November 2018
Rotary Tuesday Meeting

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1451 River Park Dr. #, Sacramento, CA 95815


We meet Tuesdays at 12:10 PM
The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Ballroom
600 Alhambra Blvd.
Sacramento, CA  95816
United States of America
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Nov 27, 2018 12:15 PM
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Dec 04, 2018 12:15 PM
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Dec 11, 2018 12:15 PM
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Dec 18, 2018 12:15 PM
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President Diane Woodruff gaveled the meeting into being at 12:10pm, noting that our club, “the oldest, biggest and best Rotary Club in our region,” had been recognized with an award at the recent Rotary Foundation Dinner.
Thought for the Day:
Steve Huffman shared observations relating to the anticipated presentation of TV guy ‘Rob on the Road’ Stewart, referencing several of the sites Rob has visited, including, memorably, a Donkey Rescue. Amen.
Golf 4 Kids:
President Diane introduced Bob Miller (First US Community Credit Union), intrepid chair of Golf 4 Kids, who provided an update on this year’s event – May 6, 2019. He reminded us that this event is the oldest continuously held fundraiser in all of Rotary, begun in 1922 – before a few of our members were born! He then shared a video featuring our own ‘Rob on the Road’ Scherer, who provided a video tour and interviews with people at the Ralph Richardson Center, one of the beneficiaries of Golf 4 Kids. The video was touching and the help we provide through this event is clearly making a difference for the children in the Center’s programs.  The event annual nets in the range of $40,000, all of which supports the growth of these remarkable kids.
Let’s Education Someone:
·        Dr. Barbara Arnold (Barbara J. Arnold, MD, Inc.) was acknowledged as the first, official “Fairy Godmother” in Rotary history for her support of Fairytale Town. Director Kathy Fleming presented Barbara with her official tiara, royal robe, and magic wand. Barbara recounted how many Rotarians have been (and continue to be) involved with Fairytale Town, acknowledging several by name. She also said she would make a gift to Polio Plus in thanksgiving for this moment.
·        Past President Susan Sheridan (retired-law) and Dennis Smith (Tsakopoulos Investments) celebrated their 20th Anniversary of sneaking off together to Catalina Island and the Avalon Ballroom for a Jazzfest. They eventually confessed they take their spouses along. Each put $100 toward their next Eddie Mulligans, and Dennis put in an extra $100 to Susan’s for her general awesomeness.
·        Jim Phillips (retired-HVAC) shared that he’s now starting his 39th year in Rotary – with perfect attendance – and that he’d be making a gift in acknowledgment of that fact.
·        PP Dan McVeigh (Downey Brand) confessed that he will miss our next meeting because he and his bride will be away at Sea Ranch to celebrate their 41st Anniversary. He put $150 toward his Eddie Mulligan, and $150 toward his Paul Harris.
Club announcements:
·        Virginia Wade (retired-banking) announced that Thursday, November 29, is our next date for serving at Loaves & Fishes – we need workers for both the morning food-prep and midday serving times. If you haven’t done this, make it a point to do so soon. It’s very rewarding!
·        PE Jim Leet (Boutin Jones), Chris Ann Bachtel (First Northern Bank), John Swentowsky, and Ivan Wild (Salvation Army) each shared anecdotes about their experiences as Salvation Army Bell-Ringers and noted that Friday, December 14 is our bell-ringing day – we need two Rotarians per shift throughout the day, in front of Macy’s at Arden Fair Mall. Contact Jim Leet to participate!
·        PP Peter Dannenfelser (Architectural Arts) shared photos of several Rotarians who attended the Foundation Dinner at which our club and district were honored. There are 529 districts in all of Rotary and our District 5180 came in 6th for funding in support of Polio Plus!
·        President Diane noted upcoming events, for which one should sign up on Clubrunner:
o   Community Service Project, Saturday, November 10th, 10am-1pm
o   Next Fireside on Wednesday, November 14
o   Networking Night on Wednesday, November 28.
Speaker Introduction:
Jeanne Reaves (Jeanne Reaves Consulting) assumed the podium and shared that our speaker, Rob Stewart of KVIE’s Rob on the Road, had strep throat and Jeannie took the initiative to banish him from our meeting until he was healthy. President Diane then shared that this was one of a Rotary President’s least-favored circumstances, but because of the creativity of Rotarians and some serendipity, she was ready with solutions – not one speaker, but three! Steve Huffman, Linda Gilbert, Jim Culleton (Strong and Associates Printing) and Kathy Fleming Steve, Linda and Jim speaking as Service Above Self in Action, and Kathy sharing more about Fairytale Town.
 The weekly meetings of the Rotary Club of Sacramento are at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, located at 600 Alhambra Blvd; Parking is on 30th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.   

November 13 2018 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

November 27 2018 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

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