March 2024
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Rotary Tuesday Meeting
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This week’s Rotary meeting kicked off with enthusiasm after a dark week.
Rick Davis provided our Thought for the Day on the Rotarian concept of Service Above Self and its connection to the Air Force ideal of Service Before Self – and how both concepts ultimately tie back to a core philosophy that will be familiar to all: do unto others as you would have done unto you.
President Todd Koolakian led the assembled Rotarians in an essential (but less exciting) administrative task: ratifying changes to the bylaws recommended by the Club board of directors. Majority approval was sought and received; there were no abstentions or votes in opposition.
Todd’s Tuesday Trivia: Elfrena Foord and Jim Culleton took the mic to play the ever-popular Two Truths and a Lie. If you wanted to know which of your fellow Rotarians is a published author…or who outran a bull while carrying a parachute….well, you had to be there!
Club Announcements:
  • John Swentowsky reminded everyone that Loaves and Fishes service is taking place this Thursday. They are still looking for a few more volunteers to round out the morning shift.
  • Steve Huffman shared that Brown Bag Day will take place in two weeks – the deadline to reserve your spot is next Tuesday!
  • Clayton Lee announced that RCOS’s next water project in Honduras will bring clean water and sewer systems to 400 homes. That’s huge!
  • Nancy Smith-Fagan shared that the scholarship application portal is now open; relatedly, the scholarship committee is looking for some new members.
  • Tom Bacon wanted us all to know that there are plenty of open dates for wine sponsorships in March.
  • Shared with this reporter after the fact: A Rotarian at Point West is leading a service trip for high school and college students to the Oxacan Peninsula over spring break. Students will build homes for families living in poverty. Learn more here or contact Rotarian Jeff Devol at 707.310.2665.
The main event: our speaker!
We were honored to be joined by Dr. Lisa Cardoza, President of American River College in the Los Rios Community College District. This is her first academic year in the position; she most recently served as VP for University Advancement at Sacramento State, following nearly a decade of service at the university, starting as President Robert S. Nelsen’s Chief of Staff in 2015.
During Todd’s Tuesday Trivia, Elfrena and Jim had asked who among the assembled Rotarians had some sort of connection with Los Rios Community College – as a student, a faculty member, or a supporter of someone who had benefited from a Los Rios education. The number of hands raised in the room was a truly impressive testament to the role this institution plays in our community, and dovetailed neatly into Dr. Cardoza’s speech, which recognized the importance of community in her own story of success. She acknowledged that without mentors and family support, her own story could have derailed a number of times, and she seeks to build that same sense of community and strong foundations for students at ARC. Her enthusiasm for her new role was obvious throughout her talk, as was her pride in their students.
Our greeters for the day were Christie Holderegger, Judy Kjelstrom, and Virginia Wade.
Photography was by John Swentowsky. Harold Bellamy was our wine sponsor. Justino Santana provided A/V support and, in LaToya’s absence, President-Elect Bobby Reed stepped in to provide administrative support alongside Barbara Clegg.
Next week, Mik Miklaus will share the 2024 Economic Forecast – don’t miss your chance to stay ahead of the curve! See you there, Rotarians.

On February 13, 1314, King Edward II banned soccer in London with a royal order "to forbid playing this godless game within the town walls under penalty of imprisonment."


To the day 710 years later, our guest speaker Lisa Wrightsman countered with an inspiring presentation that underscored the beneficial impacts of playing soccer for formerly unhoused individuals served by her organization, Street Soccer USA-Sacramento.


Meeting sponsor Bajrang Moran shared the exciting news that he and spouse Gabriel Gendron have opened Sattva California in Rancho Cordova, a premiere learning center for meditation, breathwork and yoga. Sattva California is home of "Positive Mind Performance Training” 30-minute classes designed for busy minds and practiced sitting on chairs, couches or cushions. Rooted in the rich traditions of the Himalayas, these time-tested, practical and scientific techniques cultivate optimal health and wellness benefits. 


Club Announcements

  • Loaves and Fishes – Virginia Wade appealed for volunteers on February 29
  • Parkway Clean Up - Megan Masten announced a postponement due to weather; look for a fresh date in the near future.
  • Jean Runyon Award - Maggie Hopkins encouraged nominations by the February 24 deadline for this prestigious club award.

Justino Santana introduced Lisa Wrightsman, Managing Director of Street Soccer USA, Sacramento. Lisa played soccer for Sacramento State and has continued her love for soccer both as a player and coach in the Homeless World Cup – and as a leader expanding the reach of Street Soccer USA here in Sacramento.


Lisa shared her personal journey of a passion for soccer; a post-college downward spiral via substance abuse that resulted in jail time; and recovery aided greatly by rekindling her love for the game through Street Soccer USA (take that, King Edward). A national non-profit, Street Soccer USA provides free programs, a safe space, and healing through hope and the joy of playing the game. 


Street Soccer USA-Sacramento serves 1,200 youth and adults every week. All programs are free to anyone who wants to play soccer, funded by grants, school contracts and fundraising. Their fields are located at Broadway and 8th Street. Thanks in great part to her efforts, Sacramento hosted the Homeless World Cup last July, and a documentary film about the Homeless World Cup will release March 29 on Netflix.


President Todd thanked greeters Josh Pelz, Buddy Hubbert and Steve Huffman. The Pulse reporter was Ann Solomon and photography was handled by Virginia Wade. Ed Melia hosted the wine reception. The Thought for the Day was delivered by Brad Schmidt.


No club meeting on February 20 in observance of Presidents Day.


The following applicants have been proposed for membership.  All comments related to these membership application must be in writing and sent to President Todd Koolakian.
Prospect:      Emily Carper
Business:      Valley Rehabilitation
Position:        Clinical Supervisor and Physical Therapy
Sponsor:       Jamie Furlong and Sarah Hodge