While the main contribution of Haliburton Rotary over the years has been to spear- head, fund and help support projects that directly benefit citizens and organizations in the Haliburton area, the club has also been willing to get behind important international projects, both large and small. That aspect of Rotary was evident in Vince Connaughan's year as president. Vince was born in 1943 in Eganville, Ontario. He moved to Haliburton in 1970 to open a Stedmans Department Store franchise. Over the years he has expanded his business to included a multi store mall on Haliburton's main street and a Stedmans store in downtown Minden. Vince joined Haliburton Rotary on October 17, 1974, and is still an active member of the club. He took on the job of president for the 1979-80 year. Improvements to Rotary Park were an ongoing effort at that time in its history, but other projects also benefitted from the club's largesse. A donation of $3000 was allocated to purchase a special van lift, $1000 was donated to buy a wheelchair for the Five Counties Centre, $720 was donated to the 3-H programme of Rotary International, and the club paid for a part time occupational therapist to assist local children. The District Governor in Vince's year was Aubrey Oldham. He was an enthusiastic supporter of a hospital project in the Dominican Republic, and the Haliburton club responded to his entreaty to get involved, pitching in to help fund it over the next sever-al years. By June 30, 1993, Vince had achieved 12 years of perfect attendance. In his spare time, Vince enjoys municipal affairs, community life, and reading. He and his wife Rose have two boys, Dan and Darcy, and reside in the Haliburton area.