October 10, 2023
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #15 - President Richard Goore
(If you can play, they will find you!)
President Goore rang the bell at 12:00 and 10 seconds later Ben Fox and Michael Caplan entered the room.  Luckily for Michael, Duane Oliviera was not present to activate the $5 attendance bet between Oliviera and Caplan... Ben is not a party to this bet and can come late as often as he wants without fear of monetary loss... better late than never.  We are thankful for all of our members attending even if they are a bit tardy.
The Prez welcomed everybody to the Rotary Club of Arden Arcade's lunch meeting.  He asked Ben Fox to lead the pledge and Governor Elect, Steve Turner was asked to provide the invocation/words of wisdom.  Both did and the meeting was off to a great start.
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Larson Olmstead I
Past President Robert Olmstead III introduced Larson Olmstead I to the club.  Larson is learning how to speak to groups of people and is using his Scout fund raiser as the vehicle to aid him in developing his public speaking skills.  Any money he raises for his Scout Troop is a plus.  More on his pitch later.
Bell Ringers 
                  Happy Bucks 
                                       Sad Bucks
John Gabriel, Bell Ringer
John Gabriel felt compelled to ring the bell after being away from the club for three weeks... he needed the time to recover from the amazing job he did with organizing the golf tournament.  So, since he could not golf in his own tournament, as he was very occupied with the management of said tournament, he spent two weeks golfing at Pinehurst and Gillingham.  He was so happy with the outcome of the tournament and all the help that the club provided in making it the great success it was, he wanted to ring the bell as a way to show his profound appreciation.
Big Al Frumkin, Happy Bucks
Big Al donated happy bucks this club has the best bulletin editor of any club he has ever seen, and he has seen them all over the world.  He decided it was too good to keep to ourselves so he brought in a copy for each table, particularly for those who are not members of the club to let them see what is going on.  With that, he asked the bulleting editor to stand and acknowledge his, and the club's, appreciation for the best bulletin Big Al has ever seen.
Tom Goode, Happy Bucks
Tom was Happy to donate Happy Bucks because of the drubbing the Dalas Cowboys took at the hands of the San Francisco Forty Niners.  Tom had hoped that the die-hard Cowboys fan, name withheld to avoid undo incrimination and limit the depth of embarrassment over the lackluster, amateurish, pitiful performance by the Cowboys, would be present to publicly acknowledge the superiority of the Niner's as a truly professional football Team.  Unfortunately, he was a no show.
Bruce Stimson, Happy Bucks
Bruce was willing to part with Happy Bucks to congratulate Mike for being declared the bulletin writer in perpetuity.  The secret word is perpetuity.  Mike offered $10 to counter the Happy Buck motion made.  The amendment to the motion was voted down and the motion stood as presented.  Mike then asked for a copy of the bylaws and if anyone knew a good attorney. 
John Gabriel, Happy Bucks
John is very Happy that his youngest granddaughter, Addison, a junior in high school, just received a scholarship to the University of Nebraska for being an outstanding diver... not the scuba kind, but the crazy ones that jump on the end of long boards and do acrobatic twists and turns before gracefully entering the water.  Richard Goore managed to get in yet another jab at soccer, by asking John to provide future diving updates on the non-sport of diving along with soccer updates that frequent the meetings... this from the father of a pole-vaulter? Stones & glass houses?
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
Paintings for auction and/or for free?
Dapper Al Cady called John Gabriel up to the front of the room to aid him in the offering of very valuable, lovely works of art.  These fine paintings, complete with certificates of authentication affixed to the back of the painting, frames and 100% genuine glass covers, were found not to be suitable for the silent auction at the golf tournament.  As it turned out, the decision not to silently auction them off was found to be a wise decision... as only one of the paintings were claimed for a pity bid of $100 from Rob Olmstead.  The remainder of the paintings will grace the walls of the local lumbermill/speak-easy at Al's house.
