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Here are the final standings for 2003:

David Bishop-377 Curry Bishop-349 Andy Glecoff-337 Greg Bishop-160 Kim Emmerson-159 Art Dawson-131 Jim Miners-120 Brian Black-105 Nancy Bishop-103 Andy Salvatori-95 David Gray-92 Steve Roberts-91 Peter Forgrave-90 Bob Stinson-80 Brian Menton-80 Dorothy Menton-80 Ray Selbie-80 Ted Brandon-80 Jim Henwood-78 Kim Varty-71 Derek Knowles-66 Don Popple-58 John Beachli-57 Robert denboer-55 Jim Richards-53 Tracey McMullen-52 Greg Scheffee-50 Jamie Cowen-46 Sean Hawley-40 Maureen O'Hara-35 Drew Carey-35 Linda Beachli-29 Bob Nichol-28 Hugh Nichol-27 Art Ward-27 Len Pizzey-24 Lon Duncombe-20 Foster Loucks-20 Donna MacDonald-19 Troy Austen-17 Jerry Walker-16 John Gunning-14 Luke Schell-13 Maria Micallef-10 Marran Woods-10 Don Madole-7

Total- 3,586= $72,640
Gold Team-1330 Blue Team-1180 Black Team-1076
Early Bird Winners (and Sellers):

IGA Voucher - George Bosch, Belleville (Glecoff) Value Mart Voucher - Bill Schell, Huntsville (C. Bishop) Curry Motors Voucher - Ed/Jen Bloom, Barrie (Glecoff) Pinestone Voucher - Gary MacDonald, Haliburton (MacDonald) Sir Sam's Inn Ski Package - Mac Gadway, Harcourt (Dawson)
Contest plateaus for Surf and Turf meals:

80 tickets sold=1 meal 120 tickets sold=2 meals 160 tickets sold=3 meals 200 tickets sold=4 meals 250 tickets sold=5 meals 300+ tickets sold=6 meals

Winner: Shirley Howse
Sales by club General= 46
Total Sales- 3,632
A full report will be filed in due course but in the meantime, thanks are extended to co-chariman Brian Menton and to the team captains- Andy Glecoff, Kim Emmerson and Brian Black and most of all to the club members for selling the tickets. On our $20 tickets, this was the most sales ever!

 More Results:


$500.00 early bird
John Fusco Whitby


$500.00 early bird
Nel Van Der GrientHaliburton


 Grand Prize - Chose $25,000
Candy Sadusek, Haliburton Lake


$500.00 early bird
Bob Hurle - Minden

$500.00 early bird
Joyce Jones - Aurora

Grand Prize - 2010 Chev Camaro
Lyn Dertinger - Delhi, Ontario