November 15, 2022
Lunch Meeting at Piatti's
Week #19 - President Robert Olmstead III
(Act Locally, Think Globally?)
Sergeant-at-Arms Cady attempted to bring the club to order announcing that the members needed to be on their good behavior as we were without a microphone and we had a guest from the West Sacramento Rotary Club.
President Robert Olmstead III bemoaned the fact that the mic was not working as he is suffering from the remnants of a cold and is without the clarity of his normal melodious voice. The Prez dispensed with the traditional ringing of the bell to start the meeting and went right into welcoming everyone to the best damn Rotary Club in Arden Arcade at 12:00.  The opportunity drawing pot is now $719 and less than half the deck is left.  He asked Les Gudger to lead the pledge.  Richard Goore was ambushed by the Prez and asked to do “an invocation of some sort.” Richard reluctantly complied, doing a fine job under stressful conditions.
Secret Word
The Prez asked if there was a secret word?  Surprisingly, many members knew that there was no secret word in the newsletter. 
Late Arrivals

It should be noted that at 12:02, Greg Cotta joined the meeting. 
Introduction of Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Governor Elect, Steve Turner, timed his introduction of visiting Rotarians to allow the two late arriving guests to enter the room, Al Frumkin and Lisa Keller from the Passport Club.   Al thanked the Prez for starting the meeting early.  Steve made the two guests sit at separate tables as punishment for their tardiness… also to help our members get to know them as they are in the market for a club to join.  Steve went on to introduce Tim Hays, category Engineer/Mechanicle, from the amazing East Sacramento Rotary Club.  They were our partners contributing to the Encina High Computer Room project. 
Tim Hays, category Engineer/Mechanicle, from the amazing East Sacramento Rotary Club. 
Early Departures
It should be noted that at 12:04, Greg Cotta left the meeting. To his credit, he left his thriving, newly opened restaurant, just to deliver stuff the club needed.  He had to return to work and hopes that the guy waiting on his expresso didn’t notice that it took him 35 minutes to make it.  That’s dedication, service above self, and at the expense of the poor guy who fell asleep waiting for his expresso.  The Secret Word is “expresso.”
Announcements and Other Fun Stuff
Breaking News
Our Speaker for the Day is sick… but so is the Prez… and he showed up.
Effie Yeaw Tortoise Enclosure
Greg Cotta noted, while on his way out the door to deliver an expresso to the poor smuck waiting patiently for it back at his cafe, that there is still more work to do and he would be getting back to everyone soon.  Alternate Secret Word “smuck.”
Rotary Exchange Student
Bruce Stimson was asked to give an update.  He reported that he, Richard Goore and the Prez conducted a phone interview with George Hosino III, candidate for the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program.  George is a Junior at El Camino High. They found George worthy of being recommended to the district for the final round of interviews on Sunday November 20th.  George is a bit of an introvert but the committee felt that he would overcome his shyness once he felt comfortable being around Rotarians.  Bruce felt the value of the RYE program was so high that he took on this effort to get our club back in the program.
Host families are still needed.  Being a Host Family is an amazing opportunity to get to know people from other countries and build lasting friendships.  Bruce can now travel the world going country to country without ever having to pay for a hotel room.  That is some incredible advanced planning on his part.  It is rumored that Bruce is hoping to get a student from China, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Vietnam and other nations that the U.S. does not have extradition treaties with. It may also be helpful if he every has to go on the lamb.
Poker Tournament
Richard Goore reminded everyone that the poker tournament is on March 25, 2023. 
It will once again be held at Niello BMW.  We need you all to find sponsors, players and raffle prizes.  They are holding a poker committee meeting on November 29th at 11:00 at Piatti’s prior to the regular meeting.
Holiday Party
Lisa Asperger reported our Holiday Party is Friday, December 9th on the Delta King in Old Sacramento.  A sign-up sheet is being passed around to aid her in providing a headcount to the Delta King by the 25th of November.  The event is upscale and sure to be one of the best holiday parties in recent history, well worth the $75 per person charge.  Lisa did clarify that the lighted boat parade is not happening on that night as previously erroneously reported to her by an overzealous Delta King event planner.
Coats For Kids
Carroll Cook noted that every year he sets a goal for about 100 coats to be delivered to Dyer-Kelly Elementary School.  Last year we delivered 127 coats.  Over the last 15 years we have donated over 2,000 coats. 57 coats have been ordered and or delivered at this time.  You can donate money, buy and personally deliver or have coats shipped directly to the school.  Carroll received a substantial check from Larry McClure along with a not that read “I will be happy to donate money as long as you do the shopping. 
Thank you for continuing this project and, God willing, I will continue to support this project, you just have to remind me.”  The hat was passed around to purchase more coats. 