Larson Olmstead I, Souting Support Requested
Larson presented an amazing opportunity for the club members to show their support and good will for Scouting by placing orders and getting the goods immediately from Larson.  Larson was escorted by his father and two armed guards as they delivered what is arguably the best popcorn in the world based upon the financial investment needed to procure said popcorn.  "Larson's compelling sales pitch, coupled with the deserving organization that the revenue supported, made the donation a no-brainer,” said Robert Olmstead III.
Guest Speaker
Otis Amey, Ex Forty Niner &
Ex Sac State Football Player
Past President Tom Goode introduced Otis Amey.  He is from the Bay Area and is a father of three.  Growing up he played almost every sport available but fell in love with football.  He was an All American and Hall of Fame inductee at Sac State.  He played for the S.F. Forty Niners in 2005.  After retiring he turned his passion towards public speaking as well as helping the community.  He learned how to be resilient early in life and helped him shape his overcome mindset.  According to Otis, anything is possible and he is proof of that.
The title of his message today is "There is no transfer portal."  Today's players are faced with different options
than were available in the past, they don't have to build up resilience. If they don't like how they are being treated in college they just transfer to a different college.  This does not correlate with real life.  In real life there is no transfer portal, you can't just up and leave real life situations.  
Otis' story is about how he made it to the NFL even though he wasn't the biggest, fastest and strongest player.  He grew up in the Bay Area, Union City.  He was the youngest of four boys.  He has one brother that is a principal at a junior high school in Elk Grove.  He has another brother that is 6' 3", 300 lbs., same mother and Father, go figure.  He is now the defensive line coach at the University of Arizona State.  His oldest brother is a marine.  His mother was a counselor at a middle school and managed to transport all four boys to every sporting event as they grew up.  She was a very faithful and believing mom.  His dad came from a rough up brining and ended up a raging alcoholic.  He could function during the day but would stop by the liquor store on the way home and arrive as a stumbling raging alcoholic at least three to four times a week.  Playing sports was a way to escape the chaos of the home situation. 
The sport he was actually best in was baseball, playing center field and lead-off hitter.  He also excelled in basketball.  His favorite sport now is golf.  The sport he made it all the way in was football.  He won the wrestling championship in middle school.  In high school he was rated the #1 receiver in the entire Bay Area.  He was poised to go to any college he wanted.
At the age of seven, he remembers claiming that he was going to play for the Forty Niners one day, even though there was a 0.6% chance of making it.  Only 259 players get drafted into the NFL every year out of the thousands available to play.   
Otis secures a partial scholarship with the University of Oklahoma.  He choose Oklahoma because they just won the National championship.  Unfortunately, he injured his knee in the last game of his high school football season ending that opportunity.  His coach told him that it doesn't matter what school you play for, if you can play, they will find you.  He ends up getting a call from a school he never heard of, Sac State.  They interviewed him and checked out his grades and character before ever asking about his football exploits.  They ended up offering him a full scholarship while he was still hurt.
His first game with Sac State he went in as the #5 receiver.  Two receivers get hurt.  He plays as the #3 receiver and catches 6 passes, the last one to win the game.  He went from the #5 to the #1 receiver in one game.  He ended up breaking every receiving and returning record at Sac State.  His ultimate goal was to succeed enough to buy his mother a home as a way to tell his mom thank you for all she did for him growing up.  Sac State didn't have a good football team losing every season he played.  Even though the team was bad, he had faith in hard work and his dream to buy his mother a home.
He had an opportunity to transfer to Oklahoma State and declined it to complete his commitment to Sac State.  His junior year a scout from the Steelers was at Sac State checking him out.  He remembered being told, if you can play, they will find you.  That idea transcends sports and applies to all professions.  If you are good at what you do people will come looking for you.  He ended up with a pro day with eight NFL scouts putting him through his paces.  He was asked to bench press 250 lbs and needed to do it at least six times.  He did it twenty times, second best that year.  He also ran a very good 40-yard dash.  His 7-year-old dream of playing for the 49ers was about to come true.  He also wanted to see himself in an ESPN highlight countdown. He ended up getting drafted by the 49ers.  However, he has to win a place on the roster.  The coach tells them that only five of the prospects will make the team and everyone starts looking around to see how they match up.  He ended up making the cut at #5.  
