June 11, 2024
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's  
Week #48 - President Richard Goore
Rotary, Making A Difference in the World!
President Goore opened the meeting in the usual way by ringing the club bell.  He asked Ben Faubion to lead the pledge to our flag, which he did.  He then asked Steve Turner to provide the blessing and he utilized the time to provide a thought of the day focusing on the experience of the convention and "It is absolutely amazing what little clubs like ours gets, and its effect around the world.  Seeing what Rotary does around the world to ease pain, help families, to help people to grow into who they are.  When we give donations to the Rotary Foundation, when we help with projects here, we inspire new people to become Rotarians, we are effecting the world and it is very, very humbling."   
Ben Faubion
Convention Banner
Presented last week by Christine Jensen
Steve Turner
Thought for the day
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Bob Deering
Steve Turner introducer Bob Deering as our guest speaker for the day.  Bob is a long-time Rotarian, past District Governor and past camp counselor.  Steve has gotten to know him these past few years on the board of director. 
One of the things he does is our work on human trafficking. He has been a great friend and a mentor and company that is better to listen to than to speak to.
Bell Ringers
Happy Bucks
Whatever Bucks
Roy Vogel, Bell Ringer
Roy was ringing the bell in honor of his trip to tour France and Spain.  He got the chance to play golf several times.  It was a well-organized trip but it rained most of the time.  He is happy to be back.
Steve Turner, Happy Bucks
Steve has happy bucks for having coffee this morning with Cathy Skeen.  She passes on all of her love.  She is going to be moving her medical care to San Diego in July.  Steve will be asking the District Governor in that area to help identify a place, and Rotarians, to continue to take care of her.  She is doing amazing and sends all of her love, for all the care and support our club has given.    
Rob Olmstead III, Happy Bucks
Past President Rob, in an effort to make Bruce Stimson happier than he usually is, announced that his daughter is in the first week of a two-week program at Notre Dame.  She is having a wonderful time in an expensive summer vacation for dad.  She is getting the full experience with a dinner in the president’s booth at the football stadium.  There is another event on the field with the Rudy team.  Evidently, there is one building there that is in need of a paint job as it is flaking off bits of gold paint.  These flakes
are delicately applied to diplomas for the graduating seniors.  They evidently have enough flaking paint that they are willing to put some of the flakes on the diplomas for this two-week program. No one in their right-mind would ever think to call Notre Dame's graduates “flakey"... would they?   The secret word is "flakey."
Al Cady, Happy Bucks
Al provided Happy Bucks in honor of his impending drive to Hawthorn, near LAX, to attend a high school graduation party for Alesia's grandniece.  She will be going to UCLA.
Go Bruins!
Les Gudger, Happy Bucks
Les is happy to report that he attended his grandson's first year of life birthday party that raised the bar on baby birthday parties. 76 people attended the event.  It looked like the president was coming... the room was decorated, tables were decorated, the baby was decorated.  The kid got presents too big for him to pick up.  It was nice to get the two blended families together for a fun, festive time.  Les has never been to a one-year-old's birthday party like this one.  His wife doesn't mess around.  It was amazing.
News You Can Use
Heather Wulford Receives Board Approval
Heather's application was reviewed by the club board and was approved for submission to the club's membership for final approval for membership.  This is the reason Heather is not at the meeting today so the club to discuss the merits of her membership.  Heather aged out of the 20/30 club and brings a lot of energy and experience and cookies, to bribe the board, prior to their review of her applications.  It is not clear if it was the cookies or her experience or her pleasant personality that won the board over.  Regardless of the reason, it appears that she will soon be sworn in as the club's newest member.  PP Rob thanked PP Tom for
his efforts with the 20/30 club.  Tom noted that Heather was the 20/30 club's Rookie of the year, and member of the year, as well as a member of the National 20/30 Club.  She is a hard worker and will be a great addition to the club.
(Note from the editor: Yes, she has good credential but can she write the newsletter starting in 2025/26?)
Demotion Party!
Ready or not here it comes!
Will Richard be on vacation?
Will he ask Tom to step in for him?
Come and find out!
Monday, June 24th at 6:00 PM
at Todd Eichman's house. 1251 Macaulay Circle, Carmichael
A sign-up sheet has been passed around
and will be at future meetings.
Going Away Party for Luana Fernandez
Lisa Frumkin announced that she and Al are hosting a going away party for Lisa on Saturday, July 23rd at their home. To clarify and confuse the matter, the Prez noted that the 23rd is Sunday... So, stay tuned for another update as to which day, Saturday the 22nd, or Sunday the 23rd, will be the day of the party.  Either way, Luana is leaving and we want to send her off with love and a great party. 
Ben Faubion is no longer a Red-baddger!
Red-badge Ben, Before
Red-badge Ben, During
Blue-badge Ben, After
Presidential Proclamation #1
Resolution 2024/25-1
A Resolution delaying the start of Christine Jensen's
Ministerial Duties as Club Meeting Presider
for the Rotary Club of Arden Arcade
     WHEREAS, Christine is building anticipation for the start of her term as Club President by delaying her first meeting to July 9th, and; 
     WHEREAS, seeing that Tuesday July 2nd is only two days away from the National Holiday, and;
    WHEREAS, knowing that many people will take the opportunity to extend the holiday by starting the celebration on June 29th and extending it through July 7th because, we are Rotarians and proud of our Independence Day, and;
     WHEREAS, we are Rotarians and we look for any reason to take off from work. 
     THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, July 2, 2024, will be deemed a DARK DAY, and no club meeting will be held.
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that July 9, 2024, falling on the next nearest Tuesday, shall be the official first meeting of the new term of President Christine Jensen.
     UNILATERALLY PROCLAIMED by President Elect, Christine Jensen, June 11, 2024.
     UNIVERSALLY APPROVED by all members present at the club meeting at  Piatti's in Sacramento, California, June 11, 2024.
It is that time of year, time for our Annual Golf Tournament at Sierra View.
September 23, 2024
We are once again partnering with Granite Bay Rotary. 
The website is up.  It is time to start signing up sponsors and golfers.
Prop 47 Ballot Amendment, Poison Pill 
Rob Olmstead was asked to share what he knows about the legislative effort to kill the ballot initiative to amend Proposition 47 to undo many of the harmful side effects caused by the passage of the measure 10 years ago.  
Rob explained that organized crime has seized the opportunity presented by the reduced penalties for shop lifting. The legislators are attempting to kill the ballot initiative put in place by the people of California to correct some of the unintended consequences of the proposition.  They are doing this by proposing competing legislation with provisions in each of the legislative bills that would 
make void the ballot initiative should it pass in November.  People that feel this is the wrong approach should let the Governor and their legislators know.
Guest Speaker
Bob Deering, Human Trafficking
Al Frumkin was pleased to introduce Bob Deering as today’s guest speaker.  "We belong to a very unique organization.  We change the world.  Polio eradication did not start in Evanston.  It started with a past district governor in the Philippines who said 'I need to do something for my people.'  He got the idea that he could eradicate Polio in the Philippian’s.  Evanston said, if we can do the Philippines we can do the world. 
Bob Deering was an outstanding District Governor and a great supporter of this club.  He was our Charter Night speaker and has always been here for this club.  He is living proof, that if you have a cause, you have an idea, you want
to better the world, you can do it through Rotary.  This Rotary District is one of the outstanding leaders now on the issue of human trafficking.  I submit to you, if it were not for Bob Deering's efforts, his hopes and his dreams, it would not be a major issue.  Please help me welcome Past District Governor, Bob Deering."
Bob thanked the club for inviting him back to speak.  He admitted this topic is something he is very passionate about.  His journey on stopping human trafficking started in January 2016.  He was the Foundation Chair at the time when the past president of the Roseville club, Brian Garvin, suggested we put together a global grant for district 5180 to show our Rotarians we could raise money and have the money come back to our district.  But we had no idea what to do with the money.  Bob went to a conference and was introduced to the problem of human trafficking.  This provided the idea of what we could do here.  He learned that Sacramento was a hotbed for human trafficking.  The grant application was submitted to help stop human trafficking here in Sacramento.  Over the next nine months they learned that human trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the United States, second only to drugs.
The following PowerPoint presentation was provided with excellent narration.  The slides, by themselves tells a story that shows how Rotary can and does make a difference in our world.
This was, and still is, the largest global grant put together in the United States!
RAGAS - Rotary Action Group Against Slavery
Dedicated to help Rotary groups throughout the world develop projects.
They have $20,000 grants available to help develop education programs. Rotarians interested in helping stop slavery need to join RAGAS
to learn more and help the cause.
Bob shared a video about a family so poor that they sold their 7-year-old daughter into slavery for $40 to keep food on the table.
Relative Poverty - $50 to $60 per day.  Here in the united States we have programs that help support this level of poverty.
Moderate Poverty - $3 to $5 per day.  There may be some programs that help them.
This is the type of poverty you find in Indea.
This poverty impacts women and children the most.
Educating girls can change a nation. 
Deepa Willingham is a native of India, lives in the Santa Barbara area, and is a Past District Governor in that area.  In 2003 she started out to solve the problem of poverty through educating girls.  
The average income per family was $1 per day.
She started her own nonprofit and started a school.
The girls were introduced to extracurricular projects they never would have
had they not been in school.
In 2007 the council developed this vision statement.
The students are now givers and not takers.
This was just last month!
"Why do Rotarians have such a passion for helping?  
I believe if we don't do it, who will?"
President Goore thanked Bob for his inspiring and informative presentation.
Prized Beer
Al Frumkin
Beer Winner
Future Meetings & Events
  • June 18, 2024:  Jessica Alonso, Exec. Director, Keaton’s Child Cancer Alliance
  • June 22, 2024 Going away Party for Luana Fernandez, One of these is right
  • June 23, 2024 Going away Party for Luana Fernandez, One of these is right
  • June 24, 2024:  Demotion Party, 6:00 PM Todd Eichman's house,                                                   1251 Macaulay Circle, Carmichael 
  • June 25, 2024:  DARK, no meeting
  • July 2, 2024:     DARK, no meeting
  • July 9, 2024:     Out with the Old, In with the New, Christine Jensen
Please send your speaker recommendations to Rob Olmstead.
President Richard Goore closed the meeting at 1:02 PM
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace

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