloha bucks for the very nice vacation to Maui his family had.  McKenzie is 20 months old now and they had to drag her away from the pool every single day.  The good thing is, she took very long naps every afternoon as a result of being so active. 
It's a Fine Time To Ask for Pins and Badges
Tom noted that there were many guests in attendance and wondered aloud, how could the guests know who the Rotarians were if they were not wearing pins and badges.  He asked for a show of hands for those that were not wearing pins. The pinless were fined $1. He then asked for a show of hands if they were not wearing their name badge.  Those were fined $1 too.   Double pinless and name badgless were asked to play a game.  The only Rotarian not wearing her name badge and a Rotary pin was Lisa Keller. Lisa was given a chance to answer a question or pay $5.  We just had our Charter Night on Friday.  What year anniversary was it?  Lisa came back with the correct answer, 69.  
It turned into a Challenging Time for Tom
Todd Eichman challenged Tom $20 if he had his Challenge Coin.  The most challenging thing was getting him to know what the #&!! Todd was talking about.  The whole challenge coin history was explained to Tom and the rest of the club.  Tom offered to split the challenge amount with Todd and really wanted the issue to end their but no, Steve Turner felt the need to explain that the challenge coin originated in the military and then to Fire and Law Enforcement.  It is a sign of commitment to your group or organization.  it is also a way to get free drinks at a bar.  The challenge coin if brought out and the challenge made to your fellow group members.  Those that have the coins don't pay for their drinks and the coinless do.  However, if everyone has their coin, the challenger pays for all the drinks.  
Charter Night Leftovers
Matt Ross noted that there was one pin that went unclaimed at Charter Night and it was a Paul Harris pin.  It was actually a pin for the 3rd Paul Harris milestone.  It belongs to Thomas Goode. Tom, being publicly shamed felt the need to upgrade his Happy Buck donation to a Bell Ringer.
Dictionary Update
Debbie Hudson shared that we are delivering our last set of dictionaries this Thursday morning at 10:00 am.  We will be delivering them to Greer Elementary School. This will be the fifth school this year.  
Charter Night Leftovers
Rob Olmstead noted that next year, being the 70th anniversary of the club, we want to make it a special event and take over the large room at Del Paso Country Club.  So, mark your calendars for the last part of February for the 70th anniversary.
Secret Word?
Tom asked for the secret word and Tim Cahill answered "Absconded."  This was not the correct word.  after hearing many variations on abscond, Tim redeemed himself and came up with the correct word "Absconder."  For this he received a very nice bottle of wine. The secret word this week is "wine."
Speech Contest
We are attempting to bring back the speech contest.  We only have one entry at this time.  This means she will be guaranteed to win and go on to the district finals.  We need three judges for the contest on March 12th.  Al, Debbie, and Bob all volunteered.
Charter Night Leftovers
Tim Cahill suggested that a plaque be made with the names of all of the charter members of the club to be displayed at the appropriate times.  It was noted that there is only one person alive from the original charter group... Al Frumkin.  Al quickly noted that he was not in this club at that time but he was a charter member in 1905. 
Bob Mutchler, Are we still doing Happy Bucks?
Bob offered up $20 Happy bucks because he committed to abstain from alcohol on February 30th and 31st.

Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
*News You Can Use*
Poker Tournament
The 2024 Poker Tournament is March 16th at Niello BMW.  We are turning our attention to players.  Everyone has at least two friends, not counting your fellow club members.  The Prez has asked everyone to call at least two friends to inform them of the great opportunity to have a fantastic night of fun that benefits the community. We are a little behind schedule so please make this a priority. Register for the event at The Firefighter's Burn Institute will once again be joining us as a co-sponsor. 
Our thanks go out to all our sponsors:
   Tim Cook and Walmart - Title Sponsor
   Tyler and Gary Johnson and WIZICS Technology - Playing card sponsor
   Rich Desmond - Final Table Sponsor
   Carroll Cook, Al Cady and Edward Jones - Bar sponsors
   Tim Cahill and C. H. Bell - Seat Card Sponsor
   Ben Fox and Huber-Fox Law - Runner Sponsor
   Jennie Davini & Cornelious/Davini - Late Night Food Sponsor
   Al Frumkin, Frumkin Law - Table Sponsor
   Michael Caplan and Sotheby's Real Estate - Table Sponsor
   Steve Turner and Turner Investigations- Table Sponsor
   Thomas Goode and Morgan Stanley- Table Sponsor
   Republic Services- Table Sponsor 
   Silt - Wine Sponsor
We appreciate all the support our club members and their businesses provide to help make this poker tournament a big success.
The big push now is to get players.  Share the event early to allow your friends time to plan to attend.  One does not need to know how to play.  We have had winners that had never played before and they really annoy the semi-pro players.
