Rotary Club of Sacramento Foundation
The Rotary Club of Sacramento Foundation is a California nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized by members of the Rotary Club of Sacramento in 1971, and qualified as a charitable entity under Revenue Code section 501 (c)(3).

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and appointed from the membership of the Rotary Club of Sacramento by its President and Board of Directors. In general terms, the purpose of the Foundation is to receive, invest and distribute charitable funds raised by the Rotary Club of Sacramento. 

The allocation and distribution of funds are determined by the Memorandum of Understanding between the Club and the
It is the philosophy of Rotarians to provide "Service Above Self" and your Foundation has proudly served our community since it was formed in 1971.
We generate funds for our club's Foundation through our voluntary contributions, such as Bell Ringers and becoming a Friend of the President as well as our projects, like Golf 4 Kids, Sacramento Century Challenge and Pony Express Marathon.
Some of these funds are invested and they appreciate in value over time.  As our Foundation increases, so do the financial contributions to the community.