May 09, 2019 12:00 PM
Rainelle Lushina - Program Coordinator
Camp Imua & Dream Imua Programs

Come join us as we hear from Rainelle Lushina about what is going on with Dream Imua and Camp Imua, which are part of Imua Family Services.  Imua Family Services provides comprehensive early childhood developmental services to children and their families.

Dream Imua supports Maui County’s children at a time when they need it most. When children are in a crisis of any kind, they can lose hope. Sometimes their sense of stability is shattered, their faith in the future and themselves is gone. By granting them a day of their dreams, this program empowers them to believe that they are special and there is hope.

Last year, we raised over $3,000 for a Dream Imua Child, and hopefully we can do the same this year with the help of our members.  Rainele will also talk about a program for another child in need.