Coats for Cute Kids
Coat Delivery
More kids, More Coats
Laurel Ruff Christmas Party is Back
Matt Ross informed the club that we will be meeting at the Laurel Ruff Special Needs School to serve the Holiday meal to the students on Monday, December 12th NOT Tuesday, December 13th as previously announced.  This is the only day the school district can transport the other kids from the other special needs schools via buses. Matt could use some help with the event this year.  The day will start at 8:00 and end about 12:30. A brief skit or song is usually presented by the older special needs students at Laurel Ruff. 
They will also be helping us serve the lunches. Matt and his elves deliver candy to the kids.  This is really a great time and everyone needs to participate. This event takes the place of the Tuesday, December 13th Rotary meeting.   
Bell Ringers?
Happy Bucks?
Not this time!
Pinch-hit Guest Speaker
District Governor Elect, Steve Turner
Rotary International Zone Institute Meeting Highlights from Salt Lake City
Steve Turner invested three days at the Rotary International Zone Institute meeting held in Salt Lake City, Utah a couple of weeks ago.  Our RI director serves a two-year term for the Big West area that covers two zones, #26 and #27 which includes most of the Western United States, including Alaska and part of Canada. We are in zone #27. 
This meeting is similar to our District Conferences in that it provides training for the incoming district governors and meetings on vital topics related to governing and all things Rotary via speakers and classes. 
Membership is the biggest item of discussion around the world. It appears that the things we are doing at our club, thanks to Tom and Rob, are right in line with the goals of Rotary.
There were three particular speaker presentations that were really amazing.
What Peace Fellow Do Around the World
  1. Speaker Lorelei Higgins, Mrs. Canada, was a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in 1999 and went to South Africa.  She continued with Rotary in different forms.  She has helped with peacebuilding.  She has a peace fellowship scholarship and has served in Thailand and Bolivia on peace projects.   She has helped people living near mine fields.   She has heled refugees from Miramar trying to get into Thailand.   She is presently working in Calgary, Canada. She is native Canadian and Scillian.  She is presently working on reconciliation, dealing with things that happened to the natives in Canada.  Addressing the abuses of government in the taking of native children from their parents and placing them with other families in an effort to integrate them with the culture.  Those that refused to be enculturated were exterminated. One of the disturbing revelations was that Germany learned how to destroy large numbers of people by visiting Canada and learning from them about incineration of the bodies as a means of getting rid of the evidence.     
  1. African Education Program started by Desmond Tutu
    1. Bishop Edmond Tutu’s daughter spoke on their program of providing simple desks for the children to help their education in schools.  These desks are simple flat surface lighter than wood but heavier than cardboard.  They hold these “desks” their laps to allow the child to hold their papers on and write on them. 
  2. Rotary in Ukraine
    1. Speaker John Hecko, served in the Clinton Administration in international relations and the U.N., He worked with Ukraine and was ambassador to Russia.  He is on point with what is happening with Ukraine for Rotary.   The Rotary connections at the international level is impressive.  It gives you a deeper appreciation for what Rotary International is doing and the part they play in the world.   
All of these speakers expand one’s awareness of the needs in the world and the impact Rotary is having world-wide.  The Zone Institute was attended by more than 600 people.  There was a wide range of ages.  A large contingent of Rotaract members were there.  Our District sent not only district governors and governor elects but 2 to 3 Rotary emerging leaders.  They are selected from the clubs as people that have expressed a desire to do more in Rotary.  There were also many district members there that paid their own way. 
It was a very big week for Steve and he is thankful for the club’s support.  Al Frumkin shared that he received many good comments from people at the Rotary Zone meetings regarding Steve and his level of leadership.  They are looking for great things from his term as Governor.  We are going to have a great 2024/25 year.  Rotary is about relationships and friendships.  Al reconnected with members he had not seen in 40 years and it was just like it was yesterday. This district is in good hands. Steve swears he did not pay Al for his comments… you be the judge.
Mike Caplan reminded the club about a grant that we and Rancho Cordova started to help clean up a waterway in the middle east.  The grant grew to $60,000 and then was selected by Rotary International and became a million-dollar project.  The waterway was cleaned up and now contains potable water.  The clubs that participated in this effort were recognized for their efforts.  We can have a global impact.
This year’s RI Conference is being held in Melbourne, Australia.  Steve Turner plans to rent an Air B and B house to help keep expenses under control as well as build unity and comradery.  He is inviting our members to join him. 
Announcements Part II
There was a memorial service this last week for Howard Stagg. Several of our members attended.  Howard is dearly missed.
Opportunity Drawing 
There is now $719 in the pot.  The Al Cady selected Roy Vogel’s ticket and he pulled the Ace of Diamonds.
President Robert Olmstead III informed the club that we will be dark on November 22 and December 27.  Don’t forget the poker tournament meeting on November 29th at 11:00 at Piatti’s. He then rang the club bell, closing the meeting at 1:03 p.m.
Note:  Events over the past six years have shown that truth is evidently subjective.  In that vein, some, or all of the above, are matters of subjective reality.
Respectfully (more or less) submitted by,
Mike Grace
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