May 31, 2022
Piatti's Lunch Meeting
Week #46 - President Patrick O’Neil
(In Memory of Those All Who Served Our Country)
President Patrick O’Neil, rang the club bell at 12:00 and welcoming everyone to the Arden Arcade Rotary Club, the Best Damn Rotary Club in all of Arden Arcade.”  He asked Richard Goore to lead the pledge.  The Prez gave a short invocation.
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests  
Janett Ward, wife of the Guest Speaker, Phil Ward.
Bell Ringers
Steve Turner rang the bell to celebrate the closing of the sale on his new house at 421 Larch Lane.  He invited everyone to visit the house this Friday or Saturday, provided they bring a hand truck to help him move in. He will be holding a housewarming party at a later date that may turn into a Rotary event..
Happy Bucks, Sad Bucks, What the H#!! Bucks
Bruce Stimson was $20 happy because he had a lot to say.  He put in a political plug for his friend and candidate for Assembly District #7, Ray Riehle.  Please consider this candidate when you vote.  He also was happy for a great vacation he enjoyed at PGA West in La Quinta.  He played three rounds of golf with good friends of fifteen years. He did not report his golf scores but he did say he had fun… so you know what that means.  Bruce spun the wheel and there was no clicking sound, but the wheel went really fast.  Bruce adjusted the clicker and the wheel stopped on 4, coincidence?  I think not.
Steve Turner was $25 happy for the vacation he recently took where he got to enjoy Rob Olmstead’s kids and his daughter and another 20 kids.  They stayed at a glamping camp site with beach access and tide pools.  It was not a good day to be a crab.  The secret word is “crab.”  They had a great time.  He then added to his happiness the fact that Christine Jensen was now our new Rotary Club Foundation Representative to the American River College Foundation.  She is now in charge of our relationship with the Ray McClure Fund and American River College.  Steve spun the wheel and got 1 ticket.
Golf Tournament
Rob Olmstead reminded everyone that we need signups for volunteers and sponsors for the Rotary Charities Open.  You can use this web address, to sign up to golf and/or be a sponsor.  Last year late commers were disappointed. Weekly reminder notices will be sent out. John is looking for additional help on the golf committee.
New Club Member Induction
George Prather was asked to come forward to do the honor of inducting our newest club member, Ben Faubion, into the club under the classification of Commercial Real Estate.  George did his usual elegant job of presenting an overview of the mission of Rotary and the duties and responsibilities of club members.  When all was said and done, Tom Goode was asked to pin the Rotary pin on Ben’s lapel.  George presented Ben with his Red Badge and warned him that he will be under the guidance of Al Cady once Al gets back from vacation. 
Michael Caplan arrived at 12:22, a new record for Michael.  When asked about his tardiness in the extreme, Michael stated that he debated whether to come or not and interrupt the meeting, but he felt that it was better to be late than to not come at all.  The whole club agreed with his sentiment and congratulated him on his new tardiness record.
Ben Faubion was then given the opportunity to talk about himself and his business.  He is married with three kids, ages 9, 6 and 3.  They live in East Sacramento.  They are really involved in sports and school.  Tom knows what is coming and what to expect.  Ben has visited the club a few times with different events.  Tom kept working on him and finally got him to commit.  He coaches softball for his daughter and is starting a new USA program in East Sac.  They are in District 7 and he encouraged everyone to help promote the new softball league. 
He is a Commercial Real Estate broker, a full-service broker that also helps with the financing side of the sale.    He also will do some leasing on a referral basis.   He takes a wholistic approach to working with his clients.  He loves to backpack off trail in the Sierras.  He is a bow hunter and fisherman and generally loves the outdoors.  He has been married for 18 years and together for 23 years.  He grew up in Citrus Heights and went to Casa Robles.  Now that his kids are a little older, he is happy to reengage with the community.   
Secret Word – Steve Turner came up with came up with Brandenburg.  While that was not the secret word, he was credited with being close as there was no secret word in the last meeting letter.
Guest Speaker
Mike Grace introduced his friend and the guest speaker, Retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Special Operations Combat Control Team, Phil Ward.  Phil utilized a PowerPoint program to provide a brief overview of the history for all the armed forces and then concentrated his talk on the USAF Special Operations and Combat Control Team’s mission. His talk identified some of the historical use of SpecOps teams from Biblical times and up through the years.  He covered the rigorous training requirements and the selection process for the specialized SpecOps force.  Phil then shared a few historical photos of his time in training and his service in Laos and Vietnam. His talk was engaging and gave an unvarnished, realistic view of what it takes to be a member of a SpecOps team.
President O’Neil thanked Phil for his service and the presentation.
Opportunity Drawing
Bruce Stimson was the lucky opportunity drawing winner.  He did not pick the Ace of Spades and did not find anything but air in his envelope.  Better luck next time Bruce.
President O’Neil rang the club bell, closing the meeting at 1:10.  
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
Phil Ward
Guest Speaker
Ben Faubion
Newest Club Member 
George Prather Inducting Ben Faubion
Tom Goode and Ben Faubion
Rob Olmstead doing his
John Gabriel Imitation
Bill Hambrick doing his
Al Cady Imitation
Steve is a Happy Guy
He is no longer homeless
Bruce Stimson, promoting Ray Riehle and Golf
Phil Ward
During his Presentation
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