February 6, 2024
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #32 - President Richard Goore
(Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting.)
President Goore, thanked Sergeant At Arms Al Cady for updating the usually small, normal sized gavel to the super-sized mega gavel that takes two hands to wield. Al explained that the other two normal-sized gavels went missing two meetings ago.  The Prez we will talk about this later in the meeting.  He then asked Ben Faubion to lead the pledge and Past President Rob Olmstead to provide the blessing.
Ben Faubion
Patrick O'Neil
Patrick gave a three-word blessing "Go Niners, amen."  The Prez requested a second round, just a bit more.  To this Patrick responded "We pray that the Niners win the super bowl!"  Evidently, the Prez was not feeling that the blessing met the low bar set for blessing and decided not to give Patrick a third try.  So, he delegated the third attempt at a blessing to himself.  The secret word is "Blessing." The Prez noted "he was thankful to everyone in the packed room enjoyed the last meeting without him.  He was thankful for family and friends and the comradery and for all the food we are about to eat and he looked forward to many more meetings. Amen " 
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians 
Jay Boatright
District Governor Elect, Steve Turner, introduced Jay Boatright, from the amazing Rotary Club of Point West.
Introduction of Guests
Pat O'Neil
Patrick O'Neil introduced his mother, Pat O'Neil.  Some may recognize her as the person that terrorized the drink table at the golf tournament.  
Patty Mutchler
Bob Mutchler introduced his "roommate" Patty Mutchler.  There was some discussion if she still qualified as a guest... considering she has attended almost as many meetings as the President.  Bob for some reason felt the need to confirm the unasked question "yes, she does sleep with him."  Whatever happened to "Don't ask, Don't tell?"
Bell Ringers 
                  Happy Bucks 
                                       Sad Bucks
There were NO Bell Ringing this meeting... possibly a silent protest regarding the absence of the normal-sized, official symbol of presidential power and authority, that went missing two weeks ago, at the end of the last meeting presided by President Goore.
Missing Gavel?
District Governor Elect Turner, being an all-around great guy, and above chicanery,... or is he???, offered up a dollar-for-dollar contribution to the club for whatever the amount of ransom the President has to pay to get the missing, official symbol of authority that is the club gavel, back. 
Editor's note:  Upon interrogation, Les Gudger swore under the Four-Way-Test of honesty, he was not responsible, this time, for the disappearance of the gavel.  He also submitted to a lie-detector test, and passed.  Gavel-gate... stay tuned.
Al Cady, Can't Stand the 49ers Bucks
Al, Can't Stand the Niner's, Cady, offered up $20 in support of the team playing the Niners.  He didn't know who the other team was, and it didn't matter, he was sure he liked them better than the Niners.  This is truly a testament to Rotary and the inclusive nature of membership... we take all races, creeds, genders and those of questionable soundness of mind.
Bob Mutchler, Happy Bucks
Bob was happy that he missed the last two meetings and was not aware that the Prez was a no show. 
Joe Green, Happy Late Bucks
Joe, Better-Late-Than-Never, Green, made his grand entrance six minutes into the meeting.  The Prez welcomed him with the opportunity to provide Happy Bucks and suggested $300... Joe countered with $3.  Welcome to the meeting Joe.  
Bill Hambrick
It was not my fault, Never was my fault,
Get off my butt, Bucks
Bill shared that last year his neighbor's tree fell down across his yard during the January storm taking out the power lines and knocking power out to 450 to 500 residents.  Even though it wasn't his tree, he was credited with the results.  This year, the power went out again and all the neighbors he met last year texted him to find out how he disrupted power this year.  Bill said that there is no truth to the rumor that a petition has been passed around to force Him to sell and move to Arden Park.  
Les Gudger
Gavel Happy, Late Sad, Power Sadder, Bucks 
Les was stunned and impressed that someone else successfully absconded with the gavel. That is worth at least $5.  He admitted he was late to the meeting and for that he is contributing.  Also, Les feels sad because he thinks he is the last house in Carmichael that is without power.  Based upon the reaction of the room, no he isn't.  Les went on to justify his late arrival on the recent death of his beloved Aunt, the last of the aunts and uncles.  You see... he was on the phone to the aunt’s son, discussing her departure and the son just kept keep talking.  Of course, no caring Rotarian would cut off a grieving family member mid grief... so he was late.  Welcome to the meeting Les.