The first game of the year against the Rams the coach decides to start him, as he wanted a fresh player in the game.  He is sent in to take a punt from the Rams.  There are a lot of things that the receiver is supposed to check while waiting for the ball to be kicked.  Otis forgets them all and is only thinking about where his mom and girlfriend are in the stands.  Because he was distracted, when he realizes the ball is coming to him, all he knows is that he needs to catch it.   A 6' 4" 260 lbs. player is in his face.  Otis makes him miss his tackle and takes off running.  Thanks to many key blocks, he is headed for the end zone.  The only person between him and the end zone is the punter.  The last thing a returner wants to have happen is to be tackled by the punter, you never live it down.  He makes the punter miss and there is no one between him and the goal.  He turned his head to see where the nearest defender is, seeing none flashes a peace sign to the defense, and goes in for the score.  His very first play in the NFL ended up being #4 on the ESPN Countdown.   
Growing up, he was never the biggest, never the fastest, never the strongest but always willing to put in the work.  That translates now in the work he is doing in the community, feeding the homeless, doing cloths drives and other things.  
One of the highlights of his life was the time he went to Arizona and showed his mother four homes and in the fourth home he handed her the keys to the house and he thanked her for her sacrifices while raising her children.  Everything he said he wanted to do at the age of seven he was able to accomplish.
He is now the Regional Director for a faith-based group, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They work directly with student athletes and have save many from committing suicide.
Otis met a student that was accepted to every Ivey League school but couldn't afford to attend them. He ended up playing for Moraga.  Otis asked him what his plans were for his life after sports.  He said he wanted to write, direct and produce movies.  He showed Otis his first short film.    Otis knew he was a gifted movie artist.  He ended up graduating from Sac State with honors.   He believed in his dream so much that he paid his own way through USC film school.    He called Otis and told him he was working on his first movie, would he like to be in it?  Otis was in football training camp at that time and couldn't but a few of his friends did.  The movie was titled Fruitville Station.   He ended up calling Sylvester Stallone to pitch an idea and was cut off mid-sentence when Stallone said I do not know who you are.  Fruitville station did so well that Stallone called him back.  He convinced Stallone to allow him to write and produce a movie called Creed.   Then he produced Creed 2.    Marvel ended up calling him to produce a movie.  His friend ended up producing the #1 grossing movie at that time, of all time, Black Panther.
You are not too young or too old for you to accomplish what you feel you need to do.  You need to be able to lay on your deathbed and know that you left nothing undone and that you did everything you were put on earth to do.  If you can play, they will find you.  
President Goore thanked Otis for a very uplifting message.
Future Events
  • October 17, 2023:  Guest Speaker, Brad Squires, Spocial Venture Partners
  • October 24, 2023:  Guest Speaker, Beth Hassett, CEO of WEAVE
  • October 27th, 2023: Happy Hour, Richard Goore's place... more info to come
  • October 31, 2023: Guest Speaker, TBA 
  • , 2023: Holiday Party... more info to come
  • , 2023: Laurell Ruff Holiday Party... more info to come
  • , 2024: Charter Night... more info to come
  • , 2024: Poker Tournament, ... more info to come
  • , 2024: Annual Rotary Scholarship Lunch, ... more info to come
President Richard Goore thanked everyone for coming, but before he could ring the bell, a small uprising of Secret Word junkies protested the lack of Secret Word questions over the past few meetings.  The Prez acknowledged that he was not asking for the secret word as he was still attempting to provide some sort of prize for the winner.  He relented and asked the question, to which "wager" was shouted out, and that person, a female voice, was honored with receiving double the usual prize.  The Prez then rang the club bell closing the meeting at 1:02 p.m.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
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