October 2017
Let's Build Something Together!
Bird House              $50-$100
Dollhouse                $250
Condominium         $500
House                      $750
Palace                     $1000
“Atta” Mulligan         $25
Meeting Sponsor     $300
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Brown Bag Day
Oct 24, 2017
Linda Bisson
Oct 31, 2017
Nov 07, 2017
Anthony Wright
Nov 14, 2017
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President John (Knox, Lemmon & Anapolsky, LLP) welcomed Rotarians to the 13th meeting of the 104th term of the Rotary Club of Sacramento.
An inspiring thought for the day was offered by Leo McFarland (Volunteers of America).  The thought was two-fold:  1) to express deep appreciation to all who helped with the Sacramento Century Challenge and 2) he asked that Rotarians consider the families of California affected by the fires raging in our beautiful state.  “Rotarians put service above self.  When called upon, we will respond.”
Past President Dave Cohen was the meeting sponsor and donated his time to FairyTale Town. 
Kathy Fleming of FairyTale Town shared that they were celebrating 20 years as a non-profit organization, after spinning off from the city. FairyTale Town is experiencing a renaissance and is undertaking many renovations.  Ms. Fleming thanked our Club for supporting FairyTale Town with a recent grant from our Foundation that was processed through our Community Grants Committee.
Past President Wes Yee (Yee Dental Care) gave a special presentation and inducted Norm Marshall as our newest Sacramento Rotary Fellow.  Norm, surrounded by his family and friends, explained how very much Rotary means to him.  He expressed his appreciation to Clayton Lee (C.K.L. Trust) and Steve Ruland (Ruland's Office Furnishings) who brought him into the Club.
President John indicated that December 12 would be our annual membership meeting.
Joe Grant (Vantage Points, LLC) encouraged participation in our upcoming Brown Bag Luncheon on October 24.
April Javist (Sacramento Public Library Foundation) encouraged everyone to join in the Walk for Literacy on October 21.   We currently have 30 Rotarians signed up and another 10 would be great!
Tanya Kravchuk (Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento) announced that Mead Kibbey had been hospitalized, but is home now with nursing support. 
Kathy Herrfeldt (Home Care Assistance) asked that Rotarians keep the communities and families affected by the fires in their thoughts.  She will be driving donations to the affected areas this weekend.  Drop off donations at Kathy’s office 5363 H Street, Sacramento.
President John indicated that we will be creating a committee to develop a list of needs and priorities for victims of the fires.  Expect further information on that later.
Margo Fowkes (OnTarget Consulting,Inc.) announced “Good Grief,” a series to provide support for those dealing with grief in the workplace.  The first session is October 26.  See Margo for details.
Let’s Build Something Together:
Past President Peter Dannenfelser (Architectural Arts) recognized the Teichert and Gerbitus families for their founding work at FairyTale Town.
President Elect Diane Woodruff made a contribution on behalf of Margo for her work on the Sacramento Century.
Tom Engel made a contribution in honor of family celebrations.
Chris Ann Bachtel (First Northern Bank) encouraged blood donations; go on line to www.bloodsource.org to sign up.  Chris Ann indicated she would contribute $25 for the first 25 to sign up.  Please mention our club number (6569) when you register.
President John transitioned the meeting back to the Sacramento Century and invited Past President Susan Sheridan to recap the event.  The event beneficiaries were Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento and Volunteers of America.
Past President Susan Sheridan gave a heartfelt thank you to everybody involved and for their efforts which, for many people, went way beyond the day of the event. 
Some numbers to think about:
  • It is estimated that 850 riders participated at some level
  • We had 300 volunteers, many were Rotarians and their friends and family
  • Many of the volunteers were non-Rotarians
  • The temperature was perfect, a beautiful 90 degrees with 4MPH wind.
Next year’s Sacramento Century is scheduled for October 6. Mark your calendars!
"Service Above Self " is the official motto of Rotary and is one of our personal commitments.
We joined the Rotary Legacy Circle because we believe our estate gift leverages our resources to make the biggest long term impact on both our local and international communities. - Thom & Linda Gilbert
 The weekly meetings of the Rotary Club of Sacramento are at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, located at 600 Alhambra Blvd; Parking is on 30th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.   

October 17 2017 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

October 31 2017 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

November 7 2017 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

November 14 2017 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

November 28 2017 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

December 5 2017 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

December 12 2017 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

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