Richard Goore, Sad/Happy/Sad/Happy/Sad/Happy Bucks
Richard is sad he was not here last week.  He is happy that he went skiing in Canada.  He was sad that there was not enough snow in Canada for the Helicopter snow trip.  He was happy to have skied four great ski resorts.  He was sad that he took a bad fall and wrenched his knee and couldn’t ski the last day. He was happy he didn't break a bone or tear something in his knee. 
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
*News You Can Use*
Poker Tournament
The 2024 Poker Tournament is March 16th at Niello BMW.  We are in need of more sponsors and players.  Please check with your friends and business owners to secure both.  We are a little behind schedule so please make this a priority. Register for the event at The Firefighter's Burn Institute will once again be joining us as a co-sponsor. 
Our thanks go out to all our sponsors: Tim Cook and Walmart for the Title sponsorship, Tyler and Gary Johnson and WIZICS Technology, Carroll Cook, Al Cady and Edward Jones, Tim Cahill and T. C. Bell, Ben Fox and Huber-Fox Law, Michael Caplan and Sotheby's Real Estate, Steve Turner and Turner Investigations, Thomas Goode and Morgan Stanley.  We appreciate all the support our club members and their businesses provide to help make this poker tournament a big success.
Dictionary Update
Bill Hambrick shared that Al Cady is hosting the annual Sticker Party on February 7th at 5:00 pm.  549 of the 500 books need stickers, one book went home with Liza for her child and she loves the book.  Also, he handed out a signup sheet for those interested in delivering the dictionaries this week.
Charter Night
Charter Night, celebrating the clubs 69th year, will be held at Del Paso Country Club on Friday night, February 23, 2024.  There will be a no-host bar at 6:00 pm followed by dinner at 7:00 pm.  Members are free, and there will be a charge of $55 for guests.  A signup sheet with dinner choices, salmon, chicken or risotto, was passed around. We will once again be entertained by the Jazz ensemble from Rio Americano High School.
Speech Contest
Bruce Stimson reported the Speech Contest is scheduled for March 12th.  He has already met with the Aspire School and they are very excited about the opportunity.  He still needs to drop off the information at the other area high schools.  We will have to limit the number of speakers to about 6.  Members need to volunteer to be judges or they will be voluntold.  The winners will receive $200, $100, $50.  Even more money can be won if they move on in the competition.
Secret Word?
There was no secret word.  But had there been... someone other than Lisa Asperger would have one because she is away on vacation.  Last week's secret word was Tesla but the question wasn't asked and there was no winner.
Future Meetings & Events
  • February 13, 2024: Dr. Bill Zangeneh, Professor, American River College
    Topic is on Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia
  • February 20, 2024: Betty Lou, Assistance League of Sacramento
  • February 23, 2024: Charter Night at Del Paso Country Club,                     6:00 pm No Host Bar, 7:00 pm Dinner
  • February 27, 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcome
  • March 5, 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcome
  • March 12, 2024: High School Speech Contest
  • March 16, 2024: Poker Tournament, Niello BMW
  • March 19, 2024: DARK?
  • March 26, 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • April 2, 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • Aprill 9 2024: Off-site Lunch at Mikunis, TBA
  • Aprill 16 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • April 23, 2024: Private Equity Speaker 
  • Aprill 30 2024: TBA, Guest Speaker Suggestions are Welcomed
  • May, 2024: Annual Rotary Scholarship Lunch... more info to come
Guest Speakers
Dan York, GM, Sacramento Suburban Water District &
Kathy Lee, GM, Carmichael Water District
Dan York
General Manager
Sacramento Suburban Water District
Cathy Lee
General Manager
Carmichael Water District
Past President, Robert Olmstead III, introduced Jay Boatright, board member for the Sacramento Suburban Water District to come up and introduce Ms. Cathy Lee, General Manager for Carmichael Water District and Dan York, General manager for the Sacramento Suburban Water District.  Jay is currently a member of the Point West Rotary Club and a former member of the Carmichael Rotary Club member and was one of the tortoise enclosure partners that played a major role in the project. 
