August 9, 2022
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
Week #5 - President Robert Olmstead III
(He’s Baaack!)
President Robert Olmstead III is back in the saddle and ready to ride!  His batteries are recharged and he can now face another election season as well as all the responsibilities conferred upon him by the Best Damn Rotary Club in Arden Arcade…  President Olmstead III rang the club bell at 12:01.  He thanked PP Turner and PP Cahill for filling in for him while he invested valuable time with his family doing family stuff while on vacation.  He asked Bill Hambrick to lead the pledge and Al Cady provided the invocation.  
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests
There we none… not even a guest speaker… as circumstances beyond the guest speaker’s control have prevented her from attending.  She will be rescheduled for a later date.  Sooo, today will be a club assembly / business day.
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
Club Runner
Everyone should be receiving emails from the President reminding them of the meeting and upcoming events.  If you are not getting them, please let President Robert or PP Turner know and they will look into the reason why and make sure you receive them in the future.  Also, please check your Club Runner profile.  Some people have almost too much information while others barely exist in Club Runner Land.  Also, pictures would be nice additions to your Club Runner account.  If you do not provide one, President Rob will select one for you from our vast vault of past pictures.  It is rumored that it may cost to have the pictures selected for you changed to something more to your liking…. A word to the wise is sufficient!
August 16, 2022 Lunch Meeting
District Governor, Karen Cendro, will be visiting our guest speaker informing the club about this Rotary year’s events.  The Club Board will meet with Karen at 11:00 am prior to next week’s meeting.  Karen is asking all club members to bring a canned food item.  There will be two prizes.  One for the person who brings the most cans and the second for the person that brings the most creative canned good.  Closet Scotsman, Duane McOliveira, offered to bring a case of haggis to the meeting.  The Prez surmised that that just might win both categories. The Secret Word is “Haggis.”
Michael Caplan Remembered (No, he didn’t die)
It was at this point in the meeting, 12:08, that PP Cahill joined the meeting in honor of Michael Caplan who is sailing away and could not be late for himself.  What a guy, always thinking of others. Thanks Tim, for keeping Michael ever present, while he is sailing in the Pacific.
Off-site Lunch Meeting
The first off-site lunch will be held at Greg Cotta’s new business establishment located within the Clara E Raley Studios for the Performing Arts at 2420 N Street, Suite 105, in the Old Freemont School Building.  A signup sheet was passed around and will be again at the next meeting.  Megan Van Voorhis will be the guest speaker.  The Studios for the Performing Arts received a $1,500 grant from our club to help purchase a drinking fountain for the studios.
Great American River Cleanup
Bill Hambrick, in conjunction with the American River Parkway Foundation, is coordinating our club’s efforts to help with the Great American River Cleanup service-day event scheduled for September 17th from 9:00 am to noon.  We will be meeting at 8:45 at the Northgate entrance off of the Garden Highway.  This is a tough section of the river and is an adult only event as the environment is not kid friendly.  Participants are encouraged to wear good boots, gloves and appropriate pants and shirts.  This is a great opportunity for our club members to get involved.  The more volunteers we have the better.   After cleanup plans have changed and it now looks like participants will be crashing the Point West Rotary Club’s beer tasting event that will be in progress right after the cleanup.  Interested members are encouraged to change their clothes prior to attending the beer tasting.  Members who choose to ignore this bit of advice are warned they may be sitting alone as they taste their beer.
Matt Ross arrived at 12:12 only to find out that PP Cahill beat him to the tribute to Michael Caplan
Rotary Foundation Dinner
Our club has purchased a table at the event and would like to know who would like to attend.  There are eight seats available.  President Rob is planning on attending with his wife and Steve Turner is planning on attending with someone else’s wife.  This leaves four seats open.  Let President Rob know if you would like to attend.  This is a good opportunity to have some fun and learn something at the same time.
Rotary Charities Open Golf Tournament                                                                      
Christine Jensen noted that John Gabriel still has no voice so she is speaking for him.  He wants everyone interested in golfing at the tournament to signup ASAP.  All of the sponsorships have been filled thanks to our club.  The Granite Bay club only sold one sponsorship.  You are encouraged to buy your foursome tickets very soon as this tournament will sell out.  The Rotary Charities Open website is  You can use this web address, to sign up to golf.  The event will be held at Sierra View Country Club on September 19th.    A volunteer signup sheet was passed around and will be again next week.  The Golf committee will be meeting on Wednesday, August 17th at Citizen’s Bank.
Bell Ringers
Jenny Davini rang the bell, Jenny Davini rang the bell, (A double Bell Ringer).
At 1:00 am on August 4th Jenny got a visit from her son in law.  He was dropping off the dog and going to the hospital.  One hour later she got in her car and went to the hospital.  She was allowed in the delivery room as the second authorized person to witness Cora Jane Ringlstetter’s grand entrance. She is 20” long and 8lb 2oz and beautiful.  With that, the room erupted in raucous applause and cheers.  BR#1 is for the experience and the gift of a grandchild. BR#2 was for her beautiful grandchild. 
Matt Ross rang the bell due to the fact that he will not be at the Rotary meeting next week because he will be dropping off his youngest child at Colorado State University. Matt spun the wheel for Jenny and she won 3 tickets.  He spun it for himself and won 1 ticket.
Happy Bucks
President Robert Olmstead III offer up $20 for thanking Steve and Tim for taking the reigns and allowing him to take a little vacation and enjoy some time away. He spun and won 3 tickets.
Secret Word
Lisa Asperger was the first to raise her hand and knew the word was Pajamas.  For that she won 1 ticket.
August 20th Demotion Party
PP Cahill reminded the club that Past President Patrick O’Neil will finally be demoted on, August 20th at 6:pm at 3510 Winding Creek Road.  Parking will be on-street so the earlier you come the closer you park.  This also happens to be held on his birthday.  What better gift to give him that his official retirement from being the President. The dinner will be catered.  A signup sheet was passed around and will be provided again next week.  Please come prepared to express your thanks and appreciation as is normally appropriate for Demotions.
Napa Winery Event, First Week in October
Tom Goode is hoping to be back in Sacramento mid-September or early October, once the baby is cleared to travel.  Tom is planning a wine tasting event for some time during the last two weeks in October at the winery of one of his clients. The event will be a bargain for a nice meal and wine in Napa. We would like a great showing for this event.  More information to follow.
Fun! Fun! Fun! Since her Daddy Took the T-bird Away
President Robert Olmstead III announced that it is his intent to have fun, fun, fun events to help counteract the dreary, rule ladened, Covid era.  Tim Cahill was heard to say “Dreary?... You are not the first one to say that!”  It was at this point that the entire club found out what a good dancer Rob really was, tap dancing his way around an explanation of how Tim was dealt a raw deal and was able to turn lemons into lemonade. You could really tell that Rob has been in politics a long time.
Effie Yeaw Tortoise Enclosure Project Meeting
The Effie Yeaw Tortoise Enclosure project committee is moving slowly.  They are planning to hold their first meeting on August 25th to go over the plans to build an enclosure to keep tortoises from escaping and possibly running over park goers. The Carmichael Rotary Club is partnering with us, or we are partnering with them, on the project.  One way or the other both clubs are building this enclosure.  A day has not been set but it looks like two dates will be needed, one in September to do the prework and one in October to finish the project.  This may change relative to the number of volunteers we have to do the work.  It is entirely possible that other work will be accomplished at the same time.  There may be scouts involved.  Steve Turner is donating a redwood tree from his yard to provide the needed lumber that will be milled by Al Cady for the project. 
Random Fact – A weekly installment brought to you by Your Club President
As World War II began major movie makers like Disney and Warner Brothers got onboard creating propaganda films.  No fewer than nine WWII films were made featuring Donald Duck alone.    Because of WWII, the U.S. defense budget was increased thirty-fold, from 1.9 billion dollars in 1940 to 59.8 billion dollars in 1945.
Opportunity Drawing
Jonathan Barker was the lucky ticket holder.  He had Tiffany draw the card for him. The Queen of our hearts drew the Queen of clubs.  He came away with a Rotary hat.
Robert Olmstead III rang the club bell closing the meeting at 1:03 p.m.
Don’t forget:
  • Your canned food item next week
  • 11:00 am board meeting next week before the meeting.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
Jenny Davini
Proud Gandmother
Double Bell Ringer
Cora Jane Ringlstetter
8 lb 2oz    20" long
Christine Jensen
Pointing out
the need for golfers 
Matt Ross
Bell Ringer
Last child is off to college
Linda Bigler
Michael Caplan
Here in Spirit
(Not dead, just sailing)
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