District Assembly
Steve Turner was asked to share a little about the District Assembly.  This is a training program to let everyone know what is going on Rotary-wide.  There is training for our President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.  There will also be information on grants.  It is being held at Lincoln High School on March 21st from 8 to noon.  You should have received information about this via email.
Guest Speaker
Amy Holliday
Holliday for Judge Campaign
Rob Olmstead III was pleased to introduce today's guest speaker, Amy Holliday.  Rob has enjoyed getting to know Amy over the last few months.  This is her first venture into election politics and has a lot to share about her experience.  She is running for Judge and has to convince people she is the right person while promising to stay impartial.  She needs to judge on the facts and not on political views. Amy has the strong support from a number of people that this club respects, Senator Roger Niello, former Sheriffs John McGinnis and Scott jones, and Supervisor Rich Desmond.  Amy has Rob's unwavering support and he thinks she is going to be a great judge.   
Amy shared that she appreciated getting to know Rob and Vanessa going through this process.   She is running for superior court judge in Sacramento County. She came to Sacramento from the central coast to go to McGeorge Law School and has lived and worked in Sacramento County for 25 years. She went to Fresno State and it only cost $800 per semester.  Graduated with no debt.  She majored in business and agricultural business.   Growing up she wanted to practice civil law and represent farmers and businessmen.  She did just that for about 5 years.  She was assigned a case to help long-time immigrant farm workers secure citizenship.  That case provided her with a great amount of satisfaction.  She realized that she needed to change her line of work.  Her decision to leave private practice and work for the District Attorney was a major reduction in earning capacity and her new husband was a little taken aback by her decision. 
Working with the community and victims of crime has been very rewarding.  She has been in her position for almost 22 years and has loved every minute of it.  
Judicial races are fairly rare as most judges are appointed by the Governor. Unfortunately, some judges have little or no experience with jury trials or criminal law.  Last November, Judge Alan Sumner decided to retire and he wanted to make sure the position was not appointed.  He wanted to make sure that the replacement judge was an experienced litigator, able to hit the ground running.  Amy was approached by a group of judges that informed her of the opportunity and asked her to run for the position.  It was a surprise and honor at the same time.  As it turned out, Amy really didn't know what she was getting into in the political arena.  A judge's job is to follow the law not make promises of a political nature.  However, the judge does have the right to use discretion in their rulings.  This is where problems can arise.  Without the proper background and experience there can be problems with discretion.  
Amy lives in Carmichael and has a strong connection with the local community.  50 to 60% of her office live outside Sacramento County.  She has turned down opportunities to be a judge in other counties but her strong connection with our community kept her here. 
One of the things she is most proud of in her lengthy career is being one of the prosecutors in the 40-year-old cold case, the Golden State Killer, East Area Rapist, Michael DeAngelo cast. She has since gone on to speak about the case with a few of the victims and share with law enforcement what they learned about the process.  This is the first case solved using investigative genealogy to find the perpetrator.  Since that time seven more convictions have been made using the same process.  Some of the perpetrators were alive and some were not. 
Amy humbly stated that she is the candidate with the most experience and has the proper demeanor to be a judge.  She has experience with the entire range of people from prostitutes that were victimized to wealthy business men, treating them with respect.     
Amy has the full endorsement of every law enforcement agency and former law enforcement officials, as well as the state and local politicians.  The most important endorsement is from the Defense bar, the people she has sat across the table from over the past 25 years.  
Her rival candidates are nice people but experience counts.  Amy has twice as much experience as one of them and 100% more experience than the other.
Questions and answers were taken and addressed. You should have been here to hear the lively discussion on a variety of topics.
The Prez thanked Amy Holliday for joining us today and wished her luck. 
Future Meetings & Events
  • March 5, 2024: Julia Hirota, CEO, ST. john's Program for Real Change
  • March 12, 2024: High School Speech Contest
  • March 16, 2024: Poker Tournament, Niello BMW
  • March 19, 2024: DARK
  • March 26, 2024: Dr. Bill Zangeneh, Professor, American River College
    Topic is on Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia
  • April 2, 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • Aprill 9 2024: Off-site Lunch at Mikunis,                                                          Meeting starts at 11:45.  Sing-up, Maximum of 45 people
  • Aprill 16 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • April 23, 2024: Austin Ramos-Founding Partner Brand Velocity Group-Private Equity Firm
  • Aprill 30, 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • May 7, 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • May 14, 2024: Annual Rotary Scholarship Lunch, Del Paso Country Club
Please send your speaker recommendations to Rob Olmstead.
Past President Goode thanked everyone for coming and rang the bell closing the meeting at 1:08 p.m.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace

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