February 2018
Let's Build Something Together!
Bird House              $50-$100
Dollhouse                $250
Condominium         $500
House                      $750
Palace                     $1000
Meeting Sponsor     $300
Upcoming Speakers
Dean Hunter Schwartz
Feb 27, 2018
Vision about the Law School Revitalization and Integration
Margo Fowkes / Tina Reynolds
Mar 06, 2018
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 20, 2018
Upcoming Events
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Written by: Jim Culleton
We kicked off Cupid’s Day with Mike Bullington (Bullington and Associates) on the piano – while Michele Amaral, Shadi Fox and Jack Anderson (Dick James and Associates) loosened everyone up with a few mimosas. 
Our greeters Cheryl Marcell (CA State Railroad Museum Foundation), Alan Markis (Deja Blue Dive & Tour) and Jonathan Marz (Diepenbrock Elkin Gleason LLP) ushered in many guests and spouses. 
President John Lemmon (Knox, Lemmon & Anapolsky, LLP), with his wife Debbie at his side, welcomed one and all to our festive Rotary Tuesday lunch meeting.
Michele Amaral gave us the thought for the day, a “definition” of love and closed with a poem by E.E. CummingsCallee Setzer (Setzer Forest Products) introduced our guests and spouses en masse.  Dennis Smith, our meeting sponsor, gave a brief history of the Tsakopoulos Management Company, some of their portfolio holdings and the prospects of future development.
Nian Roberts celebrated his 90th birthday with a huge slice of cake!  He recounted a funny story of his name.  Having two older brothers, his parents wanted a girl to be named Nina.  Well Nian showed up so they just switched the last two letters for their 3rd son.
President John showed us a mystery photo that surfaced up in our e-mail.  Although it first looked like someone had mistakenly forwarded a shot of some 80’s era “Dancing With the Stars” contestants, further examination revealed that the folks pictured were Rick Bixler, President of the Point West Rotary Club, and his wife, MaryPresident John thanked Rick (who apparently had a prior career as a Las Vegas Elvis Impersonator) and Mary for being present at our meeting.
Thank you so much for being our Meeting Sponsor!
Tsakopoulos Investments & Tsakopoulos Management Company
Tsakopoulos Investments - which has been a sponsor of our Club’s annual Sacramento Century Challenge event for 4 going on 5 years now by providing its 500 Capitol Mall parking garage for event patron and volunteer parking free of charge - is a family-owned, multi-generational, Sacramento-based land and commercial real estate development, acquisition, leasing, management, and related businesses company operating primarily in the greater Sacramento region. Tsakopoulos Investments was founded and built by the late George Tsakopoulos and his wife Drosoula over 60 years ago after they emigrated to the Sacramento community from their native Greece.
Since George’s passing, his son, Angelo G. Tsakopoulos, has been Tsakopoulos Investments’ ownership leader and Manager, and has, with his mom Drosoula’s and his sister Kathy’s involvement as well, continued to grow the business.
The foundational, cornerstone principles of the company were and continue to be fairness, integrity, and hard work which have led to the acquisition, development, leasing, and management of a diverse mix of land and commercial real estate projects and properties.
Tsakopoulos Investments has completed numerous residential subdivisions of various sizes and has land holdings of over 12,000 acres
in the five-county Sacramento region for future development.
Developed projects and acquired properties range from community retail properties including pads and strip and grocery store-anchored centers to low-, mid- and high-rise office buildings. Through its Tsakopoulos Management Company subsidiary, Tsakopoulos Investments leases and manages its main office building properties, including: the 25-story, Bank of the West Office Tower at 500 Capitol Mall; the 22-story Esquire Tower office building at 13th & K Streets, and the 5-story Point West Corporate Plaza office building complex.
Tsakopoulos Investments’ team of managers operates with an attentive, hands-on, customer service-oriented approach within a rapid, informal decision-making structure in applying many collective years of commercial real estate experience, knowledge, and skill toward the goal of achieving each and every tenant’s satisfaction with the Tsakopoulos Investments property it leases.
Please extend a warm Rotary welcome to our newest members James Raney (picture will be added shortly),  David Baker, Tina Reynolds, and Laurie Wright, 
 The weekly meetings of the Rotary Club of Sacramento are at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, located at 600 Alhambra Blvd; Parking is on 30th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.   

February 27 2018 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

March 6 2018 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

March 13 2018 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

March 20 2018 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

March 27 2018 - The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church



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