Jay was pleased to introduce Ms. Cathy Lee, general manager for the Carmichael Water District.  As the district's chief executive officer, Ms. Lee implements policies adopted by the elected Board of directors and oversees the business of the district.  She joined Carmichael Water District in 2020 with over 20 years of experience in the water industry.  Her experience includes drinking water system design and operations, water resources planning, regulatory compliance, irrigation supplies and canal/stream management.  ms. Lee is a licensed professional engineer with the State of California and holds a maser's of science degree in Civil Engineering. 
He then introduced Dan York, general manager for the Sacramento Suburban Water District.  Dan has 43 years of service in the public sector of water utilities with 27 years at Sacramento Suburban Water District.  he began his career at Rio Linda Water Distrit as a distribution operator and worked his way up the organization to a supervisor before he began employment in 1996 with the Arcade Water District as operations manager.  Sacramento Suburban Water District was the successor entity upon consolidation of Arcade Water District and Northridge Water District in February 2002, where he continued as operations manager until being promoted to assistant general manager in 2013, then general manager in 2017.  
Dan York was the primary presenter and Cathy Lee was manning the slides.  Dan shared that the combination study has been in process for three years.  They have had 18 two-by-two committee meetings.  These meetings consist of two board members from each organization meeting to discuss issues regarding combining the two agencies.  They have had three joint board meetings and four public information workshops.  
The process started with the help of a consultant to provide a combination discussion analysis and then Dan and Cathy took on the detailed analysis report.  The following is an excerpt from the Carmichael Water District's web page and mirrors the presentation given to our club..  
Carmichael Water District
Sacramento Suburban Water District
Combination Study
Combination Opportunities: The goal in examining combination is to see how merging the two districts might encourage efficiencies, reduce costs, improve water supply reliability, and enhance customer service.
Challenges: The water industry and local communities are facing several changes and challenges, including the projected impacts of climate change on water supplies and increasing regulations that will potentially make it difficult to keep rates affordable. 
Discussions: In 2021, CWD and SSWD established a committee to explore maximizing water supply reliability and cost savings through a potential combination. They hired an independent consulting firm to conduct a Combination Study Business Case Analysis, examining industry trends, customer service, staffing, finances, and more. The analysis found no compelling deterrents. 
The districts moved forward with the next level of analysis, developing a Further Analysis Report (“Further Analysis of Combining Carmichael Water District and Sacramento Suburban Water District”) to further address any unknowns and questions raised during combination discussions. The results of this report will be discussed during the Public Meetings. 
Combination Benefits
Benefits identified during combination discussions include: 
  •  Enhanced Water Supply Reliability: Combining SSWD's groundwater resources, as well as surface water entitlements, with CWD’s surface water rights can lead to improved water supply reliability with a more balanced water supply portfolio of both surface and groundwater, especially during droughts.
  • Long-Term Savings: While there may be initial start-up costs associated with the combination, these costs are an investment in a more cost-efficient future. Start-up expenses are expected to be offset by the future savings generated by reduced administrative costs and improved economies of scale.
  • Economies of Scale and Efficiency: A combined district can achieve cost savings through economies of scale. This includes shared administrative and operational costs such as employee benefits, streamlined processes, and optimized resource utilization. This efficiency can lead to potential savings in operating expenses, which can be passed on to customers through stable rates.
  • Financial Stability: Combination can result in a more financially robust district, with a larger customer base and shared financial reserves. This can provide a cushion for capital investments and unexpected expenses, ultimately benefiting customers by enhancing the financial stability of the district.
 Public Information Workshop: January 24, 2024
CWD held a public workshop on the combination study on January 24, 2024
The Prez thanked Dan and Cathy for the very informative presentation.
President Goore thanked everyone for coming and reminded them that next week we have Dr. Bill Zangeneh, Professor, American River College speaking on Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia. He then rang the bell closing the meeting at 1:14 p.m.